"The White People are Already Massively Destroyed." 3.19 am
Sat Apr 27, 2019 10:22

"The White People are Already Massively Destroyed." 3.19 am

That Tele receive just in moments ago. And apparently many do not believe the truth of that. Many of our children already sterilized while they are still youngsters growing up. Our family line now headed out of existence due to failure to be able to reproduce ourselves any longer.

Bitch sharing the truth for the last seven and half years with everyone, but Judah perfected image smear has prevented any action to help us here.

For those who hope to survive this last nuclear war the Jews are waging against us might it not be best to pray to our good God Almighty, our sweet Lord and Savior in heaven for salvation?

"Woe to you who put far off the day of doom, who cause the seat of violence to come near" (Amos 6:3).

The seat of violence that continues to draw near on Americans for our day of doom. Will American workers not wake to the doom that is set for us by weap Judah and stop the violence now so that it comes no nearer to us every day?

James 4:17 Therefore, whoever knows the right thing to do, yet fails to do it, is guilty of sin.

Are workers aware that funding sport war for investments is a sin? Must we not end our involvement is Judah sin?

"On a beautiful day we are going to shoot you and then you will know you have won."

Those the actual thoughts from the subconscious of those we have entrusted ourselves to. Will, we not hope and pray that American workers take the authority to issue our money away from the nuclear war fighting genocidal Jews before that beautiful day happens where they shoot us to prove exactly what we have won?

Judee sport going on every day one way or the other. All free funded by American labor. And what do some people think about white Americans being massively perished out now? Here is a reverse facial speech from a man who lost his innocent son to an unprovoked undercover police shoot:

"My analysis is the camel properly weaped you."

The continual brutality and mass killing against our fellow Americans that we have failed to end. The continuation of perpetrating genocide against our family both at home and abroad. Our failure to repent for our involvement in the sin of war.

God's thousands of warnings to stop the war that we have ignored or have been too frightened to act upon. Is there not yet a chance that labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Bitch had a bad dream the other night. He was walking along and someone opened fire with a sniper rifle. He dove to the ground as the bullets whizzed past him.

The next scene he was in a courtroom and the tall bald elderly Jew was in a three-piece suit and was about 15 feet away from him. The elderly Jew holding the muzzle of the long barrel sniper rifle with one hand while the butt of the rifle rested on the floor. Bitch thinking to himself "how can I get close to him to take the rifle away from him before he turns it on me?"

Bitch look around the room and tell himself, "no one here is going to help you so you got to do it yourself."

And then Bitch wakes up and it is 1.30 am and he realizes it was all a bad dream once again. So he gets out of bed grumpy as heck. Will my fellow working Americans not give a hand and get the rifle out of the Jews hands? Though should Bitch maybe not have been happy instead of grumpy that he was able to wake up at all? Sure he should. Happy to be alive for another day. Though it was a troubling dream.

The Jew with his crystal ball that he uses to attack our wits with while we sleep. Must American workers not end funding the Jews sport of permanent war?

Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, and others with their special names. Are we not mature and informed enough to spot they are all Jewish sports teams playing with us?

"Investments make all sight fruitless."

That reverse facial speech from a reporter speaking about the bombing of Christians in Sri Lanka.

Now Sri Lanka has a big security crackdown going on. Do we see how by terror bombing the Jews create demands for their business model? Do we see how it gives jobs to his kids frisking us?

The free money that American workers give to the Jews that they use to make investments in war. Are we seeing that is where they get the cash for all of their terrorist worldwide investments?

"The whites are the only ones that can hold the sewers out." 4.50 am

Do we see when whites take our purse away from the Jews the sewers will no longer be forced into America?

White Americans set now to die out in the range of 90% of us. The persistent sickness from radioactive waste that may become known when it is too late to do a thing about it. Just no more children from being sterilized from it. "Mumps," Judah says as to what he is leaving us with. The swelling from radiation-induced cancerous tumors.

Is there not a prayer to be said that will bring whites to end funding our perishing here?

The bible that tell us "NO," we will now perish so that God's innocent children on earth can finally live in peace. The survivors entering into open extraterrestrial contact with our elders from the Federation and living in perfect peace.

Once the Jews are off of issuing our money and don't have the free money to hire snipers to kill our useful might we not finally see free energy entering to feed, house, clothe and provide fresh water for all of God's children then? Certainly, we will.

Dr. Henry Moray who demonstrated a free energy machine for all the world to see in 1926. When free energy comes in might Henry finally be recognized for the incrredbly useful man he tried to be and was?

Have we noticed how the Jews like to play resource base struggle with us to punish us? Reports of Russia cutting off oil, coal and natural gas supplies to Ukraine to punish them for not going Gazprom's way.


With free energy do we see their oil, coal and gas states will no longer have much say in any land?

The beautiful day that Judah and his collaborators have planned for our electricity supplies to get knocked down for an extended period of time. Will American workers not take the purse away from terrorist Jews before they take us out on a beautiful day?

We're in a war of extinction whether we know it or not. Should we not dry out, STRIKE THEM OUT and prevent our dying out now? Will, we not choose to not be fooled again?

Tele receives:

"Patrick will save us now. 2.42 pm

It's yours. 3.58 pm

You're honest. 4.20 pm

The useful, they're castrating us.

He's cutting us down to size.

Stupid force is dangerous. 5.45 pm

Professor, we always bum you out of your deal. 5.55 pm

Without light bulbs, they'll hold us out.

Police awesen' you right.

Witness slime fist. 6.33 pm

Rightful the thief right shoot.

Oh my God, they're ricing Allison.

Fie always.

They avoid every promise to kidnap you.

Bitch, you obviously tackle words, STRIKE THEM OUT! 7.12 PM

STRIKE those chemicals off of this place.

Stupid righteous insects are leaving our air to abusive.

A real task is upon us, I ask you to test them.

Neighbors stun alike opp seed.

The principle of Jew is die.

A die roll contempt us.

Oh my god, they're porting us diesel.

Communists believe best rage.

Eagles STRIKE this guy peacefully.

Trigger is a safe die.

Leave this faulty here.

They finish us fatally.

To sober life forces it's obvious.

Animal shots failed pretty loathsome.

Race war he's saving for us to fail.


Their mental rake us insurancely.

Psychic has failed to save us.

Misery assails us vicious.

Century was threw London.

Parasite states edge you out of here.

Your government wish you out of function.

They stole you away from me, your fortune now refused. 1.52 am

Alcohol prevents you perceiving your own destruction.

They're closing you naturally rightfully.

Images delightfully destroyed yourselves.

Eventually, you're Thompson perished.

You are sad maintaining this vengeful here.

Your mental life is sourcing out yourself.

STRIKE your past due life.

Jew be a sin fish.

Jew be a low fish but they get up on you with a gun and a bomb.

They checkmate you with violence.

Lift them off for Christ's sake.

I embarrass you wonderfully Jewishly.

Abolish your failed to save us, Patrick.

STRIKE new artificials.

Patrick, all their missiles feared.

Diver fisted you failed to receive our free day.

You have been damaged. 2.42 am

Despot frightens.

We're all switch, their race courage mess us.

Exposure to cannibal state with alien thief. 3.07 am

The white people are already massively destroyed. 3.19 am

The whites are the only ones that can hold the sewers out. 4.53 am

You're leaving yourselves get savaged selfishly.
5.18 am

Timid will nauseate here. 5.53 am

Let's die fiction, they're quite dangerous." 5.56 am

Who issues the money, that's all it is. We have been damaged and harmed and are going no further if we cannot get this war stopped now.

"You've been harmed," the late Iowa MUFON director Jim King said in an unguarded moment why the presence of extraterrestrials has been kept secret for so long. "You've been harmed."


He was quite upset that Bitch published what he said. All his years of falsing us and Bitch blew his cover and revealed he was not an Englishman, he was a Jew in an English shell.

Might we see in every area of opinion the Jew has his shells in place? Will we not pray that ordinary people get smart and close these war-making errors out nice?

Judee with his pharmaceutical sport. Have we noticed how he has used his pharmacy to wire peoples heads into getting them to kill their kids and kids to kill their parents?

The appeal to working American people to end funding the Jews sport of us. Must we not end it falling on deaf ears?

The caution gifted to us by the race of extraterrestrials that created us and wants us to live. We haven't fallen so far away from the truth that we just can not bother to try and help ourselves now, have we?

John 8:32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Will workers not hear the truth and STOP THE WAR and set us free? Will workers tear down the walls that separate us from being free?

"West Of The Wall "
Written by W. Shanklin (1916-1970) 54 yrs of age

West of the wall I'll wait for you
West of the wall our dreams can all come true
Though we're apart a little while
My heart will wait until we both can smile
That wall built of our sorrow
We know must have an end
Till then dream of tomorrow
When we meet again

West of the wall where hearts are free
West of the wall your heart can come to me
And in my arms that hold you tight
You will forget the darkness of the night
The world knows of our sadness and we are not alone
West of the wall that soon will fall and you'll come home

Wall built upon sorrow
One day you will end
Hearts true to each other
Will not break
They will not bend
In our hour of sadness
How clearly we can see
Tomorrow's gladness
Free, free, free, free........]

[Repeat verse 2]
Come home
[West of the wall]

From: David cassells
West of the wall - Toni Fisher

10 years ago
Thanks for posting this. I've been looking for it and now someone has finally put it upon youtube. The tune came out in '62. almost a year after the Wall began. Like someone said, it was all over WLS in Chicago at the time. Later, I was stationed in W. Germany with US forces. It is nostalgia now, but then it was serious business. I never thought that Wall would come down. Thanks, Mate.

10 years ago
This song was a huge hit in Chicago in the summer of 1962. WLS played it all the time.
Image a political song like this today-fat chance!
Video 2.23 at

The world knows of our sadness and we are not alone
Wall built upon sorrow
One day you will end
In our hour of sadness
How clearly we can see
Tomorrow's gladness
Free, free, free, free........]

Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end this management of errors that only make war and spread lies and disease?

Will American workers not give us the promised gladness of free, free, free? Will workers not get smart and put our American constitutionally guaranteed rights in once again?

The cunning murderous genocidal jews using registration, a cage, and the draft took mild people in the new land of the free, America, and sent us back to the old Euro-world of the mild people of the north to wage sports war upon our family in 1917.

The unceasing death and destruction the Jews have forced America to perpetrate since then. Will American workers not get smart and give us a new start by putting our sacred bill of rights in once again?

"I race you for protection to keep more honest boys out. I'm going to cancer you Jew bagels and show Druid you got no wit. I still got police shooting my Mosque. For your upper sin I'm a hero wit. I'm giving you your fill with a dog. It's police going to fail here. Scientist opp my rules.

My truthful image has gone away sweet. I sport the mouse Biafra, swell you out by fall. Tourist I caved you for my great day. My disease wiped my all on me. The Jews take off the power states to make you go," Judee say.

Here next are some reverse facial speech from the report of the truck crash in Colorado that has killed four and injured many more:

"This was done by a Congressman. We're exposing you to all four fleets. Awesome we did some assistance here. This is our lite force to keep you in error. This is to keep the West not courageous."

Will, we not keep praying to our good God above that the West will be courageous and help us to close these nuclear war fighting errors out right?

Will American workers not please STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Saturday, April 27 — Psalm 55:16–19
Job 34:1–28; 1 Corinthians 7:25–40

We might humble ourselves before our God and ask him for a safe journey. Ezra 8:21 NIV

Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

Heavenly God, we are humbled by our own great need. Fortunately, we know the one who leads us safely home in all circumstances, both now and forever. In his holy name we pray. Amen.

2.39 pm

"It's theft.

Our beautiful Savior won't wash you. 6.17 am

Interest rate causes seepage.

Tearing you right falsely. 6.23 am

Sacramental our force they reduce.

They're surging it.

You've been all fugitives.

Patrick refused my caution to my kids.


You're going to have to wake up fooly.

Bitch, I'm foolish to sake us. 8.10

Fiendish. 9.36 am

You're hearing us. 9.48 am

They're trying to close you.

Dirty grifter fishin'.

It's very doughsherous.

Sherman shield Jewish.

It was a nice police fall.

They die your income.


It's fell.

You fall them big.

We just set you.

You lead in suffer harsh.

You truly are it.

Pura-man holds us fart.

Rat place.

That's ail.

The economy murdered ya, closed up your rights.

A beautiful parasite way.

You're toffee.


Rights won't fall.

Get out their false suited.

Massive I safe on you.

Foul be grunt.


Fate fails you.

The vegetable shoots you garbage.

Patrick toss them all drat.

Daffy I harsh. 12.45 pm

Oh God had mercy on us and we've done nothing to save ourselves.

Toss them out, they've quite shackled us here.

You're psych weaped.

They're thrown racket.

Europe falls us war.

Thunder flush.

Patrick, he will right us.

Cheer up, Jew is out of schemin' death.

Scorebedo. 1.49 pm

Contact fault you out obviously."

Thank you. God bless.

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Des Moines man arrested in deaths of his mother and uncle

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