"We're Helpless Falling Here." Could that Tele receive be
Wed May 1, 2019 09:23

"We're Helpless Falling Here."

Could that Tele receive be informing us of the truth, "we're helpless falling here?"

The Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue a nation's money. Where are you, American workers? Why have you deserted us in our time of most critical need? What will it take to end our fail and have workers step into the vacuum of power left open by the nuclear blast and waste warfighting genocidal Jews who have already thrown themselves out?

Is it not clear the politicians, church, media the business and educational community have all failed us by allowing us to be set up by the Jews to be destroyed in a surprise nuclear blast war?

Everyone on planet earth, including Bitch has failed us. And who is the only one that has not failed us? That we have survived the Jews on unlimited free American labor money that the Jews used to buy tens of thousands of atomic blast weapons of genocide and put them on a hair-trigger to be launched by accident or miscalculation, that we have not been incinerated by the Jews, does that not prove we have a God and that He is good? God has not failed us. Will, we not look up to His love and try to help ourselves now?

The Jews who are intelligent enough to focus on getting control of the issue of our dollar. ORGANIZATION, ORGANIZATION, ORGANIZATION.

Might those be the three things needed for survival in our nuclear waste war dying world?

The intelligence needed to know what is going on and then the guts to do something to fix it. To lose our families in a month now is what the nuclear war fighting Jews have got us set for now. From reading Judah reverse facial speech they are indicating the youngest females of our genus have had their eggs already burned out now. Due to background radiation that is twenty times higher than it was when they crashed their dirty bomb shot at Hitachi-GE in 2011.

Does that Judas not know how to hurt us right? Our children harmed when they are just little kids.

But where is God to save us from the nuclear war fighting jews on unlimited free American labor bourse? Are there any of us that are not aware that God has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR?

The war crimes of NATO still going on. Will American workers not stop funding them?

The island prison set up by the Jews in Guantanamo Bay Cuba so they could avoid American legal jurisdiction. Many totally innocent people scooped up off the street of many countries and brought there with the pretense it is to protect us.

Guantanamo Bay commander fired over 'loss of confidence'
29 April 2019

The commander in charge of the military prison at Guantanamo Bay has been dismissed just seven weeks before he was due to leave the post.

Navy Rear Admiral John Ring was fired due to a "loss of confidence in his ability to command," according to the US Southern Command.

Rear Adm Ring will be temporarily assigned elsewhere in the Southern Command, which oversees the prison.

By discussing the challenges of providing medical care for the detainees, Rear Adm Ring waded into a contentious area: whether the detainees should receive treatment solely on the island (with equipment shipped in - at vast expense) or be sent to the US where they can be treated in hospitals.

Many Republican lawmakers support a tough national security policy and believe that Guantanamo is crucial to ensuring that the homeland is protected.

They do not want detainees transferred to the US and have blocked attempts to bring them here - whether for medical care or other reasons. Democrats and human-rights advocates disagree, arguing that detainees should be transferred out of Guantanamo and receive decent medical care.

The many Republican lawmakers that support a tough national security policy and believe that Guantanamo is crucial to ensuring that the homeland is protected, after getting caught red-handed trying to destroy the lower 48 with 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear hydrogen warheads have they not proven false enough that workers will not praise the Lord and let them off right?

Will American workers not wake yourselves to these dangerous godless wonders of hatred and insanity and close them outright with a STRIKE?

Our good God Almighty who wants us to live but to do that we must listen to God and try to save ourselves. The only non-negotiable item there is, are we aware it is we cannot let the war go on?

The highly organized through time, pugnacious crooked foul Jews who defied all mankinds attempts at peace and even raised their fist in defiance to God above.

Will American workers not break these dangerous errant life forms with a general labor STRIKE and clear them out right?

The authority to issue our money and who holds it. The be-all and end-all of politics. The one issue that will now determine who lives and who dies in this nuclear brimstone waste war they are successfully waging against us. Will American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and try to save yours and your children's lives?

What about all the talk about the survival of the fittest that has been used to propagandize for the kosher war machine?

The Russian truth seeker Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921) posited cooperation was the true link between all mankind and not competition. Here is an excerpt from Peter's "Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution."

On the other hand, wherever I saw animal life in abundance, as, for instance, on the lakes where scores of species and millions of individuals came together to rear their progeny; in the colonies of rodents; in the migrations of birds which took place at that time on a truly American scale along the Usuri; and especially in a migration of fallow-deer which I witnessed on the Amur, and during which scores of thousands of these intelligent animals came together from an immense territory, flying before the coming deep snow, in order to cross the Amur where it is narrowest — in all these scenes of animal life which passed before my eyes, I saw Mutual Aid and Mutual Support carried on to an extent which made me suspect in it a feature of the greatest importance for the maintenance of life, the preservation of each species, and its further evolution.

Consequently, when my attention was drawn, later on, to the relations between Darwinism and Sociology, I could agree with none of the works and pamphlets that had been written upon this important subject. They all endeavoured to prove that Man, owing to his higher intelligence and knowledge, may mitigate the harshness of the struggle for life between men; but they all recognized at the same time that the struggle for the means of existence, of every animal against all its congeners, and of every man against all other men, was “a law of Nature.”

This view, however, I could not accept, because I was persuaded that to admit a pitiless inner war for life within each species, and to see in that war a condition of progress, was to admit something which not only had not yet been proved, but also lacked confirmation from direct observation.

On the contrary, a lecture “On the Law of Mutual Aid,” which was delivered at a Russian Congress of Naturalists, in January 1880, by the well-known zoologist, Professor Kessler, the then Dean of the St. Petersburg University, struck me as throwing a new light on the whole subject.

Kessler’s idea was, that besides the law of Mutual Struggle there is in Nature the law of Mutual Aid, which, for the success of the struggle for life, and especially for the progressive evolution of the species, is far more important than the law of mutual contest.

This suggestion — which was, in reality, nothing but a further development of the ideas expressed by Darwin himself in The Descent of Man — seemed to me so correct and of so great an importance, that since I became acquainted with it (in 1883) I began to collect materials for further developing the idea, which Kessler had only cursorily sketched in his lecture, but had not lived to develop. He died in 1881.

The importance of the Mutual Aid factor — “if its generality could only be demonstrated” — did not escape the naturalist’s genius so manifest in Goethe. When Eckermann told once to Goethe — it was in 1827 — that two little wren-fledglings, which had run away from him, were found by him next day in the nest of robin redbreasts (Rothkehlchen), which fed the little ones, together with their own youngsters, Goethe grew quite excited about this fact. He saw in it a confirmation of his pantheistic views, and said: — “If it be true that this feeding of a stranger goes through all Nature as something having the character of a general law — then many an enigma would be solved.

But excellent though each of these works is, they leave ample room for a work in which Mutual Aid would be considered, not only as an argument in favour of a pre-human origin of moral instincts, but also as a law of Nature and a factor of evolution.

It is the unconscious recognition of the force that is borrowed by each man from the practice of mutual aid; of the close dependency of every one’s happiness upon the happiness of all; and of the sense of justice, or equity, which brings the individual to consider the rights of every other individual as equal to his own. Upon this broad and necessary foundation the still higher moral feelings are developed.

After having discussed the importance of mutual aid in various classes of animals, I was evidently bound to discuss the importance of the same factor in the evolution of Man.

“Who are the fittest: those who are continually at war with each other, or those who support one another?” we at once see that those animals which acquire habits of mutual aid are undoubtedly the fittest.

They have more chances to survive, and they attain, in their respective classes, the highest development of intelligence and bodily organization.

If the numberless facts which can be brought forward to support this view are taken into account, we may safely say that mutual aid is as much a law of animal life as mutual struggle, but that, as a factor of evolution, it most probably has a far greater importance, inasmuch as it favours the development of such habits and characters as insure the maintenance and further development of the species, together with the greatest amount of welfare and enjoyment of life for the individual, with the least waste of energy.

The 167 page PDF, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution with Peter's observations that it is mutual cooperation that is the true life of man can be read for free at that link.

Interestingly enough, Peter did not believe that love was a dominant factor in mutual aid. He was of the belief that we seek mutual aid merely as a product of our nature.

Peter came from a background arising from the highest classes in Russia. Wealthy and educated. And like Buddha, a seeker of what is the truth.

Buddha was of the ruling class and instead of ruling over the people and living a life of luxury he sought out the real truth instead.

Buddha in his quest for truth was thinking of why not just starve himself to death? It was then he heard voices speaking to him encouraging him to keep seeking the truth and not starve himself to death. So he followed the voices and carried on. Might we today recognize those saving voices as the angels our good God sent in from Mercury to guide Buddha right and save his life so his message would be here to teach us to seek the truth?

Yes, that is who it was that saved Buddha. God's angels, our elders from Mercury who saved Buddha when he was in his struggles that were the voices that saved him but never announcing to him that it was God that sent His angels in.

All the commands to love in the Bible can be summarized by Jesus’ answer to a lawyer’s question about the greatest commandment: “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and first commandment.

And a second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets’” (Matt 22:36-40).

Jesus is reaching back to the Israelites’ early years, to Deut 6:5 and Lev 19:18, which are the first love commandments to care for others by caring for the poor and the stranger and by not stealing, lying, deceiving, disrespecting the deaf and blind, oppressing workers, slandering, killing, hating, taking vengeance, bearing a grudge (Lev 19:9-18), or otherwise being unjust.

Instead, because they had been strangers and oppressed in Egypt, the Israelites were to love their neighbors as themselves (Lev 19:9-18). To act right and not oppress a neighbor is to love the neighbor.

The vast violent harm of our neighbors on planet earth that today emanates from American shores. The lack of love, the hatred, and violence that is all funded by American workers. Will ordinary everyday simple workers not hear The message from our good God to "love one another" and let the errors off right with a STRIKE and STOP THE WAR?

The message that was uppermost in the mission of Jesus, "to love one another." Might we understand today that command came to us from an advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization, the extraterrestrial civilization where our good God reigns from?

The powerful assault of our wits that Judah does with his media channels. Could that be the prime factor that is keeping us from acting to prevent our vaporization?

Will workers not take over the authority to issue our cash and hire us some truth tellers to help guide us right here?

Will American workers not get hold of the purse end funding the weather war the Jews are successfully waging against us?

The fighting in the streets of Caracas, Venezuela. Have we not seen many Judah hired riots before that we do not recognize them for what they are?

Might we note the same basic strategy is being used by Judah with the yellow vests in France right now? Are we aware Judah wants things decided on the streets where one of his new groups replaces the last failed group he had put in?

Will, we not take the good advice of our extraterrestrial elders from Mercury and put our grand juries in where we can do things intelligently and not on the street?

If France had grand jury process that waxed competent might they not have closed the administration of look alike hybrid transplant Fornian Jews out of there and bypassed yellow vests fighting on the streets?

Likewise in Venezuela, if our family there was economically, politically and technically advanced enough to put grand juries in might they not have already closed the administration of the look-alike hybrid transplant Jews that are holding the state still and allowed for a transition into a genuine humane state?

Are we seeing with the rumble on the street how it lets Judah replace one Fornian Jew administration with another?

Are we recognizing the Jews get to play with us because they are the only ones that have authority to issue our money, in not only Venezuela, France and the US of A, but everywhere else on our permanent war genocide plagued planet?

The Anglo, the Saxon, the Druid the Slav. All about to be pushed out of existence by brimstone waste. Haha, ho ho, hee hee. Smirk smirk. Might Judah not be hysterical by the fact that every single hot radioactive nanoparticle that Americans are breathing was freely funded by American workers?

The Anglo that gave us the jury process. The Slav that gave us the Grand jury process. While both are exceptionally important, of the two might we not rate grand jury process the most important of the two? If so, why?

Jury process in a criminal action, no matter what, might we consider by the time the defendant reaches

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the jury stage the defendant has already faced great hardships, even though the individual may be innocent? W

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