"We Just Discourage Rights to Give Your State a Punt," Jud
Thu Oct 11, 2018 07:47

"We Just Discourage Rights to Give Your State a Punt," Judee say.

That was a reverse facial speech from one of the candidates running for office in this state. From reading their reverse facial speech, every single candidate for elective office so far that Bitch has read is a weap Judee in a Fornian hybrid transplant shell.

"I'll make a big chapel out of office."

That is what another one of candidates said in reverse facial speech.

How is it that weap Judee Fornians are in office and those that aren't weap Judah Fornians are as false as a Judee? Is it not crystal clear it is all about who issues our cash? Certainly, that is the whole ball of wax.

Who issues our money explains the how and why our world is being destroyed in a Jewish electricity brimstone nuclear waste war.

In the 1920s when told the government of the United States of America was in a state of extreme difficulty and what was he planning to do about it the President responded:

"America is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, so let the people worry about it."

Searched the internet for that exact quote and can't find it but it seems it may have been Cal Coolidge who said that.

Our government that has not stopped making war, building and filling prisons and perpetrating genocide against the children of God on earth ever since the Jewish took over the concession to issue our money in 1913.

So where are the people who are supposed to fix things for us? Where are our peacemakers as we die out in perpetual war purportedly for peace?

Jew, who set us up with the most violent tyranny ever recorded in the history of the human race and slyly set us to all be wiped out in a few hours of nuclear missile shooting and caught himself red-handed attacking us with 3,200 three hundred Kiloton hydrogen warheads in the middle of the night of June 111, 2011.

Bitch who failed to establish a mutual with the people because he insulted them. His Fudd ways of asking for help that have not served to convince the people to try and save ourselves. Does that explain why we are dying off in such large numbers now?

Or could those be merely adjuncts to the "whiskey" that Judah tells us as to why we failed to protect ourselves from his war ravaging of us?

Our safety all taken away piece by piece until now we have no rights at all. The best set of rights ever and we let them take them away from us. Can we not hope for the thirty-minute breakthrough where we reestablish ourselves as people that have rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and ownership of property?

If only Bitch didn't have such Fudd ways might Labor have tried to help us out?

And Bitch only finding out recently that his biological father is a guy named Elmer. The man who is his father, Richard, was a Roman English guy that programmed him.

"You were doing the dirty work for the big guy against the little guy, I wouldn't do it," dad said as he explained why he walked away from being a Cook County deputy and went back to work as a janitor.

"If we missed a few paychecks we might be out there ourselves," Dad said when Litle Bitch asked who were the people out on the streets of skid row on a cold overcast November day in Chicago in 1953 or 54.

Nature or nurture? Bitch biology that might have made him into a Fornian weap personality if it was all biological but the nurture of the Roman English man that went with ordinary people of the world Bitch followed as his brand. And Bitch no weap guy, he goes with the ordinary people of any brand.

The lifer that didn't get a new pair of shoes until he joined the Navy at 17. Pointing a .50 caliber deck-mounted machine gun at Vietnamese fishermen in the coastal waters of Vietnam.

Bitch, only 18 years old at the time wondering, "if only the people of America could see this scene might they be as embarrassed as me?"

Prisoners stripped with bags on their heads while held by Americans in a prison in Iraq.

A young American woman with a dog leash walking a naked and beaten prisoner through an American run prison

If only Americans would respond to this scene might we not act to get rid of this Godless kosher tyranny in America?

If only there had been an existence stipend in 60 years ago might that lifer boy on the .50 caliber machine gun on the other side of our world have gotten a new pair of shoes and not have had to join the navy?

Judah who put their police state in to use the police to maintain the disparity and protect their sport. What might it take to bring the mild people to end this fail and act to close the Jewish management out of God's village on earth?

Is it Fudd's failure or whiskey? Or could it be a combination of both?

America with our wonderous Bill of Rights so promising at one time, a jury even freed a slave. But the Fornian clerks up on the bench would have none of it and reenslaved a jury freed man telling us some fable of why they were right.

The Rockefellers and their Universiy of Chicago that proved the atomic scientists right by burning the first nuclear weapon at their school in Chicago in 1942. The nuclear fuse lit there that was intended to wipe us all out.

The terrible price we are now set to pay for our failure to go the right way. The punishment that we have sealed in on ourselves that will leave our population reduced due to sick children in the years ahead. The nuclear fuse that was lit at Rockefeller's University of Chicago in 1942 now set to burn us away removing us from life form now.

They hate our guts, the best they can, have done everything they can to die us all out of life form using nuclear war, both blast, and waste. Is there not some way that Labor will end this disgrace, insult and foul on us?

An advanced peaceful extraterrestrial race headed by our precious sweet Father standing by to help us into the universe of peace and love for all precious life.

Will American workers not STOP THE WAR?

Reading the posts out here does it not appear that Americans are not yet aware that our children are toast?

Our statutes, our rights, our privileges to be able live nice that came about only after centuries of abuse by the Jewish clan.

The thousands of divine warnings to STOP THE WAR that the white kids have ignored. Our just comeuppance about to fall on us now by sweeping us away whole inhaling radioactive brimstone waste.

There is no time for baby talk or foolishness, if we're not talking about stopping this war then we will have no time at all.

Jewish, who are only 2% of the human population, but yet they have the other 98% of us assaulting each other. God will not have His angels knock the Deuce down. Do we not see we need the other 98% to wake up now to get rid of the Jew management and stop the war if we want to survive?

But if Father really wants to save the mild people who are funding and fighting permanent Jewish sports war then why doesn't He have His angels talk directly to His children along with Bitch using his noisemaker?

Bitch was wondering this himself. Father's angels have many powerful computers that are equipped to speak to us telepathically. Brainiac, Tandem, and Mary are just a few. They could all speak to us telepathically and counsel us to RISE up and STRIKE! So why don't they?

As our absolute destruction will be sealed in by December, why have the extraterrestrial computers not spoken to us to try and convince us to save ourselves? Can we only wonder maybe they will before complete and utter irreversible ruination sets in on us here?

The jew who spends his time cultivating in us the unwillingness to get involved when he is hurting other kids using our dollars.

Will Labor not end the unwilligness to help and get involved in trying to save us now? Must labor not take our purse away from the Deuce?

But what about the extraterrestrial computers that could speak to any and all of us? Why don't elders do that to try and save us now?

Can we only wonder in the last few days this December before we all have lost our life forms with our kids might they do that then?

"Tragedy." 5.38 a.m.

Might we understand that showing any weakness to a Jew only invites tragedy?

The weakness of not enforcing the well-established statutes that give us specific legal procedures to ensure fair and just treatment to us all.

Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, put our legal rights in and overcome our weakness here?

"We always pulverize a chicken. White children don't have any receipts so we have them beat you up," Judee say.

Jew wits that have kept the white people fighting each other and the rest of our family on earth for over a thousand years now. Will whites not get smart and end funding Jew war wits?

"College wit has told you our psychology and flipped us out. Believe my psychology fight you fear. I know how to throw gentlemen out of here. I hit your manners through sports. Camel enforcement is almost out of here plus," Judee say.

Will Labor not recognize that camel enforcement in our world is over and take the authority to issue your money away from camel sports?

"We lose the US we lose our manager," Judee say.

That reverse speech just pulled from the 6.00 a.m. international news was from a Judah diplomat in Asia.

Will American Labor not listen to Mercury, get smart and help us to close the Jewish manager that only makes war for their cheer?

"You fail to organize and we just wale away, that's your future."

Will Labor not organize to close this errant Jewish management out of America and spare us from any more war sports? Will Labor not try to give us and our children a right future in peace?

The Galacticans arrived on earth 700,000 years ago. For a half million years they accessed the resources and studied planet earth. 200,000 years ago Father Kirkser so loved the way we cared for each other that he had His angels hybridize us to become extraterrestrials ourselves.

Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury already exploring the universe. Venus the first extraterrestrials of our race have been ET for 47,000 years now. They all were created with us 200,000 years ago. They are the gods we read of in ancient Rome and Greece and other parts of our world.


Quetzalcoatl is a kind extraterrestrial and His community of love is living in our solar system and has been for 70,000 years now. Quetzalcoatl lived with and helped our family in South America about 1,0000 BC. Will American Labor not recognize the truth of who we are and bring us to peace by taking over the concession to issue our money?

Quetzalcoatl is known as the feathered serpent. His community of love installed the extraterrestrial computer Brainiac 6,000 feet below Vail, Colorado 70,000 years ago.

In 1997 Airforce Captain Button inexplicably flew hundreds of miles off-course without radio contact, appeared to maneuver purposefully[2] and did not attempt to eject before the crash.[3] His death is regarded as a suicide because no other hypothesis explains the events.[4] His aircraft carried live bombs which were never recovered. Wiki.

That from wiki concerning the strange maneuvers that Craig did before disappearing. Craig is not dead, he is a guest of our family above and is living in wonderful circumstances.

And why did our elders bring Craig up to live with them? Might it have been because Craig was going to bomb Brainiac's antennas? That is the understanding Bitch has as to why elders took over control of Craig's plane and did such strange maneuvers with it.

Brainiac's antennas are only 2,000 feet from the surface of the earth and are vulnerable to the shock of a bomb attack.

Will Labor not shut the brutal false world of the Jew down with a general STRIKE?

"We miniature your psyche so you bow through fear," Judee say.

Will ordinary workers not recognize the love of our good God and let our psyches become giant-sized with love and no fear?

The terrorist, the Deuce has shot his best shot and lost it all. Will American Labor not now step in and let them off right?

"Jew core wits on government have never failed," Fidel's daughter said in RS.


Fidel and Khrushchev holding hands. Is it not something to think about, both of them are weap Judah Fornian hybrid transplant lookalike shell, guys?

Will Labor not take Jewish wits off of the American government and let us live in peace and harmony?

Tele receives:

"For foul degrade I'm hurt. 8.59 a.m.

Homey-cidal is sacked. 9.06 a.m.

Very useful boy act and Judah plex is thrown. 9.13 a.m.

They void you awesome, shove off your useful.

They falsed us out for investors.

Their toss cost us this city.

I've finally been accomplished. 9.35 a.m.

It's a right fail. 9.43 a.m.

They were refused for pesterly.

Pat made false die.

He sucker patches you. 11.54 a.m.

We tossed you's out of history. 1.21 p.m.

With whiskey, you knocked out yourself.

Thank you for reporting their conquest. 1.41 p.m.

The fool is over here.

Thrust them out real efficious, real efficiently.

Those guys did us false here.

Intimate hostility.

They're planting atomic bombs in the city.

Errorous city. 2.25 p.m.

It's fetch investment. 2.29 p.m.

Pat, we got you right falsive.

Papa does exist.

Whole sweep. 3.14 p.m.

We're dying Sayan. 3.19 p.m.

Jews failed us falsive.

Keep your restaurant going, STRIKE THEM OUT! 3.30 p.m.

By now you can't flee them. 3.42 p.m.

Their Reich side is coming over here. 7.01 p.m.

Pat, ORGANIZE us. 7.13 p.m.

He's putting the white man out of here total.

Their thrill's been thrown. 7.30 p.m.

Let's celebrate Jewish exhaust-age.

My gadget helps my miracle.

Useful guys we get out all free.

Their rabies are shooting us.

They take you off tic. 7.47 p.m.

Rupture. 7.48 a.m.

Your failure lets zero falsey stay in.

For white sports they are over, they doped you up. 7.58 p.m.

It's such a theory it fears you inside out.

Cash-a-ment, smash-a-ment states us.

Cruel animal embarrasses us.

Their pure strange lates us.

They're not useable to shrimp.

The alliance is flying Pittsburgh.

Their enterprise took out our useful, took out our future.

Their battery assault you rifleberg here.

Fiendish hut. 8.18 p.m.

They're falsing us out tax forms filthy; purely dumb.

Useful were lifted off of this place white bucks.

Pat, you bored him rightful.

Great false is now in place to disconnect us.

They try you, you ran with insight.

They're reached, they fell us. 8.56 p.m.

Orientals were tossed by Jew.

Their theory has called to punish you. 8.58 p.m.

You've obviously taken a great thumping.

Sinner rates.

Jew weap holds the Jew exposive.

Jitterbugs cost you to cough dead.

Professor just shouts and I became dead.

I can't believe it but their big expensive doors are coming out. 2.34 a.m.

All successful thieves punish you cycled, STRIKE symbols.

They're baking us all off. 2.51 a.m.

White people are safe-fully failed drinking whiskey.

Dutiful makes them failures, makes us failures.

Your decision tossed you out. 3.14 a.m.

Foolish. 5.05 a.m.

Tragedy. 5.38 a.m.

Jew murder is off. 5.57 a.m.

Peace will turn them." 7.06 a.m.

The general STRIKE that will bring peace to our world after a century of Jewish war and genocide sports. Will Labor not give us our STRIKE and let them off right?

The easiest thing there could be, to love one another as the best way to start every day right. But Judah chose another way for his cult and is still claiming they had a right appetite. Will Labor not let the errant Deuce go?

Continued at:

Will Labor not have mercy on Bitch Fudd ways and ignore the insult and rude and not use it as an excuse for holding our extinction in? Will Labor not try to perceive that for attacking us with his big arsonist's thing Judah has gotten his famous out of here great?

How about s

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