Russia - This One's For You Baby
Fri May 3, 2019 05:44

Let it all hang out

Luke 12;2 ; Nothing is hidden that will not be revealed - the word hidden meant Covered Up wth a blanket.

What is now being exposed will stun you and shock you

Hang on - it's gonna get intense

Video: (277) Let It All Hang Out Baby - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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Russian High Command - We warned you a couple of days ago to go underground, then Britain tried a Nuclear Launch on Moscow

You ignore me - Why?

has your high command gone Brain Dead?

We will not ask you for help again - but if you are killed (Hint Hint) One By One by FBI Snipers over the next few months - blame yourselves

You denied assistance to the very one who was trying to save your arrogant little necks.

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