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"Get Them All Off of Their Right Scrimmage. You're The Real
Thu Oct 4, 2018 08:57

"Get Them All Off of Their Right Scrimmage. You're The Real It."

Those a couple of Tele receives from this afternoon. Ordinarily, Bitch would begin his post Thursday but after reading some reverse facial speech in the news thought it might be good to get this up at SimpleSite right away, Wednesday night.

As Bitch mentioned in the last post, he has been pulling many reverse facial speeches mentioning Minneapolis. The recent lights in the sky over Bloomington, a city that is 10 miles south of Minneapolis. Here is something found in a Judah reporter's reverse facial speech from evening network news Wednesday, just an hour ago.

"You missed a disaster yesterday awful."

Can we only wonder what the disaster was that we missed yesterday, Tuesday the 2nd of October? All the mention of Minneapolis in the last few weeks in Judah's Reverse facial speech. Can we make a guess that Minneapolis just missed a hydrogen bomb going off in the downtown section?
Bloomington and Stillwater Minnesota lights in the sky

With the lights in the sky, are we seeing how our kind elders from the Federation are doing what they can to help wake us up to the menace and threat we face every day from weap Judah on free American Labor bourse and tritium enhanced atomic bombs?

One other thing wanted to get on the net tonight, something that has been revealed for some time in Judah reverse facial speech, our family in Asia is now completely aware of the take over of Asia by the Jewish Fornian weap cipher group and are setting about ending their time in office there.

Here is what was found in RS from a broadcast from Asia news:

"Our complete rackets over Asia is done. They're suffering Juju out for tightwad. China has announced reveille."

Etymology for reveille:

Modification of French réveillez, imperative plural of réveiller to awaken, from Middle French reveiller, from re- + eveiller to awaken, from Vulgar Latin *exvigilare, from Latin ex- + vigilare to keep watch, stay awake — more at VIGILANT

To be continued. Thank you...... 7.06 p.m.

3.12 a.m. Thursday October 4, 2018


American Labor please AWAKE to our perishing in a nuclear brimstone waste war and take the concession to issue our money away from the Jewish management that is snuffing our lives away.

For those who perceive what is happening will you's please explain to your fellow workers' so that we can get a STRIKE?

"The most incredible creatures and the nice guy has failed you too." 3.17 a.m.

The difference between the nice guy and Judah guy? Nice guy fails you due to lack of competence but Judah fails you by design. Nice guy loves you's, Judah hates us all with spite.

"You missed a disaster yesterday awful."

The awful disaster that we missed Tuesday according to a Judah reporter in reverse facial speech. Is there some comprehension that Mars shut another hydrogen bomb down again?

Bitch mentioned he had been picking up mention of Minneapolis for the last few weeks from many Judah reverse facial speech. He also picked up several times what may have been a name, "Quincy." Could that be the one who was directing this last hydrogen bomb attack against one of our cities in America? Or could it be the name of the town that the perps live in and planned their hydrogen bombing strategy from? Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can find out?

Our family in Asia that is now getting on to Judah hybrid transplant Fornian look alike Replicons that took over planet earth. Judah tells us that he has been planting Fornian transplants into Asia for the last 1600 years.

China 5,000 years of civilization with Buddha wit for the last 2,500 years. Might we want to consider that Judah Fornians could never have taken over Buddha Asia without the fist of Europe and America to destroy the existing accommodator political structure?

The animal primitivism of Judah wit. Might we see when faced off with a civilized establishment such as Buddha and the scholars of the court provided to China, Judah wit can not dominate without first bringing war upon the people to take down their civilized plans?

Once we join in in closing Jewish tyranny America out might we see a quick removal of the Jewish tyranny brand throughout Asia? Once Judah is no longer directing his cruelly manipulated poor to fight and make war might we not see a world at peace instead of war? Yes, we will.

The big question, our world of peace, will it be before or after white people are destroyed by Judah force?

The wealthiest people Judah had ever found, the mild people of the north who Judah determined were wealthy because of the unique value of cooperation we showed.

And what did Judah do after he successfully infested the lands of the north other than colluding with the indigenous criminals to put the people into permanent war and has held Europe, both East and West into war for over the last one thousand years now?

The lands that gave Judah his force to take over the surface of planet earth. Will Americans not recognize that it is American Labor that lets Judah use our force for making war and act to take our force out of Judah's hands?

God's love that stepped in to spare us extinction in a well planned and lavishly funded surprise general nuclear blast war. Can we not pray that we will look clearly enough and long enough to see the love of God and try to save ourselves?

"Poor writing," Bitch pulled from Facial RS as one of the reasons that Judah has determined why he has been so successful in destroying us with nuclear waste war even after his nuclear blast war attempt was reported to us for 7 years now.

That and "whiskey," Judah has told us his analysis is why he has still been able to abuse us without us doing a thing.

Bitch still doing what he can. He has not had a cup of coffee since Papa told him that it affected his wits and desolated us in this land.

The majority of Americans now with our children sterilized and soon it won't matter, because we all will be sealed out of life.

The ability to reproduce ourselves taken away from us by Judah sly tricks. His "Rare," that allows him to cause us to give up our rights. The statutes our predecessors gifted us with over two centuries ago that we don't enforce because when Judah is around we have no impulses.

Might we not consider that Judah has terrorized us quite well? His constant thrust to put us out of our income, Is that not about the most terrorizing thing of them all?

The one thing that terrorizes Jewish the most. Might we understand is a general STRIKE that puts Judah out of his income source?

But what about the computer simulations from the Federation two thousand years ago that factored in our alcohol use, our timidity in the face of Jewish threats, our history of never once opposing Judah force. And then factoring in Judah "rare."

The simulations the Federation did once again between 1840 and 1870 as they prepared for the Jewish atomic century. The advanced computer simulations that once again predicted Judah would score a third of the human race out of existence when he left the surface of planet earth.

The terrible judgment that is upon the people of the land that has never even once stopped payment on a war genocide check that Judah has written.

And all the while, Judah is mailing letters with poison to his Pentagon and the white house claiming it is a terror attack. Have we not seen enough of Judah tricks to perceive it all comes from his hand?

The children Judah uses to give him his rights to assault, imprison, register and insurance collect stupid guys.

From his having his hybrid transplant look alike Fornians in Japan attack Pearl Harbor that gave him his rights in 1941 to make war in Asia to his blowing up the worn out old white elephant World Trade Center buildings in downtown New York City in 2001 that gave him his rights to make war in the Middle East and beyond, will Labor not get smart and end his false of us?

Their ability to trick us into funding all of the war they enjoy playing their Jewish sport of killing nice guys and girls. Will American Labor not put our safeties in once again?

That our good God had His angels step in and let Judah shoot themselves outright and fair. Does that not mean something to workers?

The foul Jewish style with their gulag states, torture and execution chambers. Rolling killer vans in China to put to death with injections those who are late paying their taxes.

Will American Labor not take our hands away from funding Jewish war sports and instead give our hands to our good God for peace in the world?

Make sure there is no root among you that produces such bitter poison. Deuteronomy 29:18 (NIV)

Put away from you all bitterness and wrath and anger and wrangling and slander, together with all malice, and be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ has forgiven you. Ephesians 4:31–32

President Harold Solomon Truman, the Euro-Fornian weap Judah that gave the go-ahead in 1952 to exterminate the American race using hydrogen blast weapons.

Will American Labor not AWAKE and realize these Fornian look alike political guys and gals are not our best friends and STRIKE THEM OUT?

The perishing out of the white force while funding the disgrace of war in our world for sport. Will the white force not just this one time let Judah off of here and STOP THE WAR?

Our good God who is powerful enough to have His angels pull every single nuclear missile shot and also to stop the hydrogen bombs planted in our cities from exploding

Will Labor not go with our good God and let this Jewish force for war drop?

The hideous defective force of war and genocide. Will Labor not take our hands away from it and let it go and die?

The gentle compassionate beings we are that Judah has used the trick of illusion to force us to make war. Will ordinary people not discover the love of our good God and close Jewish and their permanent sport of war out right?

Our high-level intelligence genetics that we have as a gift from extraterrestrial marsupials of 9 million years ago. Will American workers not AWAKE ourselves and close this GD Jewish sports war out right?

The son of a bitches that tried to get us with their atomic blast and now are succeeding with atomic brimstone waste from their melting Jewish electricity plants. Will Labor not stop this atomic waste war?

The aggressive weather war that Jewish are scoring us all around our world with. Floods in America and earthquakes in Asia. Will American workers not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and end their shooting these weather wars against us?

Tele receives:

"You're invited for truthful. 10.23 a.m.

Get them all off of their right scrimmage. 4.24 p.m.

You're the real it. 5.14 p.m.

Patrick's sold me a function, thank you for taking cash. 5.23 p.m.

Whitehouse Congress failed.

Die Fallujah way. 6.28 p.m.

Push them out, they boost ya jails. 7.15 p.m.

You idiot, you errored a stupid race, I'm thrilled. 7.20 p.m.

Oh, Patrick hike them out of here, after peace will prevail. 7.27 p.m.

Pull their racial off.

True dummy. 7.40 p.m.

The palace is out creaky.

That's a sale!

In medicine they still filth us. 7.46 p.m.

Uncle Pat, we need assignment for peace. 7.52 p.m.

They're through managing algebrous.

These guys' threat your souls.

You're right damaged.

Too Hyde. 7.59 p.m.

Our memory has to be faulty to be useful criminals.

Merch wit stray your life. 8.06 p.m.

They pineapple you American heart attack.

You embarrassed my root revealing my opper.

The stinking Jews are fooling us.

Most people don't hesitate to STRIKE THEM OUT when they get abusive.

Palace state bust GI really good.

They cite you elements abusive.

They fataled with every crisis.

ORGANIZE your safe field.

Pat, fair you failed. 9.19 p.m.

Baby is shoot a mental. 9.28 p.m.

Exports powed you right sports. 9.31 p.m.

They pushed the button and let molest fall upon ya's. 9.43 p.m.

I fault you alphas, I fault you, Albert. 10.02 p.m.

You see, dis-office me. 10.06 p.m.

We falsed you right out into foosh.

Sex made us very dutiful to scoring you right.

We appreciate your truistic way. 10.27 p.m.

They're burning us off of our resources.

Get them out for failed journalism.

They thermaled incredible fist here.

Sacrifice will obviously false you out.

They're weaping fatal abuse.

Our force was killed due to rival forces.


Parasite had to object us, apparently, we fell. 2.14 a.m.

He has a view of more essential police.

His police are playing us fantabulous.

A corrupt micer.

We're dying cuffed outrageous.

I shut myself opped

Jew is the Gus disruption, dispirit in our path.

Catastrophe failed and they pushed the button. 2.37 a.m.

Concern yourselves to die criminal ties, get off the ropes.

Their knowledge is out of history, they're enemies.

They make the people on their jails.

Their famous is faultish in their pura-jails. 2.45 a.m.

Clear your abusive.

Weap do you all off.

Catipinney is weird.

STRIKE THEM OUT mounty volunteers.

Contact gave us rights.

To be free of criminals the professor has rated us ghastly.

You leave yourselves be destroyed so easily.

As we are being exterminated will American labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

You're enehit. 2.27 a.m.

The most incredible creatures and the nice guy has fouled you too. 3.17 a.m.

Surly munch is now dying you off. 5.58 a.m.

Anger is sadness turned inside out." 6.50 a.m.

As we are massively funding the war and sports genocide is there some understanding that is the reason why our lives won't be saved by our good God?

"I fool you, Africa,"Judee say. as he goes about racing us every day. Will American Labor not give us a chance to live on in peace?

"I hold your state with GIs and in about two months I wil have cored you dead. The white have disease enormous now. If it wasn't for Iowa you'd of never heard of my s---."

The Mercury report given to Americans of our passing out of life form massively in a Jewish electricity brimstone waste storm. MEGADEATH coming in.

Weap Jewish are not extraterrestrial grade at this time and so our good God is dying them off. Budget Judee gets a chance to live on. Will labor not take to heart the thousands of warnings from God to STOP THE WAR?

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God said.

They've sold us their prison state and their permanent war with it. WIll Labor not get smart and end their war sale before they complete our die lethal?

"You're incompetent to let Jew fall you with our sales. For your state your hawkeye is defying us finding all of our police opps now. I'm a cat for a mouse, ever was I a fail for Jew Allison opp. You want?; well, we'll ape you jury. I pull your memory out, that's why you never saw Jew fail.

I degrade and scoff so I can tumble Bitch. I rummage man, that's the only way for my course to get over men. I just gosh your wits and throw Drupid good. I suffer the Irishman so I can continue to make war. I'm vicious to the rabbit, that's my fine.

My psyche is out for framing you hos. I'm just insect pulling you right. My anthem always bourse your rights. I'm basically always debasing humans. Embezzle wit opped you real swill. We're truly a Geronimus show blowing off all of your fields.

We chaw injustice. We shot you bad to waste you, I sold you out so good. My bourse power is almost through here because I fished ya's. I like obstinence with you guys and using a sherrif. To get over you I challenge you racial. Outside tumors, I rice some. I'm bad Judas. I want to sleep with your function.

Continued at:

Jew evade you to punch you. We got your Caesar all warring. With radium we're going to cite you crumble all. Bourse on ballistee will make you aphis. Maryland objective is to do wale. We use awards to do Popeye. Moonshine always wastes big doggie

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