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"You Lost Your Lives Deceived. God Gave Us Our Rights & the
Fri Oct 5, 2018 10:57

"You Lost Your Lives Deceived. God Gave Us Our Rights & the Jews Poison Us Out."

The assaultive genocidal Jews that get their rights by bashing, smashing and crushing anyone that happens to notice how tough they are to us. For those who understand what is going on here can we not say a prayer of thanks to God Almighty for having His angels let the Jews toss their tough selves out of here permanent?

They brag that they are so vicious in controlling the white force that they are going to destroy all white people before they leave here. Is it not something to think about, it is only the white force that holds the tough Jews in?

"Anger is sadness turned inside out." 6.50 a.m.

The anger of understanding that since last April every day we have lost our kids and sad that we have chosen to do nothing about it. Bitch trying to get rid of anger and sad but who will want to face our children when they perceive what has been done to them?

He can he bark about the tough Jews all he wants but have they not proven intelligent enough to stomp the white people East and West out of here?

"The white guy's an awesome fail here because I'm corrupt," Judee say.

A people who have failed basic accommodate and yet with our purse, violently controlling America and the entire surface of planet earth.

If its so obvious what is going then why has Labor not lent us a hand to let these body snatchers off of here right?

Must we not overcome our cipher of timid and end funding going to distant shores for assaulting our family and instead properly challenge Judah management with a STRIKE?

The snuff torture of the Hofer brothers who wouldn't go back to Germany to slay their family in the first Jewish world war and were tortured until they died out of life form as young men.

The bravest of men, the pacifists who were killed by the Jewish state of America.

Weap Jewish, no friend of God or man that's being died out fair in God's hand.

What might it take for whites to try and save themselves from loss of life form inhaling brimstone waste?

"Your reporting demoralize," a broadcaster said in reverse facial speech.

Will Labor not try to bypass Bitch fail and get some of the spirit of God to Help us STOP THE WAR?

Our family in Asia and Africa did not have a need for a bill of rights because their societies did not let Jews dominate them. Only in the lands of the north where the Jews dominated man by war did the need arise for a bill of rights. The first bill of rights created by whites in 1215 AD that made it the law of the land that a jury of peers would hear the facts and make the decision about life, liberty or property.

The second real bill of rights created in 1430 that made it the law of the land that a grand jury would hear the facts before anyone was carried off by the royals, church or the merchant princes.

The third bill of rights made in 1689 that ended cruel and inhumane punishment to anyone.

All these wonderful protective provisions made the law over many centuries to end the Jews hostile abuse of us using their cruelly manipulated poor.

"We're at the bottom of the pit so we have to stay fist," a white policeman's wife explained why they serve the Jews tough so well.

The pit the Jews turn any society into once they get a hold of it at the roots. Can we not pray that ordinary workers perceive what they have done to us here and help us to let them off right? Might we recognize the roots of any society are the authority to issue our money and Labor will act to take it away from them?

They got caught red-handed attacking us all out in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of nuclear blast, heat and radiation force. Will Labor not respond and help us here?

They got a chance to go with peaceful high-level extraterrestrial life forms thousands of years ago and turned it down as their spud did also. And so now their time has run out.

Hiding behind the cruelly manipulated poor they use to assault the children of God with war and imprisonment, generation after generation they go on assaulting our attempts to live in a humane society. The thrill they get from punishing us. Will Labor not let them off right for the intentionally calculated wrong they have done here?

Bitchie spending his time trying to find out why our world is in such difficult war circumstances all of the time. And what does he find but Jews pulling the strings of the puppet show from behind the curtain they hide behind.

The body snatchers that bring their mattress to create shells that are monsters in our midst disguised as us. Will labor not get smart and try to protect us now?

If not now then when?

American law so good that it included all of the bill of rights that proceeded from the old world in Europe, and went a step further in protecting us. Founding Father Thomas Jefferson put the 7th amendment in. The right to a jury trial if the amount involved was twenty dollars or over.

The lady that was pulled over because she did not have her seatbelt on and was arrested and taken to jail where she posted 300 dollars bail to get out.

Her case was carried up to the Supremes who decided it was fine to arrest citizens on the whims of deadly armed clerks.

Instead, of going to the Supremes who have held the death and destruction of America and our world in, why not an ordinary jury of twelve to decide if the deadly armed clerk whims were in the right or wrong on that one?

Atwater v. Lago Vista, 532 U.S. 318 (2001

Atwater v. Lago Vista, 532 U.S. 318 (2001), was a United States Supreme Court decision which held that a person's Fourth Amendment rights are not violated when the subject is arrested for driving without a seatbelt. The court ruled that such an arrest for a misdemeanor that is punishable only by a fine does not constitute an unreasonable seizure under the Fourth Amendment.

As a note, might that seatbelt arrest case have been staged by Judah to get the court decision he wanted? Certainly, it was staged to make Jewish tyranny case law.

Will American Labor not put our rights in and end this Supreme fraud right?

Will American Labor not do yourselves and the rest of us a favor and end funding weaponizing the Kosher courts rare and always unfavorable to workers decisions?

Jews, as part of their trickiness, like to argue about things that are not germane to the issue.

Instead of arguing the rights of a deadly armed clerk to take a person off of the street for a misdemeanor, would it not have been better for a jury of twelve to decide the matter after the fact?

As more than $20 dollars was involved in the seatbelt arrest case, might we see that inhabitants in America have a revolutionary right to a jury to hear the facts of the matter and make the call as to who was right or wrong and assign compensation if they want to?

If only a jury had heard the case rather than the judges for the state, might jurors have determined the arrrest was wrong and assigned damages for kidnapping the non-seat belt wearer?

Will labor not put our rights in and end the abuse of the Jewish rogue terrorist state?

Who do you want to decide any issue that might arise in your life, a Fornian on the bench, a Reich collaborator or a jury of twelve ordinary everyday people?

The rules of this Jewish society that make the cruelly manipulated poor assault their family if they want to get a chance to eat and breed. Will labor not give us some non-Jewish rules? Will Labor not put American rules in once again and clean these Nazi Communist fascist kosher courts out of our land?

Will ordinary workers not try to recognize that God Almighty gave us our rights and act like who we are, the children of God on earth and put our rights in once again?

Will ordinary folks not try to realize that Jewish rights to do genocide have been refused by our good God?

"They have NO defensible rights," God said as to the status of Jewish in God's village on earth.

"They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm, Father also said of the end of Jewish with us.

"One hundred percent genuine phony baloney head to toe," Harold the good said about President Reagan when he was in office.

The unrelenting viciousness of Washington on Jew bourse. Will Labor not end funding their stalking horse?

It can't be far away now, a STRIKE. The thing that will allow our children to be born as free men and women and not slaves to fight wars for the Jews or to guard their police state cages.

The unreasonable weaponized world of the Jews that only make war. Will Labor not let them off now before they bore us all out of life?

The jew who in the face of our good and kind God claimed the right to commit genocide on us. Will working people not try to recognize that the Jew by his own hands has ended his time with us right?

Is there not some understanding that only those that follow God and not Jew war makers might survive this last nuclear brimstone waste war on us?

God who gave us the rules, "thou shalt not kill." Will Labor not end serving Jewish war making heretics and serve the love and peace of our good God instead?

Must American Labor not end funding weaponizing them and their duds?

That we have survived a deathly offender must we not act and end funding this crazed nuclear armed kosher offender?

Will Labor not end funding the offending Jew so that we make ourselves saveable by God?

Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," God's extraterrestrial angels said.

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The genocidal war machine der Juden has put in. Will American workers not sign on with the love of God and close the kosher nostra out of America right with a STRIKE?

Our wages that are used to fund the sin of war. Are we understanding that standing aside and letting it go on will deliver us to death's door in less than two months from now?

Can we only wonder how did the Jew ever get so far away from right that he would hurt a man merely because he is handsome or bright?

The focus of Jewish life, the killing or neutralizing one way or the other of the most useful kids that show up to help us out of our plight.

Will Labor not end funding these errant life forms?

Our planet hurtling along at nearly 600 miles per second through the universe. Leaving behind the places we will never return to again. Will working people not demand the peace and make it stick with a STRIKE? High-speed earth motion that will give us all the energy we will ever need. Will Labor not bring it in?

The errant life that stunts a plane killing all on board just to shut one useful person up. Must workers not end funding their scores?

The weakness that weap Jewish have demonstrated, an inability to accommodate others. Will Labor not end funding their war genocide sport?

"We're going to roll some Moscow urine. I try to do ghastly. We warred you official H'em bomb. We're going to erase you here."

Those reverse facial speech just found in some world leaders on the international news at 6 a.m.

Bitch has been picking up in RS that Jew has more terrorist attacks scheduled in America that are going to be sent in from across the border with Canada. Will American Labor not get hold of the paper and end Jewish sport in America?

The Moscow urine that Judah is now rolling. Will labor not act and prevent them from rolling it in here?

Tele receives:

"Shouty. 9.35 a.m.

We're leaving ourselves available for parasites to boom us away. 9.43 a.m.

PJ is closing moistureing and making them go away. 9.48 a.m.

Coattails are tumbling. 10.00 a.m.

Stupid dolt sport.

You're fooling out yourself and psychic is a fresh breed.

We set a big goal. 10.03 a.m.

Our weap always halt you right because we were dumb. 10.16 a.m.

With Dow they forage great. 10.44 a.m.

I say we go and do it, it's obvious these guys are killing us.

It's an atom robbery. 11.10 a.m.

Toss them out, they're fisting us out.

Allow psychic real innocence. 12.34 p.m.

Ow, stupid poisoning out yourselves.

Oh my God, you stopped duracous.

Rubbish is tearing this field apart. 2.15 p.m.

They're taking us to horse environment. 2.50 p.m.

It's facial. (Bitch went into yesterday's post and pulled some things out. Thank you)

Thank you for harsh officials. 3.57 p.m.

You jaggle sport. 5.03 p.m.

Get them out! 5.05 p.m.

You're keeping me in for war falling. 5.49 p.m.

Patrick failed us here.

Jennifer fold us right.

When you don't have an ideology that can serve they dump you.

It's shackative.

Get impulse. 7.03 p.m.

Dutiful guy paid for insult. 7.28 p.m.

Patrick's fallen out Jew risk.

Don't leave us, Patrick, Iowa needs you. 7.38 p.m.

Conspiracy's over we believe for Jewish.

I want them in, put them in! 7.54 p.m.

Toss them out, STRIKE THEM Pat! 8.01 p.m.

You see arrow stage. 8.08 p.m.

I gave you rights and you let them abuse you. My favorite boy Jefferson has been nixed now badly.

Take them out for sport state.

Take them out for barrel rolls.

You cored yourself, Patrick cored us out.

Crazy I minnow seized them formative. 12.41 a.m.

Minnows support insurance, Jew is terming.

My Jew bug failed.

Rape is coming out Jewish.

Authorize yourself, end nice fail.

You failed abusage. 3.26 a.m.

God gave us our rights and the jew poisons us out. 3.33 a.m.

You lost your lives deceived. 3.35 a.m.

So sad." 7.17 a.m.

Papa spoke to us in the middle of the night.

"I gave you rights and you let them abuse you. My favorite boy Jefferson has been nixed now badly."

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end the abuse? Will Labor not put God's favorite boy Jefferson in once again?

George Wythe (1726-1806) who served along with Thomas Jefferson preparing the Virginia papers (1776-1779) that give us the theoretical basis of our rights explaining the legal standing to go about proper procedure in our courts. And what did George receive as his reward for helping us other than to be assassinated in his home?

Dr. Eugene Mallove who in 2004, issued his letter to the world explaining to us free energy is real, it is proven and explaining what was needed to bring it in for our survival. And Eugene's reward? Do we recall he was assassinated for trying to help us, not unlike George Wythe was in 1806?

The best deal ever for the human race, the deal God Himself gifted us with, our American Bill of RIghts. Will Labor not act right as God treats us right and put our rights in once again?

Sadly, our children, grandchildren have been massively sterilized in this nuclear war that we are funding on our selves.

Might Labor not try to understand the Bitch failure of respect and honor to dignity came from a troubled mind that has been put to death so many times in this foul Jewish tyranny state and try to understand that it was only a temporary lapse?

Bitch is a boy that respects and honors the dignity of everyone.

"We're not missionaries," Mercury said to Bitch years ago.

And Bitch is no missionary either. He is as Father said, "a simple working man. He remained true to me," Father said.

The foreign death squads the Jew brings in to shoot those who want a decent place to live.

The entire political structure staffed by welfare people elected or clerks. Will Labor not demonstrate who is the employer here and give us a STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from the genocidal nation and planetary destroying Jews?

Continued at:

And might Labor want to think about the fact that Bitch is a mere humble villager, a shill for God, a nice boy who is trying to convince you to save your lives?

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

Will Labor not try to recognize that Judah h

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