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[ is alex studer a jew hater, and who cares ??? ]
Sat Jan 19, 2019 06:09

[ is alex studer a jew hater, and who cares ??? ]

Response to the posted article about Alex Studer ...

(1) why is barbara hartwell calling alex studer a jew hater ?

Isn't it okay to generally hate those persons who call themselves jews - the same freak jews who did:
(a) the non-federal non-reserve act of 1913,
(b) the jewish bolshevik revolution (1917-1991) in the former soviet union, and,
(c) the ongoing 9/11 jewish crime spree ?

(p.s. 1991 is two years before the 1st wtc bombing in 1993)

(2) why is barbara hartwell calling alex studer a supporter of child porn ?


There are some contradictory reports about this barbara hartwell ...


Those links also indicate that Ted Gunderson that barbara hartwell refered to in the article died in 2011.


I just responded to the article because of the anti-anti-jew statements, when in reality, it is okay to hate the jews, and discuss the option of genociding the jews by means of death/incarceration/neutering

Is it interesting that none of the jewish controlled news media (new york times, abc, nbc, cnn, etc) are reporting to the "gentiles" that a 9/11 grand jury is being empaneled ...



Thanks for posting the Message


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