Trump Vows To Protect 2nd Amendment
Sat Apr 27, 2019 03:15

President Trump just announced he will be actively protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights from all Globalists

In a Tremendous Move the President stated he will not ratify the UN Arms Treaty to protect these rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment

In further news - A Texas Court ruled to protect our 1st Amendment Rights

Video: President Now Protecting Our 2nd Amendment - YouTube

We apologize about You Tube chopping our video off and blurring it - as well as removing so many hits and blocking your postings

Until President Trump moves to stop You Tube from these practices those attacking the President will get closer and closer.

A cell phone thrown on stage that landed next to him was pretty close -a nd meant as a warning by some depraved Lunatic Left group.

Remember - Nancy Pelosi's Dad was mayor of Baltimore and the Mayor of Baltimore just fled the state after an IRS/FBI Raid 2 days ago.

So now Nancy Pelosi's Business Dealings with Boston are in the papers seized as well.

These Assassins will get closer and closer to President Trump, and now VP Pence, and there is nothing the Cockroaches in the Secret Service can do about it.


1 January White House - 2 Assassins got within 1,000 Feet Of Trump

4 March - White SUV - Assassin Got Within 100 Feet of Trump

Yesterday - Assassin Threw cell Phone within 10 feet of Trump

GOD has made it so simple even a child could understand this riddle

A 5 year old could figure this one out - Hello SS Cockroaches???

Duh SS - 1000 Feet, 100 Feet, 10 Feet, ??? Feet in May, Then In June ???

And Now VP Pence....

Do you really want this to happen SS///

Pray President trump wakes up


Only President Trump can act. to stop these Lunatic Liberal Globalists. So GOD has said it - so it shall be.

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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