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Change of Venue
Tue Sep 11, 2018 05:13

Attention Harold Haney
Phone # 479 709 5026
City Clerk's Office - (479) 784-2208.
Sandy Sanders
Keith Lau
Andre Good
Mike Lorenz
George Catsavis
Kevin Settle (Vice Mayor)
Don Hutchings

Re: Criminal Summons 18 06622
Owner Keith Ljunghammar

This case is remanded over to the Common Law Court for observance of all the evidence.

Wnat has been left out was not only the so called charges leveled against the accused. But also much more of what is really going on such as:

1. When trying to wait for funds to refurbish the property at 801 N 'F' Street, Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas the demand was the property had to be totally vacated.
2. Granted the custodian did not keep his word on having the utilities operational. Due to a massive so called bill that was highly quesstionable as to it's validity. The custodian was embarassed to tell the owner and planned on getting the utilities right back on.
3. Due to lack of work was not able to follow thru on paying the utilities as agreed. This same custodian was highly unethically mistreated by the Fort Smith Authorities repeatedly in several ways.
4. The custodian while being there was making sure the location was kept up and safe.
5. When this custodian was forced, by the unethical electric bill not to mention the Water sewer billing sudden being drastically increased, not to be able to pay. Then he was threatened to leave the premises basically at the point of a gun when he was the one being so ill treated by several sources. So within a very short time the structure was arsoned.
6. The eye witness, to the one coming out of the door just before the flames wherevery apparent, appears to have been extremely threatened to keep everything from coming out in the open.
7. Every since the vacant structure burned, as of that same day the boards were put up for safety to prohibit access.
8. Since then the yard has been mowed the next door neighbor gives reports on just what is happening.
9. Boards have had to be replaced repeatedly.
10.The no Trespass sign was removed. Multiple signs have been replaced on the structure.
11. And without notification a huge bill was placed against the property of $233.
12. For what is the question, because the lawn looked better than the one next door owned by the city. As for debris, is it the garbage that was in the two city dumpsters?
13. Or was it the windows that were there to start the work on the refurbishing before the arson? Appropriate 'Authorites' involved should get the bill for those windows.
14. A new school recently put in across the street for 801 N 'F' Street which is also called 600 N. 8th very few wrappers etc. thrown, is that, what the $233 bill is for picking up some items that might take ten minutes to do, if it was not already done.
15. Funny thing all the rest of the neighbors were asked by 'authorities' if they were willing to sell. The school most likely will need more space so it is an obvious choise since the 'City' already owns one (or maybe more) of the houses on the block. But no such question came up asking the owner of 801 N. 'F' Street?
16. Now the owner is forced to figure out what the proposed charge might be.
17. Loose even more of his investment on the property because it was temporarily not insured due to not being able to fix the roof immediately and having to figure out the funds to refurbish the house.

BTW it is a columed historic building with many remenants of the past, the old fire places and so on.
And ironically the owner Keith Ljunghammar being attacked so much, has access to the solutions needed to cut down some humongous sewer and so on costs of EPA fines (because it is less expensive to pay the EPA Fines than to fix the real problem of dumping raw sewage into the Arkansas River?) Can you imagine how many jobs and industries could be built up if the big Arkansas River were not so poluted no one can hardly stand the smell).

It is amazing how the priorities are placed at this point in time?

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