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"They've Poisoned My Village, I Want Them Off," Our Good God
Fri Sep 14, 2018 07:26

"They've Poisoned My Village, I Want Them Off," Our Good God Almighty said to us.

We mild people now have funded ourselves into being set to be died off without lifting a finger to help ourselves. Will, we not act before we are totally and irrevocably sealed out of life form? Will working people not give us a STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from Jewish sports and put Labor in the authority to issue our money?

God's village on earth where our sweet Lord is Sovereign in His reign of peace.

Father Baldec who took the trouble to journey the 38 light years from the Federation's home base to speak to Moses in 1,500 BC.

The eight-hour flight and the 40 days that Father Baldec spent here in earth zone. All to try and convince Judah to love the rest of His simian children on earth and live in peace with each other. All for naught as Judah turned up his nose at the efforts of Father Baldec to put Judah on the right path to peace in the stars.

Judah carried on for the next three and a half thousand years until today when he attacked us genocide with his great balls of fire built just for the purpose of killing us all.

The little simian kids on the planet of the apes that were gifted with the 223 high intelligence psychiatric gene package 200,000 years ago. Guided and watched over by our extraterrestrial gifters ever since we were created in the image of our good God.

The more advanced of us already living lives of peace and plenty in the stars. Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus all us, merely advanced thousands of years beyond us. And they have stepped in and helped us to help ourselves.

"We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT!" elder said to us years ago.

"Get Smart! They also said so many times that a television series was made with that name on it starring an actor named "Maxwell Smart."

We the last of the creation of the 3rd Edition Galacticans set to become, one of the tens of billions of known extraterrestrial species living in our universe. The Federation radio specialists discovering a new extraterrestrial species every 30 years or so as they have for over 9 million years since the Galactic Federation of life was created to live in peace.

The 78 million years of knowledge that the Federation has from the records of long since past Prenasour. An advanced extraterrestrial race that lived in peace and finally died out due to the old age of their high-level intelligence genetic factors.

Judah, not impressed by the highly advanced Beings that created us and knew how to live in perfect peace, he chose instead to make war and commit genocide and destroy the works of God.

Now that God let Judah show his hand is it not absolutely amazing the grandeur, wonder, the magnificence and glory of God?

"I died them truthful," God Almighty said as to how His angels let Judah dispose of himself without touching a hair on his head.

And yet in letting Judah dispose of himself, Judah has demonstrated a power of mind control over the mild people of planet earth and has held us into funding and committing genocide against the rest of God's children on earth.

Even worse, the Federation's computer simulation experts two thousand years ago and again a century and a half ago both concluded that it was more likely than not that Judah 'rare' would hold the mild people into destroying ourselves by funding Judah sport of poisoning our air.

The First Edition Galacticans were similar to Judah. They went extraterrestrial with no outside help and traveled the universe looking for Beings to fight with. They did that for eons of time until they discovered Prensaour and changed their minds.

The deciding factors, mentioned before in other posts, in peace you get to live in a really big civilization and the personal benefits of that are you get to see more in your life lifetime.

First Edition Galacticans studied the records for 700 years of the long departed past civilization of Prenasour and decided to select a new strategy, a strategy of peace. That was 9 million years ago.

The first Edition of the Galacticans, a marsupial species, is now gone. The Second Edition of Galacticans, an armadillo life form, is retired and passing out of life form due to the old age of their species.

The Third Edition of the Galacticans, a canid species, is now on the bridge of the Federation and will be for 3 million years more before they retire.

Our survivors of this final nuclear war that weap Judah is waging against us, will be the 4th Edition Galacticans and will be on the bridge of the Galactic Federation of Light in 3 million years more.

We are a 12 million year species that will exist for 9 million years more, that is, those that survive this last nuclear brimstone waste war that Judah is Successfully waging against the mild people of the north.

How do we know this is the last nuclear war that Judah will ever wage against us? Might the fact that our good God is dying them off not give us some assurance they won't be back?

That we now are facing an extended period with our food, air, and water poisoned with radioactive waste and our children sterilized in their eggs and seed, much chance Jews will ever again have any slots in the management of us?

This most aggressive form of genocide, poisoning our children sterile so there are no more of us. Is there some understanding that because we are involved in sin our good God will not have His angels help us if we won't stop the war?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," Father's angels said.

Warned of loss of our life form for 7 years now by a deeply imperfect guy that has opposed war since November of 1965.

A guy too stupid to realize that extraterrestrials have saved our lives. Only more recently did it all break through the thickness that we do have a God above and he is good. "He spoke to me and I spoke to Him, " Dr. King said in reverse facial speech.

God also spoke to Bitch in 2009 with these words:

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death."

And only two years after those words weap Judah attacked the lower 48 in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 3,200 three hundred kiloton hydrogen bombs with the blast, heat and radiation force of 64,000 Hiroshima atom bombs on the tip of missiles built by Boeing aircraft.

The attack in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, reported to the mild people of the north in October of 2011 by Bitch using his noisemaker.

The real terrorists in our world, is it not seen are those that hold us with a gun and a cage? Has our good God not let them close themselves up right enough that Labor will not now step in and let them off right?

The three and half thousand year transition out of permanent Jewish war and into perfect peace on earth for all mankind that the Galactic Federation of Light gifted to God's simian children on earth.

Our good God above us who loves us all. Will Labor not bring the love of God in and close the eternal war of the Jews out?

The Jews who took over management in Europe both east and west in 700 AD after they bred in their look-alike shells since arriving in 525 AD. Will American Labor not now close their 1,300 years of filthy lies and war out with a general STRIKE?

Will Labor not end funding their cruelly manipulated poor grease fist and let the children of God live in peace on earth?

How many eggs does a female human have?

Just looked it up and it says 7 million eggs in a lifetime. Of these, only 300 to 400 will be ovulated during a woman's reproductive lifetime.

The fact that insects are dying out due to the high background radiation count, might we wonder how the human egg production is doing in this same high background radiation environment? Might the tiny eggs be burst by X-ray force from the radioactive waste from Judee Hitachi-GE sport?

Is there not yet some understanding that Judah chose to not shut his atomic artillery down at Hitachi-GE because he is planning on extincting our breed?

If only Bitch didn't have his fault of stupid might the mild people have tried to save ourselves?

But Bitch does have a fault of stupid and it is not healed yet. And it won't be according to Judah until two weeks after liberation from the Jews and their permanent fist routine.

So how do we get the mild people to act before we have no more chances to survive this nuclear war that we are funding against ourselves and our kids?

Three Fathers of our house from the beginning of our transition out of war and into peace.

Father Baldec who spoke to Moses and gave him the rules of the road to follow to get us to peace. The rules that Judah flaunted and ignored and instead made permanent war once he got a hold of the wits of the mild people of the north.

Father Christopher who sent Jesus in to die for us and give us remission for our sins. Judah, knowing full well who Jesus was and who sent him, chose to scourge Jesus and nail him to a cross to die.

Now that Judah has frozen himself out with his perfected false that has let him do his violence, will American Labor not size these jew guys up right and close them out in the name of the Lord Jesus?

And the third Father in our transition out of war and into peace. Our precious sweet Father H----- who is with us now.

"I'm dying," Father said to his shill Bitch.

"I'm dying," Father said a week later to Bitch.

Bitch never even knowing that we had a good God above who was ever watching out for us. Bitch looked around and saw all the war that Americans are making in this world and was of the opinion that if we had a god and he was really good he would not let the war go on.

Our thirty thousand years of peace as mild people of the north with our 12 million years of living on this earth as simian life forms, now getting washed out by Judah who is poisoning us in our genes to die us off fair.

Mild people, who merely need to be resighted in peace, will it happen before Judah dies us off with our kids?

"I'm dying," God said as He has His shill Bitch trying to convince mild to try and save ourselves.

Precious sweet Father is 2,200-years of age. Father prepared our bibles and was here when Jesus was sent in by precious sweet Father Christopher.

"You failed to give the wise fish a view," the angel said to Bitch.

If only the wise fish had gotten a view might he have tried to save himself and his kids?

The mental force of the Jew that is still holding the mild people to do his dirty deeds. The powerful mental of Jew that has held us since 1913 when he took over the issue of our money.

The hundreds of millions of innocent people that have been destroyed by the force of the American Labor purse in the private hands of the Jews.

The authority to issue money. Might we consider it is the force, the whole force and nothing but the force?

"I needed a job and they were the only ones hiring," Nazi commandant Adolph Eichman said to his Israeli captors why he, the son of a Jew worked for the Nazi government in Berlin.

The Nazis, the group selected to be boursed by the international Jews who only make war. In that statement from Adolph Eichman are getting some idea of just how powerful is the authority to issue our money?

Does it even bring to mind the robber baron Jay Gould who boasted that he could hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half of the working class?

After hearing what Adolph Eichman said might Jay have said that he could hire one half of the Jews to kill the other half of the Jews?

That weap Judah has killed some of his Jewish judges and lawyers recently, might we not get some idea of just how powerful the force to issue money is?

The force that our top labor leader William Sylvis advised Labor to be part of, the authority to issue our money. William, stolen away in 1869 at 41 years of age.

The supreme force that our good God wills Labor to have, the authority to issue our money. Will Labor not hear the words of William Sylvis who lost his life trying to help us?

Will American Labor not hear the words of God who had His angels spare us from extinction in the Jewish nuclear blast war they tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Will this long-term transition succeed in saving most of the children of God on earth, or will a third have die off now to stop the war?

Judah who is seen now for failing us great. Will Labor not pick it up and end our being raped out of life form?

James 4:16 As it is, you boast in your proud intentions. All such boasting is evil. 17 Therefore, whoever knows the right thing to do, yet fails to do it, is guilty of sin.

The graft corruption and lawlessness of Washington on Wall Street eggs. Is American Labor not aware that by its failure to act it is supporting and helping to hold a regime of evil force and aggression in?

The evil force of depopulation using industrial pollution as the way to get us gone in the billions. Did we not find in our Bibles the charge that if we perceive a wrong and do not act it is a sin?

Do we know or not know the right thing to do is to stop the war?

If we know the right thing to do is to stop the war then will we not choose to avoid sin, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Is there some understanding that since April Judah has been effectively sterilizing our children with his high background radiation? That is what Judah is reporting in his reverse facial speech. His scientists are telling him that he has decommissioned the mild people by sterilizing our children since April of this year.

The understanding is that if we continue funding Jewish war and genocide beyond the beginning of fall then our breed is through. The mild people will perish out in the range of 95% of us over the next five years. God will bring on the rapture and have His angels take His righteous ones to safety while we die off fair.

Tele receives:

"Cheer fell for blindness. 9.58 a.m.

You threw my error reason right. (Judah has been talkative in the telesphere recently)

You smoked me all idiot HUGE. 10.35 a.m. (Judee of course)

Help us Patrick, you rifled Jew completely.

Our criticize is fouled. 11.19 a.m. (Judee telling the truth)

You lost your lives because of falsing yourselves out. 11.21 a.m.

We tear you fertile wood.

They're savaging the white people out of here. 11.37 a.m.

You marked them total. 11.41 a.m.

He's cashed you.

Last night I tossed your mental, I tossed you mind. (What might Judah have done last night?)

Too many houses, they shot us right. 2.31 p.m.

Jew foolish fist beautiful for basalt. 2.33 p.m.

I falsed you obviously. 3.01 p.m.

Finish it fluid, save a portion now.

We perished ya. 3.21 p.m.

How pitiful our funeral with democracy pushed out. 4.34 p.m.

Thank you for dying these creatures off. 5.09 p.m.

Good luck for your valuable throttle.

Bank of embezzle wit. 5.15 p.m.

Stupid rape made us. 5.21 p.m.

The Jews are smashing us with nuclear munitions. 5.23 p.m.

Terrorists fold you, prisoner, terrorists fold you ballistic. 5.32 p.m.

You outed Jew oppious rascal.

You never got a clue about these guys. 5.49 p.m.

I use white power to boss my Auschwitz. ( Are we seeing how Judee puts us in a bad light?)

Sight corrupt just folds you crazy. 6.23 p.m.

Nest egg has thrown us right.

Police have ever fallen out. 6.48 p.m.

Pat, you're selling fantastic to clear them out. 7.01 p.m.

They god damned precious.

For a rich accomplishment, they shit us. 9.02 p.m.

Jackal ya. (Judah strategy to jackal us)

Wounded and helpless, though a suitable liar.

No bouncers felled us like this.

Deadly chamber failed us, put us right in.

They say he had the grossest armor.

They're starving us massively now.

Continued at:

They rave us here.

What they are going to do here is their sweetest hinge.

Pat, let's get it failed to save this farm.

They die you here stew fish Pittsburgh.

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