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"Our Rights Are Failed, They'll Take Us Out. He Dies Us Lock
Thu Sep 13, 2018 08:46

"Our Rights Are Failed, They'll Take Us Out. He Dies Us Lock."

Those some overnight Tele receives informing us of difficult truths.

For those of us who have gotten tuned into how Judah plays his opps with us, have we not seen how he plants his stories in any media and uses them to opp us with them?

To give some background about this, Bitch watched the local news and read a broadcaster reverse facial speech that said, "an hour ago Judee spite you theft."

The broadcasters work for Judah paper and so they know all of whatever opp Judah is doing at the moment. So Bitch was wondering in what way might Judah be spite-ing Bitch theft? Might he have another made up Disney video of Bitch purportedly shoplifting?

Then Bitch started thinking about a story he read a week ago in a local website. As he read the next door digest about counterfeit money he realized it was a false story planted by Judah. Here it is, see if you can perceive how cunning is the mental of Judah guys and gals to set our mental false: This came in Bitch's email.

Top post: Counterfeit money tendered at garage sales
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Sheryl Huntoon, Beaverdale
Counterfeit money tendered at garage sales
Wanted to give everyone a heads up that there are unscrupulous people showing up at garage sales buying items with counterfeit money. In our case it was a counterfeit $50. We didn't discover it was counterfeit until depositing at the bank. The banker told me another beaverdale garage sale got hit with counterfeit $20 bills. Please be aware.

Might a garage sale taking a $50 dollar bill not be a tip that this story is a false one? And then the banker told her another garage sale got hit with counterfeit $20 dollar bills.

And so why might Judee put a false story like that in our emails?

Bitch read that story that was sent to him several days ago and he was going to look for it in his last few day's emails to put it up, and instead of having to look for that story, when he opened his email today, they had resent it as if it was a new story today. Might that indicate they are selling that story? To have it headlined several days apart might we surmise they are pushing the counterfeit money story" Might that indicate they are doing an opp?

And then reading the reverse facial speech on the evening news that Judah was spite-ing Bitch theft. Might it be a $20 dollar bill that Bitch used to purchase some items the other day at a local store?

The local broadcaster also indicated that Judah is trying to get Bitch "Judicious." All Bitch $20 dollar bills come from the bank. Many stores have a pen they check a bill to see if it is OK. Might we see how Judah knows that and so he puts his $50 and $20 counterfeit story staged at a garage sale?

"There are unscrupulous people showing up at...."

Does that not read like a mental smear by the Jew? Might it tend to create distrust, suspicion towards each other?

Will labor not put our rights in so that our grand juries can out the Fornian disturbers of the peace?

Bitch has read other false stories posted in the next door digest on a variety of issues. All aimed to create suspicion of one another. Instead of counterfeit $50s at garage sales, might we not better position our heads to be on the alert for false Jews news?

Though as part of their opp, might they have had one of their Fornians prearranged to hand a counterfeit $50 dollar bill and then did take it to the bank so another Fornian could declare it counterfeit and talk about other $20 dollar counterfeit bills handed out at garage sales?

Might we see though in these sorts of false things that tend to give us false picture of reality how Judah has so screwed our heads up that we missed his permanent war that led to us to being attacked with nuclear missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Might we see how such false stories can tend to produce suspicion and disharmony between us?

The self-professed intruders, disrupters, destroyers of everyone and proud of it. Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end their disturbing our peace?

7.25 P.M. Wednesday, September 12, 2018, TO BE CONTINUED........

4.25 a.m. Thursday, September 13, 2018

Bitch had stopped using cash for a long time now because Judah months ago planted a counterfeit $20 dollar bill in the merchant's cash drawer and claimed Bitch gave it to them. Are some wondering, is this real, is this the sort of things the Jews do in our community? Yes, it is real.

Does it seem childish doing things like this? Yes, sure. But do we see with these sorts of childish things how they set the minds of the people so they can make a believable frame of mind to get a police force to complete their staged opps with an arrest?

Reading the neighborhood digest Bitch noticed a story some time ago about somebody coming onto a woman's porch and stealing her favorite old bike that was a sentimental thing for her.

It was a story of a woman's bike stolen from a porch that had a sob side to it. Might we recognize Judah amplifies his sob stories in his tales of woe to produce an emotional effect in the reader? Might she have ridden her old bike to grandmother's house as a child?

Not only was her bike stolen, it was a special bike for one reason or other that really hurt her feelings that some mean person stole it from her and hurt her feelings so bad. And the trespass side of it, the thief came right onto her porch to steal her bike. Might we perceive stories like that are aimed also to get us on the side of harsh retribution for anyone that would do such a mean thing to her?

From the next door digests to their staged news shows, might we have to give Judee credit for falsing our reality quite well?

Might we note it is fear that is their holding force? Understanding that are we understanding why they put war in as the permanent social institution when they want to take over our government and hold their power, their force in?

The vast prison slave system complex the Jews have forced in to America. To do such a thing do we see how they must have their foreign assassination teams roaming our streets working with their Jewish police? Special teams to assault our useful attorneys out. Are we aware that is what they have forced into America?

To contaminate and poison us in their restaurants and grocery stores are we understanding they must control the government offices to let it happen?

How is it that Judah has so successfully taken over the entire surface of planet earth? Might we answer that in one word, "Organization?"

Have the few not always gotten themselves organized to chump the majority of us that remain unorganized?

Might we understand Judah putting racism in is one of the ways he prevents us from getting organized? Having his hybrid transplant Fornian look alike shells in every community doing physical assaults upon us and making it appear that the violence is based on race, might we see how he has separated Americans so efficiently?

That he has the authority to issue as much money as he wants for free. When Judah kids show up for a sport planning meeting and they receive a $200 dollars check for attendance, might all that are invited not show up to get their two hundred dollar check for a 90-minute meeting?

Are we seeing it is the authority to issue money for free that gets him so organized to assault us so well?

Have to travel some distance to get to the meeting of Judah sports teams? Might we understand that Judah pays mileage on top of the cash paid to attend his meetings?

If we were trying to form a group for whatever it is that is our issue if we could offer a $200 dollar check to listen to our program for 90 minutes, might we not have a large crowd show up? Of course, we would.

Might we see Judah genius is in his ability to issue money that costs him nothing because American Labor gives it to his cult to do with as he pleases?

The secret issue of checks made good by American Labor. Might we understand it was American Labor checks that paid for the sabotage of labor leader Walter Reuther's plane that was crashed killing him, his wife and his assistants? In that instance do we see how our money was used against Labor?

Are we seeing why our good God wills that Labor issues our money from now on? Are we seeing why we must get Jewish off of the authority to issue our money? With our money in their hands and able to issue all the free money they want, might it always defeat whatever efforts that we would like to see succeed? Of course, that's how it works.

Maybe we get a real bright labor lawyer who wants to actually help us and a terrible crash happens. A car slams into our lawyer as our lawyer is driving home. And might the Jewish media tell tales that our lawyer had a few drinks before driving home and they have the proof of it?

Our bright useful Labor lawyer has gone and no more to help us. And who paid to drive the car into our bright lawyer? Who paid the municipals to write a specially crafted tale of how the accident happened? Who paid the media to spin the story so it made our lawyer look like a bad driver? Might we understand it was all paid for by Labor because Labor let Judah issue our money for free?

Are we seeing how by letting Jewish issue our money we provide the ammunition that Jewish shoot us and our kids with?

Our kind peaceful elders from outer space that arrived on planet earth 700,000 years ago. They chose to live in peace nine million years ago. They observed us for a half of a million years until the time of Father Kirkser 200,000 years ago. Father Kirsker so loved us because of the wonderful way we took care of all of our kids. And so Father Kirsker had His angels gift us with their high-level psychiatric genetics that has let us survive all of the other hominids that were alive with us 200,000 years ago.

The 35 hominids that were with us then, all gone, extinct kids. And now today we so far away from the thing that brought Father Kirsker to gift us. Instead of caring for all our kids, we let the jews get us to bomb and shoot, imprison, torture and poison gas them.

Will Labor, the working people of American Labor not try to realize this is it, we're going no farther here with war and help us to close it out while there is still some chance to save ourselves from the Jews and their brimstone waste sport die?

Bitch is not a boss here labor. He is a guy that was held in by extraterrestrials to give the third of the human race that is being died off fair, a chance to save yourselves. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take this chance to survive?

The failure to thrive syndrome that Jewish invaders put in by forcing their lethargy in that holds us all behind the times. Is there some understanding that the days of lethargy will be gone for good the day that American Labor cleans out the hoods?

"Yahudi," the name our Arab family calls the Jews. The etymological root of "Hood. Desert, waste."

The wasters from the desert terrain, the "hoods."

The terrain consciousness that took over the planet with a secret life of sexual to create the troublemakers to put us in in every terrain on God's good earth. Will Labor not make an attempt to prevent us from getting tossed out of existence by the Jews?

The hundred-plus billion of us that are already in outer space living inside of Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus. Will laborers not spare us this weird though effective Jewish inhalation brimstone waste die and join in peace with our elders?

The insects that have disappeared due to the high background radiation that Judah has put in that is killing them. Is there not some sense that we are going to go the way of the insects soon? Is there some understanding the high background radiation has already subjected our young children to a sterilizing force? An X-ray force strong enough to kill insects thousands of miles away from the Jewish electricity plant. Might it not be strong enough to destroy children's reproductive cells too? Certainly, it is and Judee tells us it has done that to our children since April 1st, just some months ago.

Judah tells us he has blocked the circuit and sold us his brutal. Is there not some chance that Labor will buy a sale for peace and close out the brutal?

Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock on board Starship Enterprise doing what they can to help the mild people to survive the nuclear war they cannot see hear, feel or taste that is sterilizing our kids.

Kirk and Spock Reviewing the computer simulations that projected the mass of the mild people would be destroyed even though the Federation left the evil ones throw themselves out.

The productive mild people who have the unique value of cooperation that allows us to get along with everyone and produce excess and abundance for everyone.

Well-fed housed and clothed and transported in the best of vehicles. Entertained so well that many of us don't seem to notice the hell that is coming in upon us and our children that will sweep us away.

Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock would like to get in close and shut the nuclear artillery down at Hitachi-GE, but Federation rules prohibit the Captain from using force upon the evil ones.

The melting, poisoning, toxic evil ones artillery at Hitachi-GE so bad that only a repair crew from the Enterprise getting in close could stop it now or the mild people putting boron in the feed water.

The only hope is for those who are paying for the artillery that is shooting us is to wake up and end funding the evil one's brimstone sport and buy some boron and put it in to stop the nuclear fire that is burning, poisoning and sterilizing our kids.

Less than a week now and the Starship Enterprise will have to end its mission and call it "case closed." Will the mild people who are being destroyed by the evil one's using their nuclear artillery disguised as Jewish electricity, not make a move to help ourselves?

Will, we shut down the nuclear waste artillery and put the circuit in? Will we mild people think it important enough to STOP THE WAR to let the Enterprise send ships engineer Scotty in with a repair scow to help shut that evil ones dirty bomb down and save ourselves from ruin?

Those troubling Federation computer simulations that reveal the mild people have always agreed with the master race of Jewish to allow them to enslave and destroy us and our kids.

The ontological difference the evil ones claim that is holding the mild people to let ourselves be disgraced, defamed and defaced. Might Spock be able to come up with magic words that will energize those being destroyed to try and save ourselves?

"Hunchback bread," maybe?

The old Khazarian Hunchback Jew atomic scientist whose son was waiting for him to pass to get his bread. If only working people are able to see clearly the ethically criminal hunchbacks that are destroying us might we not organize and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Captain Kirk in constant touch with the Martian Sir Casper who has assured the good Captain that no evil one's hydrogen bombs will be exploding over the cities on earth as long as His diligent team is on duty.

If only the brimstone perishing mild people perceived the constant stream of hydrogen bombs that Sir Casper's diligent team has safely burst off, might we not end funding the nuclear missile attacks upon ourselves?

Might we not connect the dots and see just how easily we have allowed ourselves to be set to be destroyed?

The mild people enjoying Hawaii that day were given an alert of a missile coming into Waikiki on January 13th. Many people saw the hydrogen bomb burst off safely high in the sky, but that ontological difference convinced the mild people it was only a false missile alert because that's what master Judah's look alike Polynesian Fornian official government shells said it was.

Continued at:

The Federation's shill on earth, the dog boy Bitch who reported what the wolf did and it finished wolfy off right. Finished him for all time by revealing

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