Mark 9:49 For every one shall be salted with fire, and every
Sun Oct 7, 2018 07:18

Mark 9:49 For every one shall be salted with fire, and every sacrifice shall be salted with salt.

The fire of nuclear brimstone waste, the war that we are funding Judah to wage against us. How many of us are prepared to be salted now with radioactive fire?

Matthew 5:11 "Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.

Our kind precious sweet Father who has had His angels protect us from the nuclear blast war that weap Judah tried to get on us and extinct our race. Will, we not say a prayer of thanks to God Almighty for sparing our lives in a well planned and lavishly financed nuclear blast war?

"I died your genus. You're cashed. You're dead turkey." Those are Tele receives from Judee.

Judee atomic warfighting scientists are reporting to him that he has indeed died off the mild people of the north both East and West.

A third of the human race being died off now inhaling brimstone waste. Is it not astounding this was prophesized in the early days of the Christian community and found in our bibles?

At this moment does it appear we are going to learn the hard way not to make war? Regrettably, yes it does appear we are going to learn the hard way not to make war.

And what is the hard way to learn not to make war? Do our bibles not inform us it is to die out of life form with our kids? Yes, that is what our bibles predicted would happen when Judah beast went to hide in his underground shelters as he dies us with brimstone industrial pollution.

Does it seem possible we happy healthy wealthy Americans will be died out of existence in only the next five years?

Can brimstone radioactive waste really be that deadly?

That Judah has fled into his undergrounds should the answer not be "yes," brimstone atomic waste is really that deadly?

"The whole; nursery is safe, it was spared." 4.46 a.m.

Judah attacking us with nuclear missiles to extinct our race. But what about missiles with conventional warheads? Might our elders' rules have to leave those get through?

If they do can we try to imagine our oil refineries getting hit with conventional missiles and shutting them down for months or longer before they are back up and running again?

139 oil refineries in the United States. Might Judah not be able to cruise missile them out in a few hours of good shooting?

Are some saying, "it'll never happen?"

What are we to think that Judah has drones shooting missiles with pinpoint accuracy thousands of miles from our safe shores? Might we have to concede that Judah has the technical ability to attack our oil refineries with those same drones?

When he perceives that Americans are about to close out his war, might he take our refineries out as a last measure to harm us as he goes away from us for good?

All of our trucking driven by oil and gas. Can we try to imagine losing fuel for only a few months and what it might be like here in America?

From that example can we see why Judah blocked free energy velocity power supplies from coming online?

With energy drawn from the high-speed motion of the earth and the universe do we see he can not shut our power supplies down?

As Judah is going right ahead with his war against Russia and China have we given thought to the loss of our power grid and how it might be to lose electricity for a few months or longer?

Are Americans aware that it is America from where the Jews are waging their genocide against the children of God on earth?

Our rights that we let Judah throw away. Is there some understanding that a person need only be violated one time and it may cost a guy or gal their property, liberty and their life?

Do Americans understand the deal we have agreed to by our silence that we can be robbed, raped, kidnapped and murdered with nothing to say about it?

Our safe, our caution, the things our bill of rights give us. Will Labor not put them in once again and try to protect us from the Jew fiends that are bent on destroying as many of us as they can as they go away from us for good?

Tele receives:

"Take this failable life form out of here. 9.10 a.m.

Authorize an end to your fail. 9.34 a.m.

Help yourselves or I attach your death.

Stupid, you're a right fall. 9.30 a.m.

It's a battle sex. 9.45 a.m.

Super tossed them away well. 9.57 a.m.

I must get to a doctor. 10.11 a.m.

Bitch is really hell-bent on taking away all our poles. 10.32 a.m.

Ouch, their vegetable rule. 10.37 a.m.

It's real sincere. 11.14 a.m.

We fudge. 2.54 p.m.

Get this abuse away and end their play. 3.00 p.m.

I shot you war to enslave you man, you were a nice fish.

They core us officials.

That boy knows what they're up to here.

You left them screwable. 3.53 p.m.

Super harness these guys fault.

They've fallen your life industrially.

Great grave theory. 4.18 p.m.

You're getting cashed kind of stew fish. 4.21 p.m.

They're weapin' us oppolis.

I gen raped you fast.

Luscious fiend all. 6.24 p.m.

Supreme blast stumbled a great miracle. 6.40 p.m.

I died your genus.

You've fallen out cautious. 7.24 p.m.

Sophomore found us unreasonable.

Quite sad. 10.20 p.m.

Real foolish huh? 12.30 a.m.

They're coring simple. 1.25 a.m.

Shoots exhausted their particle.

They make fist rate important here sane, we're out of here. 1.47 a.m.

Estimate make you doubtful you should get sick.

They got you rused. 2.13 a.m.

This your last time before they're done.

They tossed you on heroin dies.

They're a wart vicious.

You're cashed.

You're dead turkey. 3.25 a.m.

Oh my God terminus field. 4.23 a.m.

The whole nursery is safe, it was spared. 4.46 a.m.

It's vegetable." 5.23 a.m.

How about we look at some of Judah's reverse facial speech to see what he has on his mind concerning us?

"Jew is ricing you now because you are a stupid human. We're dying professor who reported our symbols are dying you. My serious Pol---- molest is going to make me go in. I'm going to shrape you in an option, that's my pitch. I'm racial by option wit oppin. We just bourse simpitude for our fortune days.

I package right foul with a jacket. Our Ozzy suffering you was our bourse day. We made you for earnings and chucked your family. I was absolutely stupid to judge your life away. Los Angeles Jew did some great cage duty. My Dallas put you away for a free ass.

I'm a venge hopper rule. We psyche you true morgue. We just pitched for refuse abuse. The jail attachment violates witlessly. We spur Anglos into a fight for our spite. College wit has found our quite abusive here. If you're immature I use a slim Jim. I'm always reasonable to make you die.

I'm frisable to Iowa. To keep peace out I miniaturize you. My fearest room hold you to your fate. My sport videos made you die. Dallas did Posh unfaithful. I'm a stumble bee that's why you'll fall me. I made you treachery. I did you score bots. Perjury totally, molest you, it's the psyche-a-me.

Patrick objected to our ditchuial weave. We just fool image you for corrupt because Jew be idiots for our spiritual ways. His mother wants our desk out of this land because we're the biggest idiots. We cage you for our employment. Dope fiends let us shake you for dollars.

A statute let us foul you fine. Our cash you analysis screwed you right here and pulled us out of our whole day. My fight has a fibber rule. Iowa determination is you've lost your full life. In Northwest Iowa, I've thrown some nitwits. You warred me awesome fail. I mooed you cot, step around you and you failed.

I'm just Iowa wall fell thief. I fool well. Once you take Texas you'll see I'm faulty. My German mace was my generous side. I'm all surrounded with poisonous warts because I fooled you. Because I'm cashing your oxygen I won't be staying here right. I just opp with a promissory and you're dead.

I'm not stupid, I poof all disease. Our life is doing out all Druid. I'm a fool to form a dust owl here. I fool you with death stuff treaty. My whole fiend is bourse site. The wreckage in the village dies stool. Get out of my way. My Sherman's leaving permanent for my disk fate.

My doper pad always set you to rape you out. I always hold you out with Norman. We hold you right Timothy. We find a dog infest your life but you might mature. Because of Mitchell chasing I'm spotted quite fierce. It was the right theory wrong person, he told you about Birmingham.

My homey set you real deal discourage. Our big app is holding off your pressure point. I'm a full fold because of your opp on me. I ever get you in Dodgerstan greaser right. Our hawking gave us brilliant luxury. Our immel-Reich rule copped you all off sympathy. Dutiful informed just and we couldn't shut him up.

Despite getting tossed out of here it was a right theory. Pat's reporting our brains is holding you on residual way. My algebra's a bad dog that do rude. In two weeks I'll finish you with my genius. Suffer you with big bourse, pack you FSBO.

You give us GIs we give you some lies. Battery forced you out. Our contest optical failed. Professor tells you about our April because he's trying to keep you in. Druid psychic is telling you our fool rules on you and how we're still trying to die you. Michigan enabled our April boom boom to get us out. Ever Jew fist beast with my jails about to go," Judee say.

"We find a dog infest your life but you might mature. Our contest optical failed."

Can we not pray that Judah's contest optical does fail and Labor might mature to not allow a dog infest to hold their sport war in any longer?

And these reverse facial speech from non-Judah speakers:

"For a stupid guy you've thrown the son of a bitches out right."

"For their Juvious sports I suffered some."

"Bitch sees warts you're doing fine and Judah keeps him out.'

Those warts that we have on us for funding the sport of Judah guys and gals. Must we not get mature and follow the love of God and stop the war and get those warts off of us?

"We spur Anglos into a fight for our spite."

WIll Anglo, not end funding the spurs that Judah uses to get us into a fight?

If so must American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

October 7, 2018
Sunday, October 7, 2018

Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
Watchword for the Week — I will proclaim your name to my brothers and sisters, in the midst of the congregation I will praise you. Hebrews 2:12

Sunday, October 7 — Genesis 2:18–24; Psalm 8
Hebrews 1:1–4;2:5–12; Mark 10:2–16

Yet it was I who taught Ephraim to walk, I took them up in my arms; but they did not know that I healed them. Hosea 11:3

Regard the patience of our Lord as salvation. 2 Peter 3:15

Gracious God, forgive us as we worship those false idols of power, success and fame, forgetting that all we have is from you. Help us to keep you as our greatest love. Amen.

11.42 a.m.

Woman found dead in jail; Sheriff's Office begins probe
Susan D. Kiscoan, 46, had pleaded not guilty to trespassing
Susan Kiscoan She had been in jail about two weeks before staff found her unresponsive.

A woman who had been jailed in Douglas County and charged with trespassing died Thursday in her cell, authorities said.

Susan D. Kiscoan, 46, had been in jail for two weeks when her body was found on her bunk in a single-person cell, according to the Douglas County Department of Corrections. Jail staff discovered her, unresponsive, at 4:21 a.m. Thursday.

Kiscoan was booked about 4:45 p.m. Sept. 14. Police and the Omaha City Prosecutor's Office had accused her of trespassing that day at a CHI Health clinic.

She pleaded not guilty at a court hearing the next day. A judge set her bail at $2,500, meaning she could pay 10 percent of that, $250, to be released from the jail.

The cause of her death was not available. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office has begun an investigation, as required by state law for in-custody deaths., 402-444-1102,


20 people killed in limousine accident in upstate New York, authorities say
Updated 24 mins ago
Twenty people were killed in a limousine accident in upstate New York, police said Sunday.

The deadly crash happened Saturday afternoon in Schoharie, which is about 40 miles from Albany, and led to several people killed, according to the New York State Police. The department did not say how many died.

The Associated Press reported that 18 of the victims were in the limo and two victims were bystanders.

Butler College Prep senior killed during shooting at Far South Side vigil


James Garrett, 18, was shot Saturday night at a vigil on the 13200 block of South Prairie Avenue around 7:30 p.m. for a 25-year-old woman killed in a car crash. Police said an argument broke out and three people were shot. Witnesses said a man and woman displayed weapons and shot the victims during the altercation.

Garrett was shot in the back and taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center in serious condition. He was later pronounced dead.

Butler College Prep posted about the student’s death on their Facebook page and said he was the first senior in the class of 2019 to be accepted into college. The senior had a 3.9 GPA.

“We will never forget how he loved Butler and everyone he met,” the school said.

No one is in custody. The investigation is ongoing.

Boy, 7, dies at My Gym in Wheaton
POSTED 12:22 PM, OCTOBER 5, 2018, BY KHENDREN2014, UPDATED AT 07:47AM, OCTOBER 7, 2018
WHEATON, Ill. — Police are investigating the death of a 7-year-old boy at a children’s play center in Wheaton.

Brady Doherty, of Glen Ellyn, died Tuesday morning at My Gym, located at 43 Danada Square.

The exact cause of his death is unclear and the coroner is still investigating.

There’s been no word from officials at My Gym.

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