"You Lost Your life, You lost Your Rights. Furnaces Got The
Sat May 4, 2019 08:38

"You Lost Your life, You lost Your Rights. Furnaces Got The Oxygen Here."

Those a couple of overnight Tele receives. The most important thing we have, the thing that allowed so many Americans to be free and become wealthy, our rights. That weap Judah has kept the majority of ordinary Americans from demanding our rights be put in again, might we not have to give it to Judah focused cult that they have succeeded in pushing us out of existence? Are we seeing it is to get us rightless first is their kill strategy?

"Druid has no intuition," Judee say.

"Intuition," instinct by another name. The survival instinct that the Jews have turned off in the mild people of the north. And with it set us to be pushed out of life form in permanent sport war and genocide. Our oxygen poisoned in such a way that every breath we take shortens our lives a little bit.

And all the while he stacks United States military forces up in the land historically of the mild people of the north in Europe, getting ready for some new white sport. Is there not a prayer to be said that will bring white to take the authority to issue our money away from these dangerous genocidal madmen?

But might we look upon the good things that the Jews have done for us? Good thing the Jews have done for us? What might they be?

The best thing that has ever happened to us, are we aware the Jews did for us? And what is it? Do we not see the Jews have set us to become fully aware of our good God Almighty in heaven above?

How is that?

Well the Jews have all along planned to wipe out the mild people of the north because the Jews are most sexually stimulated by whites over other human Beings, and as our good God Almighty forbid our destruction in a nuclear blast war and when the Jews ignored our good God's will that we not be destroyed in a nuclear blast war, our good God had His angels make contact with us.

The best thing that ever happened to us, is it any other than contact with the house of our sweet Lord, our good God Almighty in heaven above? Might those of us who have the wits to perceive it, understand it is our route to peace and plenty and happiness for the rest of our existence in life?

Do we see it is due only to the Jews persistent attempts to blast us out of existence with the 150,000 atomic bombs they built that caused our good God Almighty to have His angels make contact with us?

Is it not a curiosity, the very best thing to happen to us, contact with extraterrestrials, was brought about by the stubbornness of the Jews to fulfill their passion to destroy us in an all-out surprise nuclear war?

And our good God Almighty stepping in and having His angels afford the genocidal Jews the opportunity to throw themselves away right at the peak of their power and fame, control of planet earth.

And how did the Jews get hold of planet earth? Are we understanding it was accomplished by getting hold of the Organizing Principle of Society of America in their private hands and collecting tribute from American workers?

And what is the Organizing Principle of Society?

Do we recall the angels our good God sent in from Mercury explained that it is the "authority to issue money, our cash, our abstract receipts of Labor?"

"I am a German, American and a Jew," the hybrid transplant Fornian lookalike shell President Abraham Lincoln said long ago. Bitch read that in a book years ago, though he did not find it on the internet as a quote.

In any event, Bitch clearly remembers reading it though it may be slightly different, he may have said "I'm an American, German and a Jew. Might we note, whatever order he spelled out who he was, he killed about three-quarters of a million mild men of the north that were living in America when he gave what he promised to the international Jews, a civil war in America? The promise he made to the Jews, WAR, if they would buy him the presidency.

While he held good on giving the Jews war in America, he didn't promise to give them the right to issue our money and so he printed the highly successful greenback dollar that caused the Jews to turn him into a lifespan impaired individual.

Though it took the Jews until 1873 to get ahold of the issue of our money once again when they bribed Congress to put us back on the gold standard effectively letting the banks once again issue our money. The "Crime of 73, " it was known as back then.

The focused intelligence of the Jews understood that it was not an elective office where the real power of society is, the real power is in the office that issues our money. And so the society destroying genocidal Jews focused their efforts upon getting hold of the authority to issue our money and finally did in 1913. Which is where we stand today. A nation of rightless people being snuffed out of life fair with our kids.

How fair is it to snuff us and our kids out in permanent war? That we are funding all of the war in our world do we see it is fair enough to destroy us because we are involved in sin which prevents our elders from sparing our lives and also our good God won't save us because 2+2=4?

Might we note what is generally perceived as racial lynchings done in the south did not start until 1877, 4 years after the Jews once again privatized the issue of our money into their hands with the Crime of 73? Might we see today it was not whites per se behind those lynchings, it was the Jews who hired those lynchings to race us and degrade our society?

FAKE HATE: Jewish Family 'Staged' Antisemitic Attack Against Themselves, Vandalized Own Business
Chris Menahan Apr. 25, 2019


The Jewish owners of a kosher cafe in Winnipeg have been charged by police for staging a violent attack against themselves and spray-painting their own business with antisemitic graffiti.


Their cafe was the target of repeated antisemitic vandalism the past few months.

PSEvans • 8 days ago
Why DO Jews Stage "Hate Crimes?"

Polish proverb: "The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you."

kara steinberg • 9 days ago
This is what Jews are famous for !!

Firebird7478 Bob Jones • 4 days ago
“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews become worse… this will assist in the realization of our plans. I have an excellent idea… I shall induce antisemites to liquidate Jewish wealth… The antisemites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The antisemites shall be our best friends.”

~ Theodor Herzl, Austro-Hungarian political activist, writer, father of modern political Zionism

Nat Aki Defiant • 8 days ago
Jussie Smollett is still playing the victim card. He is now going to sue I think Chicago or somebody and still claims white people attacked him. Do these Jew controlled puppets lie so much that they actually start to believe their own lies??? Just like the Jews themselves I suppose. The holohoax being a prime example. Fits nicely in this post modern era where there is NO TRUTH but the truth you believe in. LOL. When Jews rise in power all empires die. It must be like a sign. They bring with them all the very worst in humanity. The ENTITLED VICTIM is the perennial Jewish state of mind. It's a sickness. A flaw in the human condition.

Nat Aki armchairgenius • 8 days ago
Yet they all donate and actively participate in the same lobby groups that push anti-white rhetoric in universities, media, law and government. They all vote for and actively lobby for unlimited immigration. They want all white countries DESTROYED. Good Jew, Bad Jew....they are all Ugly Jews. The good, the bad and the ugly. All the same. They are just masters as playing the game of NAJALT (not all Jews are like that). Some play the left for suckers. Some play the right for suckers. This is the craft of the material dialectic of Karl Marx. Thesis vs antithesis = synthesis. So what is the synthesis that the Jews want. What do the gain from pitting the right against the left? The right gives them money for Israel. Well so does the left now. Both fight their never ending wars for the Jews. The far left, gives them support for the holohoax and the Victim narrative. As long as Jews can be the dominant bullies over EVERYTHING and EVERY country while also simultaneously LARPing as the worlds most suffering victims they get to have their cake and eat it too. "Observant Jews" - these people are just as culpable for the crime of Judaeo-Bolshevism (death of 50 million white Christians in Russian and Ukraine) as all other Jews that profited from their deaths. The VICTIM narrative is absolute CANCER and the Jews are the inventors and masters of it. They have spread it like a virus and ridden it like demon on the back of a dragon while hiding being great world powers like the US, Russia, the UN and the EU to wield the sword as the Jews maintain plausible deniability. Don't get it twisted. These people are organized. They are unified. They are genocidal. They are enemies to peace, love, joy and happiness. Do not be fooled.

"Don't get it twisted. These people are organized. They are unified. They are genocidal. They are enemies to peace, love, joy and happiness. Do not be fooled."

"the crime of Judaeo-Bolshevism (death of 50 million white Christians in Russian and Ukraine) as all other Jews that profited from their deaths."

As we are set to go out in numbers much higher than what they did to our family in Russia Ukraine a century ago will American workers not take the most important seat of government away from the genocidal Jews, the concession to issue our money with a STRIKE?

Are we getting an idea from that staged attack against themselves in Winnipeg Canada how the Jews proceed us rightly with their animal sports?

Might we derive from doing such a staged angry violent opp the Jews seek to control our mental in a way that it gives them an advantage over us?

If so might we understand why there was no further information exposure allowed in the Jussie Smollett noose race hate staged opp?

If the Jussie Smollett opp were allowed to proceed in the courts with the media watching might it have revealed exactly how the Jews stage racist hate opps in America? Do we see from these examples how the Jews cunningly defeat our mental? Are white people perceiving just how much these errant Jews hate us and want us all dead?

If only they did not have unlimited free money to put their hybrid transplant look alike Fornian shell in office, might there have been a different state's attorney that would have properly proceeded to out them? But they do have feee money gifted to them from American working men and women. Might that explain why they always win?

Understanding they have thousands of years of perfecting their mental hold on us, might workers see how they have perfected their lies about Bitch that are holding workers from acting to help us survive the wars they are fighting using the authority to issue our money to get us done?

Will ordinary everyday workers not open our minds to the fact we must have the Organizing Principle of Society out of the genocidal Jews hands if we want to have any chance to survive the series of wars they are waging against God's Children on earth?

Is there an understanding the dirty bomb nuclear war they have been waging against us from Hitachi-GE for over 8 years now is set to die us off in the hundreds of millions right here inside of America?

The third of the human race set to be died off in the end times. Is there an understanding we are in the end times, it is the end of the age of the nuclear war fighting Jews?

The Jews who spend all their days miniaturizing us in every way that they can. Is it not something how they have succeeded where others have failed, they miniaturized themselves by getting caught red-handed attacking us to exterminate our race?

Having proved their genocidal mal intent towards us with their all-out nuclear attack in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast, heat and radiation force, should that not tell us that the dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE is no accident but an act of genocidal nuclear war against us?

The best deal ever for the children of God on earth. The United States of America on our sacred, wondrous Bill of Rights. The only reason America was allowed to begin, the demand from the beginning, "NO BILL OF RIGHTS, NO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!"

And so a Bill of Rights was put in allowing America to begin. And in about two centuries with a cage and permanent war, the Jews have shoved us back to where we came from, rightless people to be sported out by the offices of state when the Jews hold it great.

The mild people of the north who had no warfare for thirty thousand years living in the northlands until the Jew showed up with the mattress and beer in hand. They took over management in 700 AD, after living among us for two centuries and breeding up Fornian look-alikes. And since they have been managing us they have never let us live in peace since then.

Our good God Almighty in heaven above heard the prayers of His long-suffering children on earth to end the war and so Father sent his angels in to put the process in action so that God can die the jews off fair.

"I died them truthful. They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm. They have no defensible rights. They're no friends of mine. They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death," God said.

That Washington turned off the radiation monitors after Hitachi-GE blew in 2011. That the FDA was ordered to stop checking milk for radioactive waste in 2014. Should those things not clue us that we are in a genocidal nuclear war with them?

That we are involved in sin and our lives won't be spared. Should we not try to stop the war to spare ourselves from the Jews genocide?

Those nagging, troubling Federation computer simulations found in our bibles that were done at the time of Jesus and then again at the time of Abe Lincoln that say "NO," that project we will be brimstone poisoned out now with our children.

Three generations living in low-level nuclear waste is enough to wipe a life form out. The three generations of Americans that have been put to Jewish electricity plant waste. Background radiation since Judah opened fire on us from Hitachi-GE in 2011, now 20 times higher than it was.

Is it not perceived our children and grandchildren are being irradiated with many already successfully sterilized now?

Are there some Americans who do not believe it true what Judah nuclear war fighting scientists are telling the Jews, that by the end of May we will have lost our families to nuclear brimstone waste war?

Bitch previously reported to you's that the West's nuclear war-fighting sports will be slipping away sometime after July 6th, only two months away. Bitch learned that from reading a reverse facial speech of one of them. Will workers not act before then and prevent our extinction?

The mind degrading vicious idiot systems the Jews put into every terrain that they capture God's kids in. Will American workers not get smart as God's angels advise and close out these dogs of war right with a STRIKE?

Tele receives:

"Pat, exhaust weap here is funning us. 2.13 pm

Get them out, they're assaulting your mouse good. 3.54 pm

You're an out-lee.

Politics raped us off of here. 4.10 pm

Vicious Maxwell they aren't too bright. 5.15 pm

Oh, I got you set all trick. 5.21 pm

Oh, we tripped hosier opitist.


The Martians got them out for too much mental phaser.

It's that bad. 7.23 pm

They've been dying us forever.

Oh my God Patrick, save us from this ballistic.

Patrick for stare-a-vison. 1.24 am

Sensible rare con obvious.

Don't let them fist us like this.

Diaperacy holds us.

Continues at:

Typherous holds jealous.

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