President DEclares US/Russian Nuclear Arms Treaties Invalid
Sat Oct 20, 2018 13:32

The Nuclear Arms Treaties signed between the US and Russia and a dozen other nations have been declared invalid by both President Trump and President Putin.

Some of the treaties have simply run out while President Obama was in office and he never revisited them.

Some of them are invalid due to increased technology

Most of these treaties, however, were declared invalid by these two Presidents because they simply are not working.

Initially signed in 1975 the Initial Strategic Arms Treaty (SALT 1) was singed

Later a dozen more Nuclear Treaties were signed and none of them seem to be working as Inspectirs are routinely harassed ad then sent home.

Apparently both President's Putin and Trump feel there needs to be a better control on these 74 year old weapons now plaguing this planet.

Then there is the question of what to do with the Nuclear Weapons now in the hands of the CIA, KGB (SVR) FBI, etc.

Then - what do we do if someone detonates another one like they did 5 February 2015 just outside of Donetsk, Ukraine at an ammo dump - a US Made Nuclear Weapon we followed for over 30 days but was allowed to be used.

What will the Official US Response be if the CIA torches off a Nuke in Chicago very, very soon, or in North Eastern Moscow 8 days before our Christmas?

What if one of those Nukes from the Good Ship LADA ends up in Cairo or Berlin and goes Boom???

Then What?

Allot of Ifs and What If's - right?

That's why the big boys are meeting - to eat a few Lobster Tails and wok this all out.

Pray for President Trump's Safety and that maybe, just maybe he does as GOD has asked him to do.

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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