Mid-east tour and Idlib war
Wed Oct 24, 2018 09:27

1043. My wife's Middle East tour and Idlib war (10/13/2018)

In early September, the web site were full of news that there would be a last battle in Idlib to unify Syria.

[quote]Syria’s last battle
No one can stop the coming bloodbath in Idlib. The Syrian army is massing to take the last rebel stronghold. The West cannot do much to curb the carnage

Sep 6th 2018


Then came a news that Russia and Syria stop the assault in Idlib and create a demilitarized zone there. The Chinese sites all say that the assault will re-start on Oct 15.

[quote]Turkey and Russia to create buffer zone in rebel-held Syrian province
By Hande Atay Alam, Emma Burrows and Kara Fox, CNN September 18, 2018

(CNN)Russia and Turkey have agreed to create a demilitarized zone in Syria's Idlib province, potentially thwarting a large-scale military operation and impending humanitarian disaster in the country's last rebel stronghold.

...... The zone, which will be patrolled by Turkish and Russian military units, will become operational from October 15.


That's the time when my wife told me she would go for a Mid-East tour on Oct.14. It seems the Feds delayed a battle for a murder case. My wife will go to an area with battle field. For decades, I don't believe coincidence anymore. Kat Sung and his family are the murder targets of the Feds. (see last message #1042) The major players of Syria war are Russia and Turkey. Behind them is US.


941. Payment to Russia for hacking in US election (1/4/2017)

Of course, Russia won't do it for free. There must be a secret deal between the intelligence of the two countries. We outsiders can only see it from some facts.

The secret deal: Hacked email were handed to Wikileaks to issue to hit Hillary Clinton.

The payment of secret deal:

1. Aleppo falls (or "liberated" from Russia side) on 12/15. Resistance and civil withdraw from East Aleppo by bus. Five years fight ends. A big victory for Russia and its allies.

2. Economic interest.

[quote] Japan pledges 300 bil. yen economic package at Abe-Putin summit

December 17, 2016

The total value of Japan's contribution in investment and loans, including through agreements between private sector firms, is around 300 billion yen ($2.54 billion), Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kotaro Nogami said after the leaders' summit.

Copyright [/quote]

Putin dismissed the notion that he was only interested in getting economic benefits from Japan.

"If anyone thinks we’re interested only in developing economic links and a peace deal is of secondary importance, that’s not the case," he told the same news conference. That's all for the controversial islands. He went Japan just for those business deals.

You may say that's something between Russia and Japan. The Truth is Japan is the pocket slave of the US. If you still remember Trump claims credit for $50 billion investment by Japanese firm and 7 billion from a Taiwan firm. They were puppet nations that have to pay their defense share that Trump demands. Include that payment to Russia for the US sake.

1044. Shut off power supply to "prevent" fire (10/20/2018)

In #1041, I wrote that the Feds have made a plot in October. They arranged tours for my sisters and my wife. My wife's Mid East tour is from 10/14 to 10/28.
As for me, I allege they would justify an arrest for "burning" yard trash. To make the arrest reasonable, they have created historical big wild fire in California. In Oct.15, I read a news:

[quote]PG&E keeps nearly 60,000 Northern California customers in the dark to reduce wildfire risk
Ashley May and Kristin Lam, USA TODAY Oct.15, 2018

A utility company purposefully shut off electricity to nearly 60,000 Northern California customers Sunday night, aiming to reduce wildfire risks from power lines during extreme winds.


It means California is in so dangerous situation that even PG&E shut off the power supply to 60,000 customers in advance to prevent a fire risk. My view is it proves my predict that the Feds created a case to frame me and my family in. The "Sunday night" was Oct.14 night. The time my wife left for her Mid-east tour.

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