'Patrick Saved Us From Their Crime Function. Tele Receive 3.
Sat Oct 13, 2018 09:16

'Patrick Saved Us From Their Crime Function. Tele Receive 3.02 a.m.

"Ethically their criminals," Father said of weap Judah cannibal cult activists.

Might we see the danger from them comes from their ability to organize themselves and take over entire states?

The sights and sounds we hear and see in our society controlled by them and their Fornian hybrid transplant look alike Replicon shells. "Hosiery," is the term they themselves use to describe their Fornian orphans. "Replicons," that's what our extraterrestrial family calls what is known to our history as "Crypto-Jews."

They have a different take on the rest of the human race than ordinary human beings do. They live among us for centuries seeking only our harm. Disguising themselves to us but recognizing each other and organizing secretly to take over our nation so to be able to easily sport us out of life.

Taking over with their Fornians who pretend to be whatever ethnicity is in the terrain and working to separate us from one another all of the time.

Might we consider they have a specific facility of mind that has served them to take over the mild people of the north?

As it is mild people that fund and fight all of the Jewish sports wars in our world using America as their pocketbook and resource center, is it not apparent they have taken over completely using the mild people to get our world into their avaricious hands?

Certainly. Is it not America that has made war consistently since the Jews took over the authority to issue our money in 1913? Yes, that's the sorry story of fast crumbling America ever since international Jewry took over the issue of our money then.

The Normans led by William the Duke of Normandy who invaded England in 1066 and won the battle of Hastings. Might we recognize those soldiers were ordinary Normans directed by Jewish hosiery that took over England then? Sure, William, the stinker was Judah in his Fornian hybrid transplant form.

William is known to history as William the conquerer. When he died and his body was in the church it was a hot day and they had to stuff him into his coffin and his belly burst open stinking the whole church up. Hence he became known to some as William the stinker. But of course, Bitch is repeating himself having already mentioned this several times.

And Fornian hybrid Judah transparent Fidel Castro at his funeral when the jeep carrying his ashes broke down and had to be pushed off of the road. Might that have been Mercury giving their opinion of what they thought of the old war-making shell Fidel?

It was the Jewish molest that was done to the Anglos that were invaded and were conquered by William, in England that brought about the creation of the first bill of rights, the Magna Carta in 1215.

The Great Charter that made trial by a jury of one's peers the law of the land. And today over eight centuries later and the Anglos not able to keep their ancient right in not only in England but in America to.

And what might explain such a dreadful fact? Might it be Jewish terrorism and whiskey?

Judah has told us in reverse facial speech that if we did not drink whiskey we would have seen his barbershop centuries ago.

Can we only wonder why our schools never informed us of pharaoh's Manhattan style project in antiquity where he fed pigs varying amounts of alcohol and learned he could control the social order just by varying how much each pig drank?

Might we look back upon prohibition in America as a clever way to introduce alcohol to those who may have never began drinking it?

The thrill of being outside the law going to the speakeasy and getting the privilege of being your own boss breaking the law. Might that not have appealed to some? In promulgating and instituting such laws under the pretext it was to enhance society, might we see how Judah takes the morals and wits of the people down with alcohol force? The hops in beer. Might we understand where the term, "he's a hop head," have come from?

Creating an economy outside the law that deals are settled by force of arms. The shooting that Judah loves so much. By reexamining prohibition-era laws are we getting some idea of how long he has held us with such political state force under the guise of trying to better us?

Yet might we have to consider he has won, for has he not only shot us with nuclear blast weapons, by using alcohol has he not kept our heads unable to help ourselves in our most critical time of need?

A large percentage of Anglo children now sterilized and in less than 40 days we will all be set to die. What might explain it other than alcohol intoxication as to why we let ourselves be destroyed so easily by the Jews and their Fornian brand?

Papa speaks so kindly and sweetly to His Bitch that only a few words and Bitch has not had even one cup of coffee in over a year now. Much of our coffee with dull hidden in it so that our wits are not on the tight edge.

"Juniper, molasses, starch, cinnamon." Some of the words that Judah reveals from reverse facial speech of how he slips his dull into so many of our favorite food and snack items.

Juniper is a berry that is used to flavor brandy and other things. Can we only wonder what Judee adds to it?

Might that be one of the routes to Alzheimer's disease?

Judah who had his hybrid transplant Fornian look alike shells in Asia for the last 16 centuries awaiting the time when his Euro-Fornians would arrive and install them in office.

Judah using his social tool of war in England, Germany, and America attacked Asia a century ago and now Judah Fornians hold every seat of power in all of the lands of Asia.

Might we see how Judah success of subordinating the mild people has allowed him to take over planet earth?

The cruelly manipulated poor of England, Germany, and America who fisted out Asia to put Jewish rule in. Yet haven't we heard the saying, "you can't argue with success?"

"I can see why they don't like us but I'm surprised they're not amazed at us," One judee guy said.

Can we only wonder if Bitch had not shot himself 6 months after informing the mild people of Judah's unsuccessful attempt to extinct our race using nuclear blast force might the mild people have organized to remove the jews nuclear war-fighting ability from our midst?

"Boushas have 40 days and they're under," Judee say.

Found that from a high-level political state leader concerning what the time frame is for the end of our genus due to inhaling brimstone waste.

As to being amazed by Judee ways, is it not truly amazing to the point of astounding that our extraterrestrial family was able to perceive two thousand years ago that Judah would poison us out by burning crushed and refined stone turned into the metal uranium to sterilize our race when it was time for his Beast to go away?

Might the late Mr. Rogers put it: "Can you say brimstone?"

Might we see that such an amazing prediction found in our bibles as prophecy came from elders having 87 million years of history to draw from and advanced computers to simulate what would happen thousands of years into the future with Judah in the driver's seat on earth?

Though might we not have to give some amazing to Judee for have our elders not informed us Judah mental is "rare?" Yes, they have told us that.

They train their children from the youngest age how to set us and our children up to take us away. Will American labor not help us to get them and their spud off of us now?

Holding every office of state while they burn nuclear brimstone waste in our face. Will, we not keep praying that American Labor will ORGANIZE and save our race?

The Anglo who put such great rules in as trial by jury in 1215, and yet today has no rights and has allowed himself to fund William the stinkers descendants ongoing Jewish race wars while simultaneously he funds sterilizing his children. Might that Judah mental not truly be "rare" as elders say?

Yet hope springs eternal and as we know it will only take a few hours of a general STRIKE and Judah will be no more issuing our money in America.

And what will the effect be of Jews no longer having access to unlimited Anglo free money? With no more free Labor money might Judah no longer be able to bribe those that do the slayings in his tyranny investors prisons system?

Might there be no more free money to schedule his Minnesota capers to burn houses with people inside to collect debtors insurance?

Is Labor not seeing that it is simple working people that are the biggest target of Judah sports?

The lack of a just economic order might we accept is why the Jew has been able to get over so big on us?

Bitch, only learning of Papa in recent years. Our Father in heaven who is a mortal as we are. Now in His last years.

Oh, how life would have been different if only there was the ability to understand that we do have a Father in heaven above. Our Father who loves all of His beautiful simian kids.

Our Father who wants us healed and wills that we put a just economic order in.

"Put an existence stipend with something in it for everyone, consider it a God-given right," precious sweet Papa said to His shill Bitch.

Might we see it is the lack of a just economic system the Jew uses to lure his cruelly manipulated poor to play his sport for him?

The vast abundance of wealth that will come in with free energy systems. Might we understand that is why Jewish have kept our advanced free energy technology out?

"I have an Appalachian shoot Vesuviusly," Judee say.

Our family living in income-starved Appalachia. With unlimited clean free energy, available might they not have all sorts of income sources available to them? Yes, they will.

Almost heaven, West Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze
Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain mama
Take me home Country roads,
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain mamma
Take me home, country roads
Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain mamma
Take me home, country roads

Will American labor not concern ourselves enough with our fellow American family to take them out of the Jews world of overseas war and take them home?

Bitch drove from Norfolk Virginia to upstate New York many times and also to Chicago many times over the years he was in Norfolk from 1965 to 1968.

His big brother lived in Geneva, in upstate New York. The year before Bitch went into the Navy Bitch traveled with him throughout New York and Pennsylvania his sales territory. Totally awed by the natural beauty of the New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia area.

When driving home to Chicago from Norfolk, Virginia he would take many back roads and got to see the wondrous scenery of those hill areas. He did notice the income was small at the time but he thought how beautiful of a place to wake up in every day so there was some trade-offs to living in such a beautiful place.

With unlimited clean free energy available might the Appalachian area not have a large increase in tourists coming in to visit? Would that not increase income for our family living there? Certainly, there is an increase in income in an area that has a big tourist draw.

Will American labor not end the Jews ability to force poverty in as their economic draft for their sports wars and genocide by taking the state concession to issue our money away from them?

Have they not violated the state concession well enough that we will not now act and take it away from them?

The ruin, the wreckage, the destruction of the Jews. Will American Labor not end free funding it?

Must labor not end funding their fist so that we can bring our advanced technology of life in?

With our free energy affording us a giant purse are we seeing it will be easy to bring in a full just economic system with something in it for everyone as sweet Papa wills?

Are we seeing with Papa's existence stipend in our children will no longer be financially squeezed to serve Jewish sports war?

The cruel crowd with their child sport for abusing and molesting us. Their permanent war sport to "subordinate the people to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class," as Karl Liebknecht described the war strategy in his book Militarism and Anti-Militarism published in 1915.

The crowd that chose not to follow our creator's rules and so has left themselves off right. Will labor not hear the thousands of warnings from God to STOP THE WAR?

"Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your lives. Soothe me. Wake me when they've struck," God Almighty our Father in heaven said to us His war funding and fighting napalm dropping simian working children of America.

Background radiation throughout much of America now 5, ten even twenty times higher than it was before the Jewish atomic age and Hitachi-GE.

So what's the big deal anyway? Can't smell or taste anything. So why worry about it?

Might expectant mothers soon be giving birth to the Blob?

Jewish punishing us by shooting our babies before they are born with radioactive nanoparticles. MIght the children with polio symptoms nationwide be Judee sport of high background radiation or something else?

The movie the Blob was presented in 1958. Might that have been when Judah scientists figured out just what they would be able to do to us with nuclear waste when it was time for his Beast to go away? Might he have seen our children paralyzed and turned into blobs?

Might the Blob have been like when Judah figured out in the early 50s that it would take 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast heat and radiation force to wipe Americans out in an atomic blast war? Do we recall that in 1954 Judah put on television the $64,000 dollar question? Might we now perceive the inside joke they shared with each other?

As our little children are now showing symptoms of blobism is there not some way to bring labor to help us today to let the Beast off right?

It will be thirty years next year when Bitch discovered extraterrestrial signaling on our phone lines. Recorded it and analyzed the signals for years until he read a telecommunications engineering book and became aware other researchers had already hypothesized that extraterrestrials were in our phone lines.

The kindly extraterrestrials, of course, were letting us hear their signaling so that we would know they are here.

Casper the friendly ghost, we know now is the leader of the vigilant team of Martians that prevented Judah from turning us to toast in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Bitch met Sir Casper in the phone lines back in about 1991.

Bitch found he had a very powerful signal riding over everything else online. Bitch asked Him what he was doing in the phone lines and He told Bitch he was "software blocking missiles."

Bitch asked Him who He was with and He disconnected and shut Bitch's modem down. He software blocked Bitch's modem and Bitch spent hours and could not get it running again. Went through the modem manual flipping every possible switch but it still would not run.

Finally had to recycle it to get it operating again.

"Their false died for shooting totally martial."

Does that Tele receive not say it nicely what happened to Judah? Have they not totally been shooting us martial?

Martial the use of military force.

Martial: of or appropriate to war; warlike. "Martial bravery" synonyms: military, soldierly, soldier-like, army, naval; warlike, fighting, combative, bellicose, hawkish, pugnacious, militaristic.

Is it not curious that the word 'martial' has its etymological roots in the planet Mars?

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Sir Casper is a Martian and His community of love is now a member of the Galactic Federation of Light. The Federation does not make war and has been in peace for 9 million years, so how is it that Mars is associated with the word for war?

Last night elder revealed to Bitch that Mars has been in peace for 30,000 years. Martians are a naturally evolved extrater

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