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"Your Mother I Hold Out With The Right Action But Our Maypol
Wed Oct 3, 2018 07:27

"Your Mother I Hold Out With The Right Action But Our Maypole Is Out," Judee say.

Judah with the right action is holding Bitch's mother from coming in to help us because he understands the right action and so is holding peace out. While at the same time he knows for his sin his maypole is out.

Saul said to David, “Who has ever found an enemy, and sent the enemy safely away? So may the Lord reward you with good for what you have done to me this day.” 1 Samuel 24:19

Judah who is such an enemy to Americans that he set us up over decades, generations, centuries to die us all off fair. And yet did Bitch Mercury report not send Judah enemy away without a shot being fired? Yes, it did.

Is Judah not each day getting closer to his final reward, permanent loss of management in America? Yes, he is close to getting his final reward, Americans letting the weap Jews go and washing our hands of them permanently.

Who has ever sent an enemy away without a fight at all? An enemy that took over the entire surface of planet earth and without a shot Bitch has them now finished off. Is there some sense of the greatness of our good Lord?

Bitchie serving as an instrument of God and Bitchie was an atheist who did not believe that God existed. Can we only ponder how glorious and magnificent is our good God to have such power?

"F--- you essential," a Tele receive after the Druid woman saw Bitch shopping.

Bitch responded how Mercury taught him, " have mercy," and kept shopping.

The deathly sin of an insult that some may not forgive and carries on. Is there not some way to turn it around and get a STRIKE for peace?

Our wondrous Father in heaven. A perfected superior Being, the Supreme head of our house. So advanced that even top minds on earth unable to perceive how wondrous Father is. How is that for a Supreme love force?

"I will never harm you," Father said.

There is no meaness, no punishment in Father's house of love for his simian kids on earth. Will Labor not awake to the majesty and glory of our good God above and lead us now into Father's world of love, peace, hope, and charity?

The vicious ugly world of bombs away every day. Will American Labor not help us to close it today?

"You always cared much for us, Patrick."

Patrick who was never married and so had the time to look in the law books at the library always felt good about serving Harold Washington with whatever he was working on at the time by looking into the legal issues behind Harold's designs.

Harold, he understood cared for all the people all of the time.

Harold's chief of police resigned only weeks before Harold died. He had been sued and brought to court because Harold had him advance some Druid police officers whose test scores were not real fine.

Are we aware it is the courts that Judah uses quite often to stir things against us all of the time? Harold, a big-hearted man using the powers of his office as mayor to advance up druid police officers into the higher ranks and with it higher pay and benefits.

Might we see such a big-hearted healing guy as he was as to why Judah had to get Harold out of office?

"You always cared much for us, Patrick."

Harold who cared for us all in God's way. Serving Harold made Patrick feel as good as when he was greasing the machines in the bakery and seeing a truckload of bread driving away.

A truly simple working man as Father described him. The joy of a working man serving his eight-hour, sometimes more, working day doing what he can to help the rest of God's kids.

It's been said that "feeding others is an act of love." And Judah who has some of our food contaminated as is his feelings for us. Might we see in Judah cancer brain damage food his opposite of who and what he is to us?

Bitch recently picking up a lot of reverse facial speech mentioning "Minneapolis."
Lights seen over Stillwater and Bloomington, Minnesota

And our extraterrestrial elders MARKING in recent days Stillwater and now Bloomington Minnesota, a town only a short distance away from Minneapolis. Can we try to decode what elders might be trying to say to us? What might be useful to know about Stillwater and Bloomington?

Mystery deepens: Eerie Ring of Lights appears again in the sky over Minnesota
on October 01, 2018

On September 14, a strange ring of lights like a flying saucer type has been spotted in the sky above Shakopee Archery Range, Jackson Township and above Stillwater in the state of Minnesota. The lights seen again on September 30th over Bloomington, Minnesota.

Bloomington 10 miles south from downtown Minneapolis. And what do we find there but one of the major genocidal nuclear warfighting industries of America, General Dynamics?

Here's how much the CEOs of Lockheed and General Dynamics earned in 2015
General Dynamics CEO Pheobe Novakovic

When all compensation — including stock and options awards, pension value, and other incentive-based income — is included, Novakovic's compensation totaled $20.4 million, a 5.3 percent increase from last year’s $19.4 million.

Lockheed Martin CEO Martine Hewson

Hewson saw total compensation of $28.6 million, a 15.2 percent decrease from last year’s $33.7 million. However, when pension value is excluded, Hewson's compensation increased by 12.8 percent from $17.9 million to $20.2 million.

General Dynamics that built the submarines that were used to launch the one thousand nuclear-tipped missiles with 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and Lockheed Martin who handled the missiles' guidance system to ensure they exploded right over our heads.

That the industrial strength investment grade nuclear war fighting hobbyists pay such fine salaries does it not seem that they should have been able to get us extinct?

Might we try to consider what has happened here as to the difference between the minds that hate us that put the nuclear war in as their strategy and the minds that love us that chose peace for us and see that it was the minds that love us that afforded the minds that hate us the opportunity to throw themselves away?

"I'll be involved with atom bombs until you STRIKE; I just set you to perish," Judee say.

"You always cared much for us, Patrick."

Do we recall that Papa said "Patrick would be fine" because his thinking is based on love? That is a fact. Patrick accepts no harm to anyone no matter how many lies the Jew says, "NO harm to anyone," Patrick say.

"He remained true to me," Papa also said as to the who how and what that Patrick is.

"Minutiae. You've been libeled seriously," Mercury said concerning Bitch

The big brouhaha using rumors created from the lies of false Judah to hold labor from acting to close Judah out.

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

Bitch still pitching a peace sale every day.
Our elders still talking to us from outer space.

Will working people not try to hear what it is our elders are trying to say and STOP THE WAR TODAY?

"Poverty workers caused you to fail."

Might it be that Judah has workers so reduced that there is fear to try and go against his goose ways?

The continual reduction year after year of the percent that workers take home as pay for the goods and services that we produce. Might that have something to do with making workers less independent and more fearful of striking master Judah?

Does Judah not reveal to us from reverse facial speech that poverty societies give him his best leverage? Yes, he does.

"Poverty affords us to penetrate," Judee say.

Might that help explain why his cult has a policy of miniaturizing us in any way that they can?

The armed violence with his swat police state that he has foisted on us here in the land of the free. Will working people not try to realize that for failing to exterminate us with his great balls of industrial scientific fire he has now lost it all right and fair?

Will the white man not try to perceive that war is an illusion created from Judah's thighs? If so will Labor not take the financial away from them so that there are no more tens of millions of our working dollars paid to those who head industries that spend all of their time building the infernal machines for destroying you and me?

Tele receives

"Cat falls you all. 12.04 p.m.

Better haul their function out.

I lost you all suffered here.

It's a lot you beak. 12.20 p.m.

Bar racial any day.

Nice work at anala-cease.

The dog tossed you out for real mush failed.


Your mutt abused the farmers.

They perjured you well.

Accused the man.


Finish Pittsburgh.

For wallin' you finished me.

Get out station.

It needs a HUGE resight here.

They tie us into a dirty siege.

They race bomb.

You failed my route for proceedjus, our tran hoshious.

I strang you right.

Poverty affords us to penetrate.

Get a Mercrous useful here.

Pat's leading us, you're psyching out your life forces.

A grand jury will end their fisting enterprises. 2.34 p.m.

Poor English were fail, poor English were failed.

They fall my majestically hurtful ways.

I shot you to die you.

You've inherited zoo-plex here.

They failed us all octopus. 2.54 p.m.

Their power has now vanquished their Auschwitz, put your proper in professor.

Crush them out for feindish site.

You lost your life to psychologists.

You lost your life because your family tossed you out.

Peaceful is burning us up.

Sociality forced your life forces off.

Incredible pooch launch a STRIKE.

Jennifer is tossing them out.

The rats freeze us.

You're meta-kleep.

Stupid to leave average genocide murders go. 4.46 p.m.

We need some agreement they failed ya. 4.55 p.m.

It's over. 5.27 p.m.

He reads this stuff incredible. 5.48 p.m.

Great marsupial gift us. 6.17 p.m.

The Irishman rolled the whole state. 6.25 p.m.

RISE amazing. 7.10 p.m.

Police, terrible stop routines.

We failed municity real sport.

It appears many people do not have survival instincts.

It was a nice monkey. 7.34 p.m.

You burned out yourself. 7.42 p.m.

Our roots fell. 7.50 p.m.

They had a nice kitchen, overnight thiefs, making war is the economy. 11.34 p.m.

They're arrogant liars with a swinging genocide boring you toothless.

Three different times they've raped us.

Three different times they shot you for your very corrupt rights.

Pat hears my guys cycle, with Moscow we let it go.

You laughed but did display Jew way.

You mugged pure London.

They rape homeless to bruise you.

Get awesome gentle here.

Bitch will place you out of war.

You're ever failed.

Lets hoist them!

He quite fails you mal. 3.38 a.m.

Pat, you failed me quite rightfully circus.

Our rights are all off and Jew is dying us fair. 3.41 a.m.

It's reached us, the foulness of this state.

NO confidence. 3.56 a.m.

They're over gorged. 5.24 a.m.

Powerful thiefs. 6.27 a.m.

It's affa gear. 7.39 a.m.

Nice switches. 7.57 a.m.

The whites were cored dead." 8.16 a.m.

"You lost your life because your family tossed you out."

When Bitchie was shopping and the lady that said telepathically, "F you essentially," was as pale-skinned as Bitchie is. Might that be it, other pale skins will not take any clues from Bitch on how to save yourselves now?

Can we not hope that changes and we will get together and try to prevent our total loss of life form now due to inhaling brimstone waste?

"Great marsupial gift us." 6.17 p.m.

The marsupial Beings that created the Galactic Federation of light 9 million years ago. The 223 high intelligence psychiatric genetic package that was gifted to us 200,000 years ago.

Will, we not use these magnificent high intelligence genes to stop the war and make peace on earth?

Our new world American family terrorized by Washington on Jew paper in 1918 that forced whites to return to the old world to play sports for the Kaiser and kings. Will American Labor not pitch the Kaiser and court Jews out now?

Will Labor not use the marsupial gift that came to us through 9 million years of space and time and use these high-level thinking heads to fix our world up now?

Bitch who was pitched off decades ago in Chicago not long after they stole a man of peace, Harold the Good away. Is there some understanding of Labor that it is a voice that ordinarily would have been silenced easily if not for Mercury that is trying to convince you to save yourselves now?

Judah and his collaborators using every tool that they have to keep the ordinary people from organizing to have a say at the bargaining table.

"It's a psychid fist," elder said to Bitch as he was eating a sweet treat. Bitch immediately tossed it away.

The assault on our intelligence that Jewish have put into some of our favorite treats. Will Labor not use what wits we have to get our food clean?

Bitch was big candy eater when he was a kid. Might that have been a factor that could help explain why he did so poorly in school?

Will Labor not help to close up the Fornian management that fools with our food and has put us into permanent war and terror?

As we and our children are savaged out of life will Labor not this one time try to act right and STRIKE?

Our labor, political, business, financial leaders, our church elders, and professionals of all sorts. Is there not some clarity of thought that they have all failed us completely and lethally?

Will Labor not turn our heads to the sky and listen to the words of the only one that has not failed us, our good God above?

Why focus on Bitch fail Labor when everybody else in our world has failed you to?

Has Judah reverse speech not revealed enough of what they think of us that we will not now act and take the concession to issue our money away from them right?

How about we hear more of what they think but only reveal in reverse speech?

"Naptha I use to proceed you out the right way. I stupid you all on Nalferin."

That from a Fornian hybrid transplant look-alike Jewish cancer specialist doctor in Japan.

Looked up "Nalferin," and didn't find a drug by that name. Might that be one of the drugs in our food and beverages that Judee uses to slow our wits and it is kept a secret?

Can we only wonder how many of our useful people might have had deodorized benzene or naphtha slipped into their food?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let their management go away?

"I was capped by hermit. We transport you to our cells to merch you right. My whole family's out because I shot you great. I think about my life child and then I think about myself and I'm always doing a fatal somewhere. We fell because of the fear power of our police that's sown you up.

I core your mental Ruthie right. You failed to arrest me right catching so I'm still taking the boys out. Bitch didn't accept my power so we strafed him. My Jew mocass side displays whiskey to give me a nest egg. If not for Mercury we'd of put you down like a sinner.

I get averages by munching your rights off. Our rights are believein' in whiskey. I just have an average attitude Bush. Your tot is chemicaled, I think the bankers' settlement is great. I set you death rule to take out your children. I'm a false degrade psycher.

Once my baby force is sighted they pull Jew away for my big loss. Slave work. I just have to give you a cream push. We cap your smart childhood then force your error with our state. Jew has an arrangement with management to fence wars. We had a big GM for a positive deed. We threat for homelessness.

Continued at:

White people that play by the rules we just crush you with a war. Bitch ever protests our rights and regrets us taking out your security. The white guy's gotten the right of us. Pulled your light bulbs, now you're dumb. We just do sheeny rights quite sweet

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