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Huge Hurricane Expected To Hit East US In 48 Hours
Sun Sep 9, 2018 07:57



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As we read this a huge storm is headed for the Eastern USA and is expected to hit landfall this within a few days.

Winds in Hurricane Florence are already recorded at over 80 miles per hour and gusts exceeding 100 Milers Per Hour.

The High Winds are expected to hit Landfall in about 48 hours and roads may be blocked for at least 2 weeks

As Grocery Store Shelves Thin Out in the area there is still time to overnight food and a water filter at:

Keep in mind - all profits go to help feed people.

Hurricane Florence seems to be building in strength as the CIA/NASA work together to create a Huge Hurricane.

It’s Rout is unusual as most Hurricanes in the last few years have been diverted or weakened as they hit the Eastern USA.

It can be clearly seen though - by the recent courses of these Hurricane - that exactly where the CIA will guide this Hurricane is still up in the air - so - Be Ready folks for any Shenanigans form these - “Loony Lefties.”

Pray your family us ready for whatever they throw at us.

By the way - the Bright Sunshine you are experiencing today is due to a Huge sun Spot now hitting planet Earth in a Plasma Burst we are not allowed to show you.




1) There is a Huge outbreak of Swine Flu in pigs in China that only hit Commercial Farms that were vaccinated.


2) Two plane loads of Muslims returning from a Pilgrimage to Mecca and were released back into the general population sick.


3) There is a Huge increase in Communicable Diseases across the nation. Over 2.3 Million New Cases of Syphillis, Gonorrhea and Chlamdia were diagnosed last year and rates are even higher this year.


4) Using Baby Wipes can make your children more allergic to food, cats, and anything else.

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5) Finally - The Flesh Eating Bacteria that hospitalized me last year for 22 days was made in the USA - Clostridium Perfringens.

Vaccines are now available for those wishing to use them.



All news videos of the Russian And Chinese attacks to eliminate Syrian Rebels have been banned form You Tube as they are not Family Friendly.

Unfortunately as the Supply Chain begins to break down across the world we are seeing riots in Brazil, Venezuela, Iraq, Iran, Nicaragua, and a dozen other nations we are not allowed to see these vides either.


Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and that he is successful in keeping the American Supply Chain from breaking all together as we go into this reset.

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