Where We Are now Posting Since You Tube Killed Our Channel
Tue Oct 9, 2018 08:13

As you probably already know - YOU TUBE has cancelled our main channel.

This "Liberal Bastion Of Love" just cut off the funding for 2 Orphanages -one in mexico and one in Peru.

Exactly why we were terminated we do not know - except a gal at the FCC told me:

The FBI now took control of the FTC and You Tube and is pulling all Conservative News Broadcasters from You Tube.

In order to accomplish their Political Goals they do not care how many children the starve to death.

We were given no warnings, no strikes - only that 12 channels across the Internet were hacked on Friday

We have 11 back - all but our Main You Tube Channel.

Please pray we get our Main Channel Back before Moscow or DC turn into Nuclear Waste Lands

Not a joke.

We do not want a NEW Trump either.


We need you r prayers

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. mount

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