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Financial Reset Begins 3-7 October ?
Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:04



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We have just received word that our major credit cards will be down 3-7 October of this year - in 2 weeks.

Credit Cards connected to Capitol 1 will not be allowed to be used for purchases or be paid during this time.

Further - all Auto Payments will either be done before or after this 3-7 October date.

Since Capital One is one of the Big Boys, behind only American Express, JP Morgan Chase, B of A and Citigroup - this is significant.

So from Wednesday October 3 Through Sunday 7 October expect the unexpected.

Perhaps we should all pull out a couple of hundred on the 1st after we get paid just to make sure.

If you are aware of any other Banking Disruptions - please post below.

Just be ready folks

A little extra food, Water, Cash, a way to protect yourself, Toilet Paper, and a way to heat your home is just basic common sense.



About 6 years ago we saw the Make American Great Again Corporation begin negotiating treaties that would lead the planet out of this Horrible Recession we have been stuck in for over 30 years - the day Clinton took office as President.

This insane march towards Demon-Cratic National Socialism (NAZIism) has shocked the world ever since. It’s almost as if - we in the USA are committing Economic Suicide.

If one is a subscriber to Jim Willie’s Newsletter at the Golden Jackass then you will know that the day of the Petro Dollar is dead.

Funny - when I met the CIA Director he mentioned the Petro Dollar - a term I had not heard of until this time about 10 years ago. Now, thanks to their bosses - it’s almost extinct.

Please keep in mind that the US Dollar refers to the European Federal Reserve Note.

On 15 August a Private Meeting was held between China and Russia that cemented their push for the NEW Gold Backed Yuan and the use of the New Chinese Interbank Payment System as opposed to the Cabal’s SWIFT System.

Everything was on the table - from the formation of the New Korean Cross Boarder Trade Corporations to the vile plans of the UN Agenda 21 to sterilize the planet and destroy Humanity as they strive to create Hell on Earth.

The West - they concluded - is over run by those who worship Lucifer and they also discussed actions that would eliminate these Lucifarian Human Sacrificing Pigs once and for all.

Further - the White House weaponizing the Dollar to hurt emerging markets has only caused the East to establish their Interbank Payment System at an ever faster rate and forcing Turkey to begin liquidating their Gold Reserves so they do not go bankrupt.

In other words - the European Federal Reserve System is hanging itself.

Information was then shared among those that have signed on to the BRICS Treaty - leaving the United States sitting on the sidelines.

Either way - there are huge changes on the way rather quickly so - be ready.



As the Social Security Agency prepares to dissolve 1 October 2022

Another test of the Universal Basic Income is being tested - this time in Switzerland.

It was proven to fail in Finland, Canada, California, Spain, and Kenya so why not try it is Switzerland - Right?

Well - this time they upped the income to $2,500 a month as a basic income there.

If the Federal Reserve System had paid off every one’s mortgage with the money they gave the banks during QE - the economy would be booming - right?

Remember - the Cabal has an agenda - UN Agenda 21.

So we shall see what happen in the VERY near future.



Over the last few days Emergency Crews responded to over 70 Gas Leaks and Fires across Boston. Apparently there was a Natural gas Pipeline Melt Down. The explosions and fires killed over 25 people and are not likely to be an “Accident.”

Fortunately - in a few days - the Annual Pipeline Safety Conference will occur in New Orleans (18-19 Oct) and per every Pipeline Safety Conference a Major Pipeline always seem to magically burst.

This time there were 25 death.



The VA once again refuses to cover those in the Navy for exposure to Chemicals during the Vietnam War.

Please keep in mind htat the VA also refused to cover these soldiers for radiation exposure

Please pray they shut down the VA and go back to creating a “Disable Divisions” where disabled vets can continue to serve despite their disabilities.

The VA is an absolute nightmare in terms to medical Treatment.

Not one response to the investigations we asked for over the Seattle VA issuing hundreds of thousands of Poisoned Inhalers.

The world is laughing at our VA and our US Treasury as they actually run the VA, and at it‘s Director Steve Mnuchin - a real Demon Possessed Lucifarian.

These 180 nations see the VA and run from the US Dollar to the New Chinese Payment System just as quickly as possible.



Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and for the safety of the New Putin now being groomed.

The Wall of Truth

Dr William B. Mount



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