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Demon-Crats Set back Women's Rights By 50 Years
Sat Oct 6, 2018 05:34

Well - Now that we are off of YOU TUBE - thanks to the FBI according to the FCC - we can tell the whole truth.

Now that I am off of You Tube I suppose We do not have to broadcast the Nuclear False Flags and Presidential Assassination Attempts, right?

After all - it's the FBI we have been fighting for 12 years - and to some extent I suppose they win.

It would be nice to be re-instated so your prayers are needed.






The recent Kavanaugh Hearings have exposed just how horrible the left really is.

If you work with any "Protected Class" of people - Especially Women - you must take huge precautions as to exactly what you say and do around these folks.

I have seen over and over again Women accusing Men of all sorts of things - such as Sexual Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, unwanted comments, etc.

Companies across the planet now are watching the Lefty Loonie Demon-Crats vilify a Judges simply because a women who cannot remember anything about the incident accuse the Judge of trying to Rape her 40 years ago.

It is so bad that in a recent discovery it turns out that a Lithuanian Bank has managed to Launder over $1 Trillion Dollars for the Bush and Clinton Narco Families and $84 Million of it ended up in the hands off Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately - because she is a Women she is always right, right?


The Truth no longer matters in America and the rest of the world is now seeing this Insanity and separating themselves om these Vile left Wing Elites pushing Total Anarchy for Lucifer.

Remember the Goal of these Lefty Loonies: The Complete Destruction of the Human Race by 1 October 2021 on the Planet Surface and the introduction of the 6th Root Race by the year 2080. to a Desert Planet Earth.


When this Economic RESET hits our shores here in America please keep in mid those in the Emerging Nations that hold their savings in Silver and Gold are eating well,.

Charles and Collin at Noble Gold Investments are there to held

Call them at 877-646-5347


Please pray for our President's Health and Well being.The boarding of Air Force 1 last night with TP stuck to his left shoe was kind of funny, but he is a very devoted President - Devoted to restoring our economy.

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

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