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Only days now until the sealing in the perishing of the wh
Sun Sep 9, 2018 08:24

Only days now until the sealing in the perishing of the white man. With two thousand years warning in our bibles, will we not pray that we end burning ourselves and our children out of here?

It's more than the white man, it is the white woman too who is dying herself out of here for the sport of the Jews.

The Jew, still sporting using the purse of the people he is dying fair.

Bitch, though deeply imperfect as the extraterrestrials observe, is not the guy that Judah tells you.

"You never bothered with us," a Druid lady said who saw Bitch one day. Bitch lived and worked in a mixed community. He was the only white guy of about 15 real estate agents in the Chicago office he was in. 12 Black real estate agents and two Latino real estate agents he worked with every day.

Everybody is fine with Bitch. Can we not hope the Druid community will perceive the failure of war and stop funding Jewish sports war and genocide? Elders tell us it is merely a case of us needing to be "resighted in peace."

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee said.

And so the mistaken falsed image of Bitch is holding white workers to do nothing as we are perished fair.

What can be done to change that terrible fact that Judah is successfully perishing us in this last whole week we have to save ourselves?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," the angels said.

"The white kid is helpless." 2.59 a.m.

"They chumped you off of here." 3.01 a.m.

Bitch, able to see what Jewish are doing here but unable to get any white help to close them up.

The Anglo people being died out fair by the people who stole our air.

Our children, grandchildren being sickened to leave us in shambles and unable to reproduce ourselves. What might it take to bring the white on to give other cruelly manipulated poor whites a better chance at life than serving Jewish war sports?

"You'll be back," the old lifer said to Bitch when he was getting ready to get out of the Navy in December of 1968.

Bitch's happiest day in life was the day he got out of the Navy and was not going back in. The lifers they came back to the Navy when they got out because they couldn't find any income in the towns they lived in.

Chicago is different. It's a place where even a 6th level thinker could earn a living.

Some guys claim they were proud to serve in the Navy. Bitch rather than pride felt horrified at his time in. The only true wrong that Bitch ever did was serving in a war of Jewish sport. His excuse, he was only a kid and didn't know better at the time.

With Judah's tight deficit economy, have we seen how he is able to convince some whites that the military is a viable career option?

"White children don't have any receipts so we have them beat you up," Judee say.

But what about the career path, you learned how to run a power plant in the Navy. "Didn't you earn money for years tending boilers in Chicago?"

Yes, Bitch earned his income for years babysitting boilers at many plants. Boilers that burned carbon that was already obsolete decades before Bitch was born.

The free energy radiant energy device of Salt Lake City's Dr. Henry Moray that produced hundreds of dollars a day worth of electricity that he showed to the world in 1928. Henry who had bulletproof glass installed on his car because there were so many bullets flying at him.

The advanced technology of Henry that would free our world forever of pollution, poverty, and war. The technology that was blocked then and still is blocked now in our world.

Dr. Mallove (1947-2004) who studied free energy machines for decades and finally had the real truth and gave us his letter to the world and within a short time was shot down and killed in 2004.

Lester Hendershot (1899-1961) who built a free energy machine in a laboratory while being observed that was replicated by researchers. Lester reportedly committed suicide just after a demonstration of how to build his free energy machine. Some years before Lester had fled the United States out of fear of losing his life due to the many serious threats he had received for building a working free energy machine.

So what does all this free energy talk have to do with us being perished by Jewish electricity nuclear waste?

Might we understand it is Jewish finance who have blocked our inventors from bringing in a world of free energy?

And the consequences of that? Is it not clear that we are now going out of life form in a Jewish nuclear brimstone waste war?

Jon Von Neumann (1903-1957) a theoretical physics guy who looked forward to dropping hydrogen bombs on as many cities as he could. On his useful side, Jon was looking for a theoretical explanation of free energy. Might that have had something to do with him dying relatively young of cancer?

The extradimensional continuous geometry that he had written about in 1933. One of the keys to understanding at the theoretical level just how free energy can come into our world for all of us.

Gabriel Kron (1901-1968) who accidentally built an over unity circuit while working for General Electric. The circuit was installed in nuclear missiles where after it ran for a bit it put out so much free energy that it burned out the missile circuitry.

GE patented and classified as secret Kron's free energy circuit taking it away from us. Kron, shortly after retiring told an associate that he was in an entirely new area of research of electricty concerning added dimensions and within days Kron was dead.

Of course, we have talked about this on and on for 7 years now. Giordano Bruno who was burned at the stake in 1600 because he explained that our planet was in motion after Copernicus proved it in 1543.

in 1633 Galileo told us our planet was in motion but they showed him the instruments of torture and put Galileo under house arrest for the rest of his life and so he agreed that our planet was standing still.

And now as we face going out of existence inhaling Jewish electricity waste while funding most all of the war in our world is there not some way to convince American labor to step in and close Jewish out of the management of the mild people of the north?

Jewish famous for beating the people with poverty and violence for their sport. The constant wars of the Jews against us. And after violently degrading and diminishing us when we act out, they then demonstrate how wrong we are with gigantic courtroom and prison houses procedures.

Their prisons that they put upon the mild people of the north. Might that explain how they hold their sport in? And in America as a percent of the population, they do their prison investment sport 7 times as much to our family from Africa. Will Labor not help us to close the violent uncompromising ungodly Jewish management out and free all of God's kids on earth?

The nuclear blast war they knew we could not survive and so the Jew pushed ahead to make us all die. Will ordinary working people not hear the words of our good God Almighty and help us to stop the war?

"I urge you to give them a fall for their sin," God Almighty, our Saviour our sweet Lord in heaven above said to His simian kids.

Urged to give them a fall for their sin and warned thousands of times to stop the war, but commanded to help the poor and commanded to love one another.

Can we only wonder why God does not command us to stop the war rather than just warning us to stop the war?

As to helping the poor, with a purse of 100 trillion dollars, a year might it not be easy to help the poor? Sure it will. Are we seeing we can create the new wealth, with something for everyone as Papa's love commands us?

But to create that kind of wealth are we aware we must bring our new advanced technology in? To bring our new technology in is there some understanding we must end funding killing our scientists?

They machine-gun our children down in school and ghost their kids out and then run for public office on the platform they will make our schools safe.

Have we not yet figured Jewish out?

Bitch, who set out on a search to try and figure out what is the reason our world is in such turmoil. Intuitively he figured out that it is violence that harms us so much.

Only after many decades of his search for the reasons why there is so much violence in our world did he discover the secret sex life of the Jews. How for thousands of years they have bred in tricky kids who don't tell the truth and kill other kids.

Bitch seeking out extraterrestrials when he learned they were here to help prevent the nuclear blast war he knew the Jews planned to put on us all.

Only to discover later that extraterrestrials had stopped all of the Jewish nuclear blast wars that Jewish planned to exterminate us with as soon as they had the blast firepower to get us all done.

The atomic bombs they wanted to drop on us in the 1950s to shut us up once and for all.

Then their new and improved hydrogen bombs they put on Boeing missiles to kill us all in a war with their communist Jews who control Russia.

Is Bitch a rat for informing you of our impending doom?

The child roots that Judah says we have that have failed to inform us of what type of world we are living in now. Will, we not mature and take over management and put our nation and with it our world into God's peace plan?

Bitch heard yesterday that some ham radio kids built and have operating a little velocity power circuit. Little, but quite powerful. Using Dr. Moray's copper-silver interface they are able to produce 40 kW of cold electricity.

At the average price for a kW of electricity, is that not $4.80 per hour worth of ordinary hot dangerous polluting Jewish electricity? In 24 hours is that not $115.20?

And what was the cost of material to build a circuit to produce such a large amount of free cold electrical energy available to us from the motion of the earth and our universe? Would $40 seem just too incredible?

$2 for the copper-silver quantum accelerator interface. When in production that might be .20 cents worth of silver that will be plated onto the copper.

How much water could be pumped with that one circuit card in operation?

If we figure 600 gals per hour for every 1 kW of electrical energy would that 40 kW circuit card not be able to pump 24,000 gallons of water per hour locally?

Are we getting some idea of how this advanced technology of free energy from a century ago will change the conditions for all of God's kids in our world?

Will labor not bring this Godly technology of abundance and love in and close out the Jewish hatred technology of war?

The errant life form that is in error with our Lord, other human Beings and all other life forms on earth. Will American workers not try to save our own life forms?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God Almighty said of Jewish who are genocide warring His children on earth.

War, the one sure way the Jew can degrade and diminish the human race. And who is more degraded and diminished than the people who make the war?

Our family who is suffering from war is being harmed but is it not us, who make the war that are more degraded and diminished in our souls by funding it?

Might we try to perceive that by funding the war that our good God will not save our lives, He will let us perish in this Jewish brimstone waste war?

Before we have perished in total will American Workers not repent for our sins of funding Jewish genocide and sports war?

Our collective failure to open our hand to the poor, to love one another might not get us killed but might our failure to hear the thousands of warnings from our good God to stop the war, might ignoring that get us perished out of life form now?

"Peace will come one way or the other," elder said.

Will it be a reasoned peace that Labor puts us in or will it be the peace that will come when we are sick and dying out of here?

Father didn't say Bitch was a stupid boy, He said that Bitch has a fault of stupid. It is due to enduring prolonged periods of suffering.

"You are under siege." 6.36 a.m.

That Judah has put us under siege in a way that our ordinary senses do not tell us about it. Might that be why we have failed to help ourselves?

Might we all have endured prolonged periods of suffering and that explains why we collectively have demonstrated a failure to protect our kids and help ourselves?

Might Judah animal abuse of us have got us mentally where we don't want to stick our necks out to help anyone else? Might it be a case of, "Why invite calamity in?"

The Wall Street hustlers busy huckstering on other peoples blood. Will American Labor not get their fist off of us?

They built an exterminating blast nuclear force and they tried to use it to get us all gone. Their back up shot of nuclear waste is set now to forever silence our race. Will working people not show responsibility and civic concern and step in take over this tottering tyranny before it fully falls on us all?

At the moment Judah has all of his shills doing all they can to take this president out of office using the 25th amendment.

Might we understand that the process of removal found in the 25th amendment would be clerks taking out an elected office holder?

MIght we see that would be the final blow to American democracy, Jew hired clerks removing an elected American official?

Are we perceiving that it is the destruction of the process that the jew is always aiming for?

And what is the Jewish intended outcome of the destruction of process? Might we understand it is to leave us totally helpless in the face of his highly organized predator group?

Might some be asking, "well if we go with the grand jury as you suggest, will the president not be removed from office anyway?"

So what's the big deal if Judah takes him out of office with the 25th amendment, would that not be the same as being taken out with a grand jury?

With a 25th amendment removal might we surmise all of the actors in this continuing criminal enterprise from Judah Wall Street would still be held in whereas with a grand jury looking into it we would identify the root of the corruption so as to be able to fix it correctly?

Though are we not yet aware the root of all the corruption is who it is that is issuing our money?

The Jewish bank fraud that is holding America into despair. Will working people not take over the authority to issue our money and put this Jewish bank fraud out of action in our land?

Unlimited amounts of unearned income to do whatever it is that they want to us. That they want to exterminate us. Must we not end this fair die of us?

"They've thrown us vicious." 7.07 a.m.

How vicious have they thrown us?

A vast highly advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization that created us in our high intelligence life form. That has stepped in and prevented Jewish from exterminating us in collaboration with Germany's industrial nuclear blast and waste sports war hobbyists to get us done. The Jewish alliance with Europe's historical sinner elites. Will American workers not take the advice from our elders in the Federation, get smart and close these dangerous banker frauds all out?

Their "imbe-sports," that's what they call it themselves. Will American workers not close their imbecile sports for free out here now?

Before we are exterminated out of life form on our own dollar will we not take over the concession to issue our cash?

Bitch still making errors and mistakes at this late date. But will Labor keep in mind, Bitch is a boy of love and not a boy of hate?

Even as an atheist, before he knew we had a God above, he did not buy the fist story of life at all. He surmised that all of the human problems were rooted in inflicting violence on each other.

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The ultimate violence of nuclear war. Is it not something ponder, it has been put on us purportedly by the best and brightest of our species?

The most highly educated in the best schools who went ahead and built a nuclear war world. If only Walter Reuther (1907-1970) had not been taken out in

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