Massive Election Fraud & Reporting Across America
Tue Nov 6, 2018 05:52

There is total Chaos in the Election Arena

(534) Chaos At The Polls & NBC Announces Election Results - Today - YouTube

First - Polling Machines are not only totally broken but the ones that seem to still be working are giving FAKE results.

It is reported in precincts across New Jersey and New York States that there are long lines as people wait to vote.

This is fine since 95% of all Conservative Voters have already voted.

Waiting In Line:


Further - In Georgia the tomorrow's election results were reported this morning before the polls opened.

NBC is clearly seen here reporting that the Demoncrat Candidate actually won.

So how can a man who cannot even draw over 500 at a Rally - Andrew Gillium - beat a man who draws over 100,000 people to a rally - Ron Dessantis???

This is all a Major distraction of what is really happening in the Economy.

Be Ready

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