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"We Fell You Hard With Our Wits. We Sell You Really Tight."
Sat Sep 15, 2018 07:47

"We Fell You Hard With Our Wits. We Sell You Really Tight."

Those are a couple of Judee Tele receives. Bitch pulled several reverse facial speech from Judee on the evening news and wants to get this posted to Bitch's early service page so it is on the net tonight. This will be on Saturdays post. It is Friday night, 6.40 p.m.

"We're dead because we failed you womb opperty. I could die anytime now corrupt when you see. We estimate we'll be taken away when you perceive you went. The white I fall all the time because of true seniority. My insurance was sure faulty and now its failed, but I kept my corrept. Grand juries will wash Jew Federal opps.

We're now forming some separacials for our gold mine. The Charleston shoot we had to do because it would reveal our great foul. America we have a big race coming. I always possess you foreign. H----- scored my gen for taking you out. We''re generous helping keep caring peaceful people out.

Ever Jew foul makes you dumber on baby. You have accepted wake up. Patrick fataled us with our tomb right and that's why we're going away to die. For our error ever our free is coming out. Weap Judas is off for ever a hateful dictator. We're idiots who've survived. Iowa, we play him dead to still false you. Our advisement we die you because of Iowa scent."

Wanted to get them up right now Friday night so the latest of what weap Judee is thinking is online early. Will be continued..... 6.56 p.m. Thank you.

Saturday 1.41 a.m.

The certainty that weap Judah is finished in God's village on earth because of his need to punish the rest of the children of God.

The vast Jewish pain system, the penal system where when he proves we have been naughty it gives him his right to molest, abuse and die us in his prison system.

Now that Judah has let us see that his cult is a bunch of psychopathic death based creatures is it not certain his cipher will never again occupy any positions in our management system?

Of course not, is it not obvious they're done in by their own imbecility and insanity?

"We don't give you an erection, we only make war," their females say in reverse facial speech. While their viceroys massively die Johns and working girls and boys.

They've already said "goodbye," but are still holding mild people to die ourselves off. The mental force they have demonstrated since before they took over management of the mild people of the north in 700 AD. 1,300 years of molesting and abusing us finally coming to an end. But will there be any mild people around to celebrate the end of the Jews with us?

"We just roll a Jew bank, Jew has put me off."

That subconscious thought came from one of Germany's top political people.

That Germany's industrial strength investment grade nuclear war-fighting hobbyists had aligned themselves with the Jewish genocide molest abuse crowd, are we perceiving Germany's leadership is going out with der Jew?

The old world generic autocratic criminals that have had their police blowing heads off on American streets. Will Labor not help us and put them out for good?

Will working people not put in the best deal ever for the children of God on earth, our sacred American Bill of Rights?

"I am an American a German and a Jew, " president Abe Lincoln said as he put the better part of a million new Americans to death so Judah could play their sports in the new world land of the free.

And then what did Abe do other than cut Judah out of holding the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money, and caused Judah to shoot his partner in crime ole Abe dead.

"The Charleston shoot we had to do because it would reveal our great foul."

The Fornian hybrid transplant shells that ghosted out in South Carolina. The great foul of exploiting Americans for insurance collections using external war to cover their war crimes against us on our shores.

"Gimmelfarb was always a go permit for Hodgkins," Judee say.

The ordinary everyday working people who have little idea of how widespread are Judah sports in every avenue of life. Watching our every move, seeing what we eat and drink. Noting our routes as we go about our daily business. The people we associate with. The groups we belong to. And why do they do it? Is it not clear it is to sport us out of life?

The perfected medical molest that Judah has put in by controlling who can treat us medically. Only his union is authorized to give us medical care. Might that help explain why they have gotten such a large die on Americans?

Those of us who arrived in America the land of the free, that came from Europe, was there anything there in the old country other than tyranny?

The occasional chance to get free. The 1215 Magna Carta that gave English people the right to have a jury of our peers hear our side of the story before the loss of life liberty or property. The right that was made the law of the land of America in 1791, the right that set Dred Scott free in 1854 when an all-white jury set Dred free of his labor racketeering master.

The unelected clerks on the supreme court who gave their opinion and had Dred re-arrested and bound in chains and sent back to his master to let master suck the profits of labor from Dred.

Our mild family of the East who put grand jury rights in for our Polish family in 1430 that brought about the economic creativity known as the golden age of Poland. Only to be smashed in Jewish war against Poland within two hundred years setting Poland back once again without our grand jury rights.

Americans, gifted by the deal made in 1789 and approved and signed into law in 1791, the right to the English Magna Carta trial by a jury of peers, and also the right of the Polish grand jury process of 1430 including English rights of 1689 to be free of cruel and unusual punishment.

Americans gifted by our predecessors with a Republic with the best package of civil rights ever. So good the legal process that was made our law 1791 that it even freed a slave without a fight.

Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)
QUOTATION: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

But we couldn't keep it. It is now a tyranny, a dictatorship of the merchant murder class that is destroying us and our world for free directed by the alliance that Judah has with the old world GACs.

The old world Generic Autocratic Criminals that have sucked our blood for ever and a day. Will American Labor not act right as our good God treats us right and put the old world criminal classes out?

The legal process that invites public employees to answer for their actions on the public payroll. Will labor not put our rights in so that we can straighten this out here in a courtroom in a civil way?

The sovereign immunity public payrollers claim as a defense of their wrongdoing. Is there some understanding that goes away the day you STRIKE THEM OUT and take over the issue of our money and put our rights in once again?

Our kind sweet precious Father in heaven above who has given us the wits to figure it out. Will Labor not get smart, spend the 40 minutes to figure it out and take the occasion to issue our money away from the war-making genocidal Jews?

Wil Labor not end free funding their shooting us with their Fornian innerspring 5th columnists?

The extraterrestrial power that created us in our high intelligence form 200,000 years ago. Precious sweet Father Kirsker who so loved us because we cared so well for each other. The reason we were selected from the 3 dozen hominids that shared this earth with us at that time. Our especially nice ways of caring for one another.

Will working people not try to remember who we really are and STOP THE WAR?

The vicious hostile society the Jew creates whenever he gets on top of us. Will Labor not close this vicious hostile Jewish society out with a STRIKE?

The Jew that tried to destroy us all in a three hour shot in the middle of the night. Regrettably has now sterilized our children. And even worse, in a few days more it won't matter because he will have killed us all we and our children.

"Our advisement we die you because of Iowa scent."

Bitch, deeply imperfect with a fault of stupid that accidentally insulted the mild people of the north.

From that reverse facial speech do we see they have been advised they get to destroy us because of Iowa scent?

Might much of Iowa scent be due to lies of Judah about Bitch?

Certainly, it is. God would have no words to say to Bitch if he was the guy that Judah says he is.

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

And God Almighty who said of His shill Bitch: "You're a nice boy. He remained true to me. You disparage my shill who is trying to convince you to save yourselves."

Bitch, who just refuses to quietly let the Jews and their GACs put their war sin on his face. Have working people given much thought to the war sins American Labor funds every day?

85% of American Labor income tax used to perpetrate war and genocide against the children of God on earth. Is there some understanding that it is a fair die that Judah is doing to the mild people of the north?

"We dunged you lifeless. The evidence we failed you will now roll us for our torture," Judee say.

The prolonged uncleanness of sports war. Is it not apparent by seeing the millions that live out on our streets and the millions more in Jewish tyranny investor prisons that we must act to close their international genocide business model up?

Tele receives:

"We have a 2 shot theory. 11.51 a.m.

They clearly make us true feeble. 11.58 a.m.

Our passion is to offend you. 12.00 p.m.

Well, Pat, I folded you right, busted you with war.

Psycholica. 12.10 p.m.

We debase you.

We're out of useful for pushing our fiend in hoplessly abusing you.

Jews hit is over. 12.27 p.m.

Focus you on Dell. 12.30 p.m.

Falsing you from Europe discouraged ya and I won.

And what happened? 12.38 p.m.

Get out poison. 12.44 p.m.

For cats, we perish. 1.14 p.m.

You felled them Bitch. 4.43 p.m.

We sell you really tight; mineo rights us. 5.32 p.m.

Hermit threw us, we're working out our last days now. 6.26 p.m.

We fell you hard with our wits. 6.38 p.m.

Patrick's merchandising us off of here. 6.58 p.m.

They're marching us bad. 8.23 p.m.

Our tyranny was all very fun. 8.26 p.m.

Patrick shot our jail ruses; you are rude.

They ruined you awfully siege.

With a stomp, they score. 11.15 p.m.

Cannibal rude score.

Shit house grabs ya. 1.15 a.m.

Can't you hear they hate you?

All wood will be burned disease.

Patrick, I'm completely sewn up but I get your air anyways.

It's rather stupid punishing jews dying fish.

Eventually, they will have failed the species.

Your rights are perfectly stupid.

You shot the wale room right in.

You have a pretty good store, we're going to win and close the punishment store out of here.

The United States forms jeopardy obviously.

Useless police banish you.

It's sad you take the officer requiem psychid. 1.27 a.m.

Pat's real, the Martian was sent by God.

Vicious eventually ceased up.

Hang them spiritually.

We failed Jewish." 2.26 a.m.

America, where we can be with all of our family from wherever we come from on earth or beyond. And Jewish coming in with a plan to put us into permanent warfare to break up our happy home.

Can we not say prayers of thanks to our precious sweet Father for having His angels let Judah throw themselves out right?

Those of us who survive the abomination of desolation that we are in now will travel the stars for the next 9 million years until our species passes out of life form due to old age.

Judah will be in his underground shelters to die his polecat cipher off and in a thousand years will emerge and travel the stars with us again.

So what is the issue now?

Is it not seen it is the one third that Judah is taking as his catch as he leaves us now?

Judah who took over our entire state with his look-alike hybrid transplant Fornian shells that wake us. Every word on our televison screens crafted to keep us away from getting a clear thought or a clue about what's going on in Judee regime.

High levels of background radiation that we can not hear, see, smell or taste but is lethal to us in so many ways. Our children sterilized already but show no signs of the evil that lurks within. Can you dig it?

Smiling faces sometimes
Pretend to be your friend
Smiling faces show no traces
Of the evil that lurks within

Your enemy won't do you no harm
Cause you'll know where he's coming from
Don't let the handshake and the smile fool ya
Take my advice I'm only try' to school ya

Our bibles that were gifted us by an extraterrestrial race that want us to join them and live in peace. Will American labor not let the good book school us in the right way to live?

Might we have to accept as a tough truth that because we believe a liar it gives them the right to fool us?

Judah who has always fooled us and he claims it is because our roots are in "child." Might we not serve ourselves well by rooting ourselves in the love of God?

Judah, history's most famous moth who flew in and ate our bill of rights out and destroyed our beautiful nation by forcing in permanent war.

God's shill up every day before 3 a.m. for 7 years now to be in the terrain consciousness as elders suggested. Doing what he can to try and convince labor to save yourselves.

No perfect guy and only a 4th level thinker but he did give up coffee to try and use all of whatever wits he has got to convince Americans to try to save yourselves and your kids.

Many American workers though so comfortable by the great wealth we have unwilling to lend a hand to try and stop the war.

And Judee so effective with his lies and rumors that he has given Iowa a not really good scent. And so at the moment, it appears that the mild people will disappear over a few years ahead.

Yet after this post, there will be four more posts until it is over one way or the other.

"You have accepted wake up."

What might we make of that broadcaster reverse facial speech statement?

Might working people have accepted that we are marked to be torched out with our children and have accepted a wake-up?

Will, we not do a proper wake up where we take the concession to issue our money away from the war-making prison building genocidal Jews?

They have trespassed into creators realm and our creators are so gracious they did not throw Judah out. Father had His angels step in and let Judah throw himself out. How is that for gracious?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

"My kids, treat them super nice. Put an existence stipend in with something in it for everyone. Be kind to the babies of the forest. They've poisoned my village, I want them off," Father said.

Will working people not listen to the extraterrestrial force that created us and STOP THE WAR?

200,000 years ago we were not the strongest, largest or most powerful group of hominids. What we were was the most caring for one another and that is why we were selected by Father Kirsker to come up and live with our Lord in the stars.

And for those that survive this extinguishing nuclear war that Judah is successfully waging on us from Hitachi-GE will get to live nine million years more.

The multi-pronged ecological disaster that is waiting to crash in on us and reduce our population by a third. Judah would like to kill more, but God has got other plans for His simian children on earth and so He had His angels block Judah from killing us all.

Bitchie, though deeply imperfect but his function was and is to inform God's children how we are being scored and what to do to prevent it.

Polecat Judah with lies and rumors putting some terrible scent on Bitch and mentally blocking labor from doing anything to prevent our destruction.

Continued at:

Bitch, a very fair boy who is telling everyone what it is and how to prevent it f

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