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Party Of Criminals Are Bout To become Extinct
Tue Oct 2, 2018 10:45



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Not only are the Demon-Crats running 3 Cross Dressers, 30 CIA Agents and 1 Clown for Congress their criminal activities are now being brought to the Surface.

Apparently one of the first things President Trump did after he took office was to stop the Obama Administration from spying on Republicans and then HE got FISA Warrants to tap every single Phone Call every text message and every single email they made.

Not only that he had his private investigators research where their money was coming from for the last 50 years.

Are they rich from College Grants from the CIA, did they take huge amounts of money for Election Campaigns from the Communist Russians and Chinese so they could help destroy America?

Did the money come from the Clinton Cocaine Running Gangs or the Bush Opium Lords?

Well - it is all about to be released - where they got every single Dime from.

We know about the Clintons - Stealing the Encryption Cides to run the Internet and seizing control of the Federal Bridge Company (ENTRUST CORP) so they can control the Internet.

We also know about The Frazzled Rat murder Ambassador Stevens and documents now released clearly show her committing Treason through Uranium One.

Court Documents clearly show her guilty of Treason - yet she and her bunch were never prosecuted, Why?

What about the other Main Demon- Crats in Congress???



1) Lying Demon-Cratic Senator Dianne Feinstein not only packs a .380 Auto into the Senate Chambers every day she also:

Openly Employed a Red Chinese Spy as her personal Confidant and sold Military Technology to the Chinese.


2) Demon-Cratic Senator Dick Durbin’s Wife Loretta took “Favors” for her husband from Mexico to pay his Re-election Campaigns directly from the Mexican Government to keep immigration flowing.


3) Demon-Cratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand received lots of Very large Financial Gifts from her Father-in-law - Former Had of the British AMEC Foster Wheeler Company. The company specializes in Consulting With oil Companies.

Her Father - Doug Rutnik - is the leader of the Weird Sex Cult in Mexico.


4) Demon-Cratic Senator Richard Blumenthal lied about his military history in Vietnam for decades. He never even went to Nam.


5) Demon-Cratic Senator Cory Brooker wrote an article in a college newspaper describing how he rapes a drunken 15 year old.


6) Demon-Cratic Senator Kamala Harris set up a task force to investigate Banks for their crimes then quietly shut down the investigation, why?


7) Demon-Cratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse - Sat on the US Senate Committee to oversee Health Care, purchased large amounts in Pharmaceutical Companies, and dumped them the day President Obama signed the Health Care Bill. No inside trading there.

This truly is the party of Criminals



Under the leadership of the Demon-Crats both the Euro Nations and Iran are on the verge of completely bypassing the US Dollar for trade.



It is the FDA that is the primary buyer of Aborted Body Parts.

So what do they do with all tose body parts?

…..a - They sell them

…..b - They are funding a huge research project to merge Men with Mice.

They are putting Live Aborted baby Parts in Humanized Mice using OUR tax dollars.



Pray for the Safety of President Trump and for the safety of the New Putin now being groomed.

The Wall of Truth

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New Report Warns Russian Lawmakers That Trump Is Wiretapping Entire Democrat Party In Washington

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Cancellation of government contract PROVES the FDA has been buying aborted baby parts for medical research –

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