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"Oh God Has Saved Us. They Molest Your Survival." How many
Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:44

"Oh God Has Saved Us. They Molest Your Survival."

How many can we only wonder think it true that the only reason we are alive now is because our good God saved us from being destroyed in an all-out nuclear blast war?

How many can we only wonder perceive the truth of the attack in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 with one thousand of Boeings best-built intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile airframes carrying 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads with the blast heat and radiation force of 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs that was set to detonate over the lower 48 states?

Might some be saying to themselves, "but how could this be true? Would President Obama not have had to have known about a launch of a nation destroying nuclear war upon us? Would somebody not have told him about such a large scale nuclear attack upon us if it were true? When the submarines returned to port in America and Scotland wouldn't some of the workers have noticed the thousand missing nuclear missiles?"

To answer that might we have to try and understand what Chutzpah is all about?

Bitch insult that caused the Druid to linger longer in puberty. Will that be the determining factor in the disappearance of the Druid Slav people as a viable force on planet earth?

Will, we not pray for the increase of knowledge that our bibles said will happen in the last days and use that knowledge to stop the war?

Daniel 12:4 He said to me, "And now, Daniel, close the book and put a seal on it until the end of the world. Meanwhile, many people will waste their efforts trying to understand what is happening."

Daniel 12:4 But you, Daniel, keep these words secret and seal the book until the time of the end. Many will roam about, and knowledge will increase."

Is there a perception that we are now in the end days spoken of in our bibles? Is there an awareness that one-third of the human race is set now to be destroyed in a nuclear brimstone waste war done to us by the beast?

The positions coming from America with demands that this that or the other nation shut down their nuclear blast war machine. If America has already tested its kosher nuclear blast war machine on us and it was neutralized by the angels from Mars that our good God sent in, in what way should Americans be demanding other nations shut their nuclear blast war machine down?

For that matter, as we have been in the care of the angels from Mars that have continually pulled every single nuclear missile out of the sky why should we be worried about any nuclear missiles if the angels won't let them explode over our heads anyway?

Will Labor not recognize the truth of our bibles and let the knowledge of what is truly happening now grip our thinking to afford us the opportunity take over the authority to issue your money and close the beast out?

The goose smile of weap Judah who has been sporting us in the hundreds of millions over the last century ever since he took over private control of the Organizing Principle of Society in 1913. What might we think of these smiling faces?

Susie Jackson was one of the nine reportedly killed in the Charleston South Carolina church massacre. She was 87 years old. Can we only wonder what knowledge she may have had about the mousing operations carried on?

Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd (54) Bible study member and manager for the Charleston County Public Library system; sister of politician and former state senator Malcolm Graham.

Have we not learned that Judee has his team placed in all sorts of public employment positions to get their bourse from us on the public payroll?

Has Bitch not mentioned how Judah cuts the library hours back so that his Judee shells get their full-time wages and the rest of us get part-time wages on the hours cut back in our libraries?

Didn't it come through from our politicians that we must sacrifice for the war on terror so that there is more money to bomb the world out and so we have to cut back on public expenditures such as our libraries in America?

Do some recall Bitch mentioning his buddy Larry Dowd that was found dead in his car outside the restaurant he had just eaten in in September of 1995, the cook that worked that single day at the restaurant where Larry was slipped his last meal, was a full-time Chicago public library employee?

Do some recall Bitch mentioning that Larry was doing police computer searches for Bitch to help Bitch connect the dots to see what is going on out here?

The 150 "contract cars" with the 150 employees on the public payroll that were assigned to the first ward in downtown Chicago. Corporations that gave city of Chicago employees cars. The vague job descriptions of those 150 city employees. Will labor not give us our grand juries now? The contract cars that Larry uncovered by running a plate number Bitch gave him.

The First ward in downtown Chicago that Sam Giancana (1908-1975) worked out of for years. Twenty years after his death and contract cars working out of there still.

Does that bring to mind the Jewish comedian who did his shtick by saying, "the mob and the government, ITS THE SAME THING!?"

Who were some of the other people that were reportedly shot to death by Dylan Roof in the Charleston church Massacre?

Depayne Middleton-Doctor (49) a pastor who was also employed as a school administrator and admissions coordinator at Southern Wesleyan University.

"School administrator?"

Might there have been some of our brightest in her past history that she had taken notice of?

Tywanza Sanders (26) a Bible study member; grandnephew of victim Susie Jackson.

Might we be looking at what Judee calls his "goose smile?"
Sharonda Coleman-Singleton (45) a pastor; also a speech therapist and track coach at Goose Creek High School; mother of MLB prospect Chris Singleton.

On the public payroll and close to our children as a teacher. Might Sharonda have noticed the brightest in the school when she was doing therapy and coaching?

"The Emanuel Nine" they are known to history as. Can we only wonder where they are now?

Are we recalling that Judah reveals to us in reverse facial speech that he has the largest number of hybrid transplant lookalike shells in our family from Africa?

If only Labor will put our grand juries in might we not be able to see through the false that Judah put in?

This was in yesterday's Chicago news a story of a young man reportedly drowned while kayaking on Lake Michigan without wearing a life jacket.

Body of Glenview kayaker who went missing in Lake Michigan found

Can we only wonder what is the truth there?

The precision, the perfection of the vast murder for hire operation that Judah has put into America. Must you or your loved ones suffer a death before you will act to help us here clean out of management the murderous Jewish Fornian foreign invaders with their monarchist shooters beside them?

While thinking of monarchist shooters, Bitchie was wondering what happened to the grandson of Congressman Danny Davis who was shot to death in 2016 and he read some reverse about it the other day.
Mr. Davis addressing the news media on Saturday. CreditJoshua Lott/Agence France-Presse Getty Images
I do know that I grieve for my family, the congressman said. I grieve for the young man who pulled the trigger. I grieve for his family.

Here's some reverse facial speech from many speakers about that promising young man being stolen away:

"Detectives were on the journey for the foul. This was all pulled off in police current stages. I just have a real rude office. We shot with police British. This was all astrally managed by Federal. We massively doing big fouls. If you say peace my big shares pull you out. This was to get a share of G-7 here because sheeny's got a pp right.

Police finely apped Jew weap. This was B. R--- shoot force. I just use Jew psyche for my wits. I failed you all false. This is heritage foul twisting, we fouled him and peppered him right. This was all palace on this. We capitalize on a fine mental."

"British by foul wits, you shot the man by cop expert, my way be to calm you down. Ivory behind it. The white have walled us out of fairness. I'm going to pull the error fouls off. For their cash possession Jews are out."

Will we recognize that it is white purse that funded that foul deed? Will ivory not take our purse away from the dangerous Jews before they wash us all out while smearing our face?

The fine mental they claim that lets them capitalize on us, will Labor not get them out of management here and end our extinction phase?

From those reverse speech might we suspect it wasn't an argument over clothing or a cell phone that stole Javon out of life, rather it was a well planned political assassination?

With Judah teachers and administrators in our schools might they have identified Javon as a bright, good and useful future political candidate that would help the people as soon as he finished his education and so Judah took him out before he got into political office?

Is Labor understanding the stark reality that Fornian transplant shell look-alike Jewish police are directing the terrorism in America and our world?

The shooting the other day by a Jewish Fornian Anglo shell hybrid transplant look-alike police officer in Texas of Botham Jean.

Are we not figuring this out yet? An intelligent useful man that had a big future helping all of us and he is shot to death in his own apartment.

Instead of a white person killing a black man might it not be more correct to say it was Fornian hybrid transplant Jew in an Anglo shell that killed that nice man?

Is there not some understanding that big cash awards made available by American Labor to weap Judah are what is fueling this international police murder for hire killing spree out here?

Something from reverse facial speech that Bitch picked up again the other day, that he originally learned of years ago, Judah has a specialized team of sports that he uses for putting our most useful lawyers in.

Working people who need legal services and what are we to do if we will not protect our truly useful lawyers from being assassinated for helping us? If we won't help other people is there some way they will be inclined to help us when we need their services?

Judah who trains his kids by 5-years old how to get a guy's zipper down so he can get it right on 4 eyes. Will labor not look here at the big picture and step in and close this dangerous murderous genocidal Jew out of management here?

John 8:44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, refusing to uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and the father of lies. 45 But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me!

Why do you not believe you are being exterminated labor? Jews whose native tongue is liar. The father of lies. The murderer from the beginning until the end. Will Labor not open our courthouse doors to the people to hear what is going on here?

The majority of cops just want a check to live and will gladly come in and tell us what is going on out here. But do we see, it will require having the American purse out of Judah's hands first to protect their income?

The werewolf, Vlad the Impaler. Dracula the vampire. Is labor appreciating that all that is required to stop them is for Labor to take away the authority to issue our money away from them?

This beautiful nation that was born with the promise of true freedom for all of God's kids everywhere. Taken apart by the supreme clerks assaulting and falsing our Bill of rights. First denying the rights of a working man to be free in 1857 and a century later denying all working people our rights.

Will working people not try to recognize the value of our rights and put them in once again?

"I'm destroying you helplessly," Judee say telepathically at 5.37 a.m.

Literally, 95% of the white people set to be died out due to inhaling brimstone nuclear waste.

That we have God openly on our side this time will we not STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and help ourselves to survive?

Judah with his history of stealing our treasured ones before they have a chance to make their contribution to helping us.

"If someone totes me for free I'm a Jew fisty," Judee say.

Will Labor not end toting the Jew war machine for free?

They've tried to destroy us with nuclear blast and failed due only to the love of God sending in His angels from Mars to keep us alive. Must we not end funding their successful die of us using their last shot, Jewish electricity nuclear brimstone waste?

The Republic of the United States of America that was created based on our rights as the cornerstone of our new nation. Will labor not try to recognize what a wonderful deal our predecessors left for us and try to keep it in for us and our children? Will Labor not get the shooter monarchists out the Jews brought in to molest and abuse us?

Benjamin Franklin upon the close of the constitutional convention in 1787 was asked by a lady, "Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy. A republic replied the Doctor if you can keep it.

The Jewish tyranny that displaced the First Republic of the United States of America and set us on a course of tyranny by permanent war with the preformed intent to extinct our race using thermonuclear blast war.

"Obviously they're folding us for free." 5.56 a.m.

Will Labor not stop the Jew genocide of us and put our Free Labor Second Republic of the United States of America in for us?

If we trace the destruction of the First Republic of the United States of America might we find it was rooted in the destruction of free Labor by the supreme clerks in 1857?

With over 2 million Americans held in bondage and now physical slaves of the Jewish tyranny war genocide state of America is there not some sense, that we must free labor to get us a good state?

I did not kill anybody Labor. Judee has done all of the killing, not Bitch. Will you not pray to our good God so that you will act right as our good God treats us right?

And what is to act right?

Is it any other than to protect ourselves from these most vicious fiends whose facility of mind is focused with a specialty of genocide?

The most vicious form of Labor racketeering, slavery. Will Labor not put it out of existence?

The purported claim that slavery was ended by Abraham's civil war whereas it was merely turned into a new level of false. Requiring first a conviction to turn a person into a legal slave. A conviction that Judah trains his children to set us up with easily.

Will Labor not restart the United States of America and this time as a free Labor state from the beginning?

Steelworkers who have voted to go on strike.

'Angry' U.S. Steel workers nationally overwhelmingly back a strike as talks resume
Joseph S. Pete, 219-933-3316 Sep 8, 2018
Steelworkers march in Gary last week. U.S. Steel workers across the country have voted to back a strike. Kale Wilk, The Times

Steelworkers who want a bigger slice of the pie their Labor produces. That sounds fair doesn't it? Sure. Yet if Labor wants a bigger slice of the pie would it not be a good idea to get hold of the authority to issue our money that our Labor makes valuable? Will that not be the correct reason to go on strike for?

In the picture above do we notice the sign about jobs worth fighting for?

Continued at:

Might we guess that Judah is involved with making those signs up?

Will Labor n

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