[ Return/Deport negroes to their natural african habitat ]
Fri Mar 8, 2019 10:28

[ Returning/Deporting negroes to their natural african habitat ]

It seems that the natural habitat of negroes is africa.

It seems that there are many chromosomal differences between Caucasions and negroes, and it seems that many Caucasions (and other non-negroe races) are not breeding with negroes, and it seems that many Caucasions (and other non-negroe races) dislike negroes in their neighborhoods, and therefore perhaps the negroes should be DEPORTED to Africa, to their natural habitat, so as to be able to say to the negroes, "your free now little negroe monkey, your free now, run away now, run away from all those racist honkeys that dislike you little negroe monkey".

The costs of shipping negroe monkeys back to africa is small, compared to the costs of allowing the niggers to remain festering in the White Colonies. A cheap plane ticket to liberia africa less than

The usa debt is at about 22 trillion ... 2000 snapshot (1 year before the ongoing 9/11 jewish crime spree)
LINK: 2019, says the usa has about 22 trillion debt.

That said, it appears that the usa "government" does have some unpegged wooden nickels to DEPORT the nigger monkeys back to africa.

If millions of cars can be shipped to the usa, then millions of jiving nigger monkeys can be shipped back to africa.

priorities: Deport Spaniard/Indian-Mexicans back to Mexico
priorities: Deport negroes back to Africa

I presume that if the only issue in the usa about the Spaniard/Indian-Mexicans illegally crossing the border was that they were hard working sweat shop laborers, then there would not be any issue.

The issues in the usa about the Spaniard/Indian-Mexicans illegally crossing the border probably has more to do with the illegal drugs and the crimes associated with the illegal drugs, and the financial burdens associated with illegals not being able to pay for certain services, such as hospitals. And if investigated, it may be determined that persons other than Spaniards/Indian-Mexicans may be involed in the drug traffic, such as bill clinton (and presumably the american/international communist bolshevik gypsy jews)...

"The Original Clinton Chronicles"

However, nigger monkeys are also a large financial burden on the White Colonies, such as the costs of running the penetentiaries, and the costs of dealing with the jewish induced nigger riots.

I suspect that one reason that sites such as the are not openly discussing deporting the niggers back to africa, is because it is not politically correct.

And I suspect that one reason that does openly discuss deporting the Spaniard/Indian-Mexicans illegally crossing the border, is for donations $$$, and because it is more acceptable to discuss "protecting" the border in public.

According to the following link, the cost of an airplane ticket (bought 11 months in advance) to liberia africa is ...
$881 .62 + $54 .50 (taxes) = $936 .12

( revisiting the link may show different amount )

liberia africa was formed for emancipated negroes ...

"Was Liberia Founded By Freed U.S. Slaves?"

The official language of liberia africa is the english language ...

"Liberia confers nationality solely on the basis of race. Under the current Liberian constitution, only persons of black African origins may obtain citizenship"

Honky's therefore apparently are not allowed to have citizenship or vote in liberia africa, despite the 0 protests from the american bolshevik jews and usa wigger congress.

Censured wiki says that the usa/un imposed an "arms embargo" and an "oil embargo" against the White Colonies in South Africa because of the apartheid (segregation);


Yet that same usa freak government sends usa tax money to liberia in the form of "foreign aid" ?

$27 billion in usa "foreign aid" to liberia in 2019 ?

Apart from the apparent wigger movement in the usa freak government, is sending diverted usa taxes to a foreign country in the form of "foreign aid" constitutionally legal ?

Is sending diverted usa money to a foreign country in the form of "foreign aid" equivalent to the foreign country imposing a direct tax on the usa ?

Apparently, the usa wigger congress is allowed to borrow wooden nickles from the privately owned jewish non-federal non-reserve bank, and then give the borrowed wooden nickles as "foreign aid" to the negroes in liberia, but, the negroes in liberia africa are not allowed to go to a bank to get a bank loan of wooden nickles themselves ?


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