"We Find a Dog Infest Your Life but You Might Mature. Our C
Mon Oct 8, 2018 06:28

"We Find a Dog Infest Your Life but You Might Mature. Our Contest Optical Failed."

Can we not pray that Judah's contest optical does fail and Labor might mature to not allow a dog infest to hold their sport war in any longer?

Elders could have erased those pooch pictures from 35 years ago and they would not have been available to influence Labor to withhold a STRIKE. So why didn't they do it?

Might it be as Papa said, "I won't save your lives because 2+2=4?"

If we mature might it be that those pictures will no longer infest anyone's life or hold anyone's head to funding and fighting Jewish sports war?

We now set to be burned out completely in a Judah sports opp of the mild people. Can we not hope that Americans will recognize that we have rights that were gifted to us by our good God and will act to put them in once again?

The limousine that reportedly crashed killing 20 people in upstate New York. What might we make of these reverse facial speech?

"We're hoping you accept this massive brief. It was a sensible weap opper."

Could that indicate it was a massive ghosting operation?

For the massive sport that the Jews have played on Americans using the official positions of government are we not perceiving they are ghosting in large numbers?

Woman found dead in jail; Sheriff's Office begins probe Susan D. Kiscoan, 46, had pleaded not guilty to trespassing BY NANCY GAARDER AND EMERSON CLARRIDGE WORLD-HERALD STAFF WRITERS Sep 29, 2017
by pjrsullivan15 hr



Will Labor not put our rights in and end Jewish sport against the children of God in America and with it our world?

Omaha a town known for big Jewish police jail sport against simple working people. A food processor town noted for fiddling with our food supply. Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can put it on the record for all to see what Jew has done to us in this great land of the free?

What might convince Druid to put his and her rights in? What might convince us to end paying to destroy ourselves and our families?

What is it about the Jews that causes Druid to not enforce his own statutes? What could it be about when the Jew is around Druid has no impulses to be free?

Bitch is not trying to insult, harass or be rude to anyone. His intent is to get Druid to try and help himself and prevent being died off in these end times of the Beast Jew in our world. Or would it be more correct to say the "Jew Beast?"

Is there some acceptance that the Martians have more sway than the nuclear war fighting Jews now?

Sir Casper and his diligent team that has pulled every single nuclear missile out of the sky that Judah tried to extinct our race with.

Will we not pray that Druid will figure out how these guys and gals are fooling us and let them off right?

Ventura County Sheriff’s Office negotiates with terror-linked group, will pay hijabi & adopt sharia policy
OCTOBER 5, 2018
The sheriff’s agency and Hyatt’s legal team have reached terms of a settlement agreement through a mediator, said Capt. Garo Kuredjian. The agreement includes a $75,000 total payment to Hyatt and her attorneys as well as a policy manual update that formalizes accommodations for religious head coverings.

Sheriff Geoff Dean’s office said in a statement that “the settlement was reached to save taxpayers the expense of further litigation, including exposure to attorney’s fees.”

The Star in May requested access to the video footage via the California Public Records Act. The request was denied. A sheriff’s official said Monday that the videos will not be made public.

Paid out $75 thousand dollars to a Muslim woman without anybody hearing the story except another Jew on the Federal bench. Might there be something missing here?

Is there some understanding that woman is no more a Muslim that a parrot is a turtle?

How long will the Anglo people let this fooling with us go on?

And the videos in the jail that were paid for by us, withheld by the sheriff. Will Labor not get the pay package out of the hands of the Jews and put it into the hands of a Labor committee of the Whole and put our protective grand juries in?

Will Labor not pull the mass-die war sin committing Jewish bench out and end their atrocities and mortal sins against us?

Will American Labor not take the good advice from our extraterrestrial saviors, "We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT," and close Jewtopia out and bring the wonderful United States of America in once again?

The cunning cannibal cult from the harsh tricky resource constrained desert that went to the land of the mild people of the north and has kept white people in war for over a thousand years now. Will white people not say "enough is enough" and STOP THE WAR?

The war against the human race that is coming from the Jewish controlled shores of the United States. Before we are no more will American Labor not STOP THE WAR?

NATO use of depleted uranium in bombing Yugoslavia was ecocide on planetary scale — expert

Society & Culture October 05, 7:59 UTC+3

The Serbian expert compared the use of depleted uranium in Yugoslavia to the 1945 nuclear attack on Japan

BELGRADE, October 5. /TASS/. The use of munitions containing depleted uranium during NATO's 1999 bombing of Yugolavia was an "ecocide on a planetary scale," a prominent Serbian expert on environmental issues,


Prof. Velimir Nedeljkovic, has said.

"Almost 20 years have passed since 1999, and we have only started fighting for the truth," the expert said during the presentation of the "Uranium-238. My story" documentary in Belgrade.

"Back in 2000, it was already clear to me that it was not just an environmental disaster, but an ecocide not even of a regional, but of a planetary scale."

"The bombings were carried out absolutely deliberately, and pursued certain goals.

Kosovo is a geographical phenomenon, as rivers originating in this region flow into three seas - the Aegean, the Black and the Adriatic seas.

Therefore, NATO used depleted uranium to bomb a small region, but managed to contaminate three seas.

Those seas are connected to oceans, so it is evident that the pollution was of a planetary scale," the expert went on.

Nedeljkovic compared the use of depleted uranium in Yugoslavia to the 1945 nuclear attack on Japan.

"It was clear that the war is over, that even one bomb is redundant, let alone two. However, those bombs were dropped for the sake of an in vivo experiment.

It is clear why depleted uranium munitions were used in Kosovo - it was also an in vivo experiment to see how a vast region can be contaminated through a river system," he said.

The "Uranium-238. My story" documentary tells about NATO bombings and the radioactive pollution of Serbia’s southern regions and the territory of Kosovo and Metohija which were considered environmentally pristine prior to the attack.

Experts in radioactive contamination and retired servicemen, who appear in the documentary, say that about 15 tonnes of depleted uranium were dropped on Serbia during the three months of the NATO aggression.

After that, Serbia has seen the highest rate of malicious tumors in Europe, with more than 30,000 people diagnosed with cancer in the first 10 years since the bombing. Between 10,000 and 18,000 of them died.

The documentary was filmed with the support of Serbian lawyer Srdjan Aleksic, whose native village in southern Serbia was bombed during the NATO aggression.

As a result, the region’s environment was contaminated with depleted uranium. Aleksic’s mother, just like dozens of his fellow villages, friends and relatives, died of cancer several years after the bombing, his father was also diagnosed with a malicious tumor.

The lawyer is set to sue NATO for the bombings and hopes that his film and work will prevent the use of depleted uranium munitions in the future.

"It is important that Serbia has managed to break the ‘uranium silence,’ and this issue is not a taboo anymore," said Serbia’s ex-foreign minister Zivadin Jovanovic, who is also a chairman of the Belgrade Forum public organization, which investigates the impact of the 1999 NATO bombings.

According to prominent Serbian scientist Ljubisav Rakic, the amount of depleted uranium dropped in the Balkan states during the NATO aggression would be enough to create 170 nuclear bombs, similar to those dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

The health effects of exposure to depleted uranium include thyroid disorders, malicious tumors and various fetal disorders.

NATO bombings
The bombing of Yugoslavia, officially codenamed by NATO Operation Allied Force, was the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's (NATO) military operation against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) during the Kosovo War.

It began on March 24, 1999 and ended on June 10, 1999. According to NATO, its pilots carried out 38,000 sorties during the 78-day operation, 10,000 of them with the purpose of air strikes.

According to military experts, about 3,000 cruise missiles were launched and 80,000 tonnes of various bombs were dropped, including cluster munitions and depleted uranium rounds. Petrochemical facilities and refineries were bombed, polluting the country’s rivers with toxic chemicals.

Serbia estimates that between 3,500 and 4,000 people were killed and some 10,000 injured in those strikes, two thirds of them civilians. Serbia’s damage is estimated at up to $100 billion.


Is there some understanding that Jewish controlled NATO used a war of nuclear pollution in 1999 against our family in Europe just as Jewish are using Hitachi-GE Jewish electricity war of atomic waste pollution against us in the United States and Europe since 2011 and still waging a pollution war against us now?

The lawyer is set to sue NATO for the bombings and hopes that his film and work will prevent the use of depleted uranium munitions in the future.

When a judgment is handed out against NATO for atomic waste genocide and environmental ecocide are American workers aware that Americans will be called upon to pay for that genocide against our family in Yugoslavia?

How NATO is funded and who pays what
by Ivana Kottasova @ivanakottasova
March 20, 2017

Are we aware it is American workers that are the biggest funders of NATO?

If understood are American workers prepared to pay damages for NATO genocide atrocities against our family in Europe?

More than the issue of paying damages for not acting to end our participation in Jewish sports atomic waste genocide, what about the love for our family that is suffering because we have failed to care about them?

Will American workers not show the love needed to end assaulting our family worldwide for Jewish entertainment and investments in death and destruction and misery and suffering?

By our good God Almighty sending Jesus to us and letting us see just what the Jews are made of as we perish in a MEGADEATH situation will the white mild people not get an impulse to close these deadly errant guys and gals up?

Doesn't Susan look to be about as gentle of an Anglo as you might find? Yes, she does. The look of a true innocent lamb among Beastly wolves. When we have our grand juries in might we not get the insurance package numbers that were on her?

Would it surprise anyone that jailers often put insurance packages on those they detain that then die in their lockups?

The greatest sin recognized in our law, is it not murder with premeditation?

The use of a creation of God for an insurance collection after the victim is properly put to death. Our greatest resource, our people and what might it take to convince labor to act and end the destruction of our most useful?

The hundreds of millions of Americans that are now set to die out due to inhaling brimstone radiation. What are the words that will bring Labor to organize and act to save ourselves?

Will we not pray that the words come into our heads to bring us to STRIKE THEM OUT and end our being put to death?

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives. Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck," God Almighty, our Saviour, our precious sweet Lord, our Father in heaven said.

Our Father in heaven who is the head of our 223 house who loves us all equally and unconditionally. Will ordinary workers take it upon ourselves to get involved in ruling our nation or will we continue to let Judah play sport with our pocketbook and lives?

With our rights in might, we understand Susan would have been presented to a grand jury for them to determine if there was probable cause to make an arrest for trespassing?

An extrajudicial execution in the lockup. Is that not quite a severe penalty for trespassing in a public space?

Is there some understanding of the premeditation the jews act with towards taking our lives?

That it is the mild people of the north that are the majority population in America and we are allowing our money to be used by the Jews to hire our cruelly manipulated poor mild people to assault other mild people of the north in old Europe, can we not see the fail that we are to ourselves and end it by taking our purse away from the Jews and ending their lies to us?

That our good God has His angels here to help us. Will, we not go with the angels that God sent in and STOP THE WAR and take the concession to issue our money into the hands of Labor?

Might it not be useful to understand that God wil give us all that we need if only we will listen to His words of love?

There is no punishment in God's house. Are we understand punishment is how the Jew degrades our thinking? Might we understand that punishment creates stupid people? Are we making the connection why Jews put the war in to punish us and make us stupid so that we can't figure out what he is up to in our land?

Will American Labor not get the snipers out and keep them out of America?

Will Labor not prevent Morgan from bringing the Soviet sniper teams in?

Washington D.C. a city of sinners. Will Labor not take the concession to issue our cash away from the Jew sinners and hire us some honest politicians to serve us? Has New Hampshire not shown us what they are made of?

They're a foul in every terrain and our good God Almighty is dying them off great. If understood will American Labor not end funding their brimstone waste die of us and our kids?

"Because my mental's mature it lets me stay here," a Judee child of about 12-years old said in reverse facial speech.

Even after attacking us to extinct our race we still let them issue our money and make war a full seven years after we were informed of the attack upon us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with the blast heat and radiation force of 64,000 Hiroshima sized atomic bombs. Can we not hope and pray that Labor will end the war right by taking the organizing principle of society away from weap Judah and giving it to labor to issue for us?

Tele receives:

"They're over big. 8.09 a.m.

More see them. 8.13 a.m.

Tourist prison. 10.13 a.m.

20 minutes you're scored to death. 12.29 p.m.

These guys are tuna fishing us. 1.00 p.m.

Men engaged in hiking. 1.15 p.m.

It's a death-a-sight.

Precious plumber.

ORGANIZE this place.

It's clear we're in an exile.

They exploit you orphanage.

The wolf is dorking us.

Mega jets steaming thieven'.

The raiders so confuse. 1.55 p.m.

Your life's folding a shivious.

Continued at:

Dustberg. 1.59 p.m.

Precious fail.

We just work to bowerize you.

Falsen Congre

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