"Jew Mirrors Are Coming Out of the Palace State. Get Them
Sun Oct 14, 2018 07:48

"Jew Mirrors Are Coming Out of the Palace State. Get Them Out."

Those a couple of early morning Tele receives.

Here's some more Tele receives since the last Post:

"Jew wants us frightened. 10.26 a.m.

You lost your gills with over 85 million dollars. 10.28 a.m.

I feared you right. 10.30 a.m.

With municipals, you're folded cage. 10.37 a.m.

Seige fully, you failed ruse. 10.42 a.m.

This guy's got the free energy figured out.

Actilary. 10.52 a.m.

Get a theory to get Gemini off.

Patrick, you failed to save us from goose rate. 6.11 p.m.

This guy is tightly wound into what is going on here. 6.15 p.m.

Death threats are mental. 6.39 p.m.

You're advised to stop scrimming air. 7.24 p.m.

I bashed you's rightfully.

Jew lies force sale. 7.46 p.m.

Victim fails. 7.47 p.m.

You failed to save us, Patrick.

Oh my God, you're wasting out your freedom. 7.54 p.m.

Duressing us.

You're nuts Patrick to hurt us. 8.00 p.m.

He shot you right and he scored you fantastic. 9.04 p.m.

We fell them out, that palace saved us for a fist state.

You failed to save yourselves, Patrick.

Jew mirrors are coming out of the palace state.

Get them out!

It is wrong, put them out deaf. 12.43 a.m.

I did it too you, history's exhausted now.

Professor, you failed a life form, obviously, you're a blasted.

Vegetable Beast forcing horrid.

We're locking out our site with a war shed.

You failed, Jew perished you and you're sewerage.

Debts fouled this state.

Patrick tossed us out. 1.58 a.m.

With your rights out I have ordered right Stosh. 2.52 a.m.

STRIKE THEM OUT, they core rate you as sucker.

"You're nuts Patrick to hurt us." 8.00 p.m.

Could that Tele receive have been in response to this from yesterday's post?

Might the late Mr. Rogers put it: "Can you say brimstone?"

Or this?

"Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your lives. Soothe me. Wake me when they've struck," God Almighty our Father in heaven said to us His war funding and fighting napalm dropping simian working children of America.

The English journalist that was in Vietnam during the war years who reminisced years later about how he thought of Sunday's at home in England when his mother put a roast pork in the oven and the smell of it and how he smelled the pork roasting in the oven when Americans dropped napalm on our family in Vietnam and the burning Vietnamese smelled like mother's Sunday roast pork in England.

The Vietnam war of a half-century ago roasting our family on the other side of our planet and here we are generation MOX in America finally roasting ourselves.

"You're nuts Patrick to hurt us." 8.00 p.m.

Patrick didn't write that to hurt you, he wrote it to try to embolden you's to get these Jews out of their sports war and genocide ways and rights.

Judee monkeys our jelly so our wits don't work right while he is putting jelly in diesel and dropping it on our family so we can we can smell mother's Sunday roast pork every day.

Are we understanding that the Jew with his war sport aims to put infamy on us?

"A dog keeps you confused for our fight here. We just inherit you as props. The white man we bust your ology. Your deaf ways stumps you for sure and lets us roll you away. Somehow I aced your day," Judee say.

Judee himself amazed that he was able to use white people to ace white people away and he wonders how he did it.

"Somehow I aced your day,"

Might the wasting away of the rightless white people be another miracle that Judah is so famous for?

The warmongers that gave the go-ahead for the nuclear blast and now brimstone waste extermination of the human race when they built the technical ability to do it. Will Labor not give us a hand to shut them right now?

"Your deaf ways stumps you for sure and lets us roll you away."


Bitch, choosing to be the opposite monkey, the one that sees hears and speaks when he sees evil.

As we saw in Vietnam the Washington politicians burning our family there with jellied diesel oil could we not connect the dots to see Washington on Jewish wits and American Labor dollars doing the same thing to us here?

Washington that has invited in London, Berlin, Warsaw and Moscow to shoot the pigeons down on American streets.

Will American workers not get a right wit and give Washington an adjustment somehow?

"Boushas have 40 days and they're under," Judee say.

"With your rights out I have ordered right Stosh." 2.52 a.m.

Might we see what drives the goose smile of Judah and his alliance accomplices?

Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow, and the lower 48 states of America all attacked with nuclear missiles. And yet, do some Americans not want to know the score of the football game?

Might it be the deeply embedded horror of the genocide William the stinker put on England in the years after his win at the battle of Hastings in 1066 that has kept us from probing too deeply into what the Jews have used their mattress innersprings for?

Or could it be the horror of Washington dropping napalm on our family in Vietnam, that so frightened us that we just don't want to challenge them Washington tough guys and gals?

Or could it be made up stories in the news like this purportedly of a 15-year-old kid who beat his mother with a baseball bat and then crashed into a truckload of porta johns and killed himself?


Teen dies in crash after allegedly beating mother with baseball bat and fleeing from police



Thursday, October 11, 2018 09:17AM
FORT WORTH, Texas (KTRK) -- A 15-year-old is dead after leading police on a chase near Dallas.

Wylie police say the teen beat his mother with a baseball bat, then fled from officers in her car.

Police say stop sticks caused the teen to lose control of the vehicle and crash into a truck carrying portable toilets.

Authorities say the impact of the crash killed the teen. No one else was injured during the chase.

The boy's mother is still in intensive care at a nearby hospital.


Could that small car have pushed that big truck carrying porta potties off of the road? Might it be more likely they brought a crashed car from a junkyard and had the truck parked off the road for their film shoot?

Have we noticed how Judah when he aims to smear or frighten someone he often uses a toilet aspect to do it? Have we not seen his snakes coming out of a toilet repeatedly?

Yes, we have. Can we only wonder what does that Israeli psychologist know about our psychology that he uses a toilet setting so well to hold us?

Might we recognize the story about beating his mother with a baseball as a fiction in an attempt to put onto Bitch the stories about his madness about baseball bats?

Yet with only about a month left to save ourselves from being died off in a nuclear waste war, has Judah not proven he is able to hold ordinary white people to funding and fighting sports war and genocide? Yes, Judah has proven able to hold ordinary people to continue funding his sports war and genocide.

MIght it be things like stories about baseball bats, a mother being beaten and porta-potties be the death of us yet?

That this story came to us from Wylie which is 28 miles from Dallas, Texas. Might we have some questions here?

Wylie police chief Anthony Henderson
Wylie Police Command Staff
Scott Stowers
Field Operations:
Patrol Bravo Shifts

Mike Atkison
Support Services:
Special Projects
Animal Control
School Resource Officers

William Duke of Normandy circa 1066

Will Labor not help us and put our grand juries in?

The headline of the story about the teen beating his mother with a baseball bat. Might we note ABC news report is with the word "allegedly" in the heading?

Might they want to keep their FCC license and so put the disclaimer "allegedly" in the event they get called on putting a false report on the licensed airways?

Taking a long view of our history, might we consider that it was William, Duke of Normandy who invaded England with soldiers that the kindly Dr. King referred to as the "Cruelly manipulated poor?"

The cruelly manipulated poor of France who were used to invade and perpetrate genocide against our family in England in the years following the invasion in 1066.

And only a couple of centuries later, Judah in his Fornian English shell hybrid transplant look-alike role, has the cruelly manipulated poor of England invade France and commit Chevauchee, what we term genocide today, against our family in France.

Might we want think of what Judah said recently from her subconscious that was revealed in reverse facial speech "we had fun with the white guys?"

No sooner had Judah in his American Fornian look alike hybrid transplant shell gotten ahold of the organizing principle of society, the concession to issue our cash, then he had us Anglo-Americans registered and drafted in 1918 and sent to the old world to assault the Anglos living there in Germany who then rebuilt and assaulted the Slavs twenty years later living in the country next door, Poland.

And in his continuing fun using the white guy what do we have now but Jewish using the cruelly manipulated poor Druid and Slav to assault the Muslim in the Middle East, the African in Africa and America and now the Anglo-American and the rest of our family in our world?

Does that bring to mind what Papa said when Bitch had his blooper and insulted the white guys here?

"What happened here?"

American funded Jewish directed soldiers that have created tens of millions of homeless war refugees, with millions fleeing into the land of the mild man of the north where Judah uses their plight for sport.

Will working American people not take care of the cruelly manipulated poor white guys here and end their assault upon us all?

"Resighted," is what elders from the Federation inform us is what we need to do to get ourselves on the right track once again.

Is there some perception that Jewish are criminally sighted as a statement of who and what they are?

"Ethically they're criminals," God Almighty said of the Jews that took over planet earth and now are now done with us here.

Their attempt to extinct our race in a three hour shot in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Will we not pray for some action here to shut these dangerous war sports folks down?

Is there some understanding that lives of indifference to war will be brought to an end one way or the other now?

Our genus Druid-Slav that is being died off fair. Is there not some understanding that if we continue to do nothing for about another month we will sicken and die off within a few years time?

"Tenschiously we're crushed. 5.23 a.m.

New City. 6.06 a.m.

Bousha's lost her boy." 7.17 a.m.

Might we understand labor there is no revenge or payback time coming in with God directing our hearts and minds this time?

Bitchie recalls when he was just a young boy delivering bread and coffee cakes to the stores in the South Side of Chicago.

A number of Boushas would be waiting for him as he carried big trays of coffee cakes in. He was always happy to see Bousha. Bousha has nice kids. WIll Labor not fix it here so Bousha kids don't have to fight Jewish sports wars to buy a coffee cake?

The Jewish thousand plus years of fooling with white folk. WiIl American labor not now help us with the love of God to close out their sports in America and with it our world?

"Pat's caught, my Mason. We caved your head right in with some bullets. We just sold Vegas vision. I pushed you, I crushed you with my member. Druid, you have failed to receive core tex to make you die. With Jew racket, you defeat fine pure and fierce.

Jew analogy, we give you a heart attack to attach you, my mugs not coming back. I'm jealous with a 4 eye. Jew vest just talking right so we just shot you out of here. I down your powerful. Jew opp is British shooting you. Ju Ju rate just make fishes fall.

Bitch is coming up fast, he has challenged our rule. This is a crazy life of fantasy that covers our dull in us. Canada image you bad, a STRIKE in a day will pull us out. A right day hermit us bad, he cost us our future. My best leverage the white is; getting out.

Your irrigation vessel shot wit. You're almost fully core fisted. (Those two RS were found when an official in Japan was speaking about Hitachi-GE.)

We just push failish hinge. We have symbol right to fall thee. I symbol right out human. We defeat you with seat belts and eagle eyes. We just push you out with our criminal ways and hold the whites with videos. My liberty is now off for Irish views.

Our Battleocracy is over and done. Judas spite intimee. The relationship is sex boss. I tension well. I shoot you in a barrel in America. I push your face off with mere Morgan tile. I have a special feel for my type to port you. As Judee is falling down he is still ricing lethal.

Jew has set you racially for a good Peck. I always tyke you. If we can false you New Hampshire, we can false you out of here too. I false you with a face mask. I'm taking all the babies out of contact. We always cast you oven to keep you's poor.

Jew woo form is out. We're just an oss raider. I'll put you out in a jail opp Jew for my fortune. We step the boys when a judge wake is on. I'm gonna see Bitch fisted. Holloman, I base your day out, I'm Mormon. Glorious we had informing sex on you.

I'm just progest ya. I wake you cinnamon. Rattle-state. We raise an alarm. Druid see the sheriff he'll take out our sport. Jew vitamin hikes you fair. I just fool you cat fear. Terrific I have a broom with my psyche head. I lost you debasive. I lost you fogey.

With sound images I mosh you. H----- wouldn't let us play with you's. The Jew office was thrown out. You had some Jew errity. I do maximum fiend to Jew you. Maxwell insult you full and I still shot you. I've been a fool all my life, now you're seeing my Germans, I was a powerful fist.

Jew performance set you boys out. I chalk you Judee. You won't let our rapists stay here once you see our check. I do my chapels with sacraments. We do a physical injury. We snatched you with Warsaw. I'm a caper boy. My cage and menudo has fouled you true

I cage you for video. Stupid cites you. I perch you off anapathy. I play a monster-gram. We forced you all times and you won. A dungeon and basalt's a right. I'm Jewpee diapers out of here now. Your racial heads I use to die your psyche.

If I mush you I'm doing my job. If you understand my fierce you'll perceive my hike. We always app you with Bush-tight. This boy watching our police stop us. We always offend fail you," Judee say.

American fighter-bombers in Ukraine on the borders with Russia and this is what one of the American Jew commanders of the air base said in reverse facial speech:

"Our race is fallen so with some cavity rights I'm going to fall you."

Continued at:

Will American Labor not take our purse away from the genocidal war-making Jews and get the cruelly manipulated poor Americans home and off of the doorstep to Russia?

During a news broadcast from Judee Japan, they did a section on beer as news. Here is some reverse facial speech from that report about beer:


"This lets us do molest, this street's you dog. This is fabulous to camel you fair for fun. Usually, we have our viceroy wipe your country out with sports."

The infant paralysis that has afflicted many children throughout the United St

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