Scotland Near Miss Glasgow– Pilot describes moment an Airb
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Scotland Near Miss
Glasgow– Pilot describes moment an Airbus with up to 220 people on board came dangerously close to crashing into an UFO’ as it came in to land. Plane narrowly avoided the ‘blue and yellow’ object 13 miles outside Glasgow Airport at 3,500 feet. Nothing else was noticed on the radar at the time. Object passed beneath the plane before crew could avoid it.

The plane was less than 10 seconds away from hitting the object as it flew over Baillieston on the outskirts of Glasgow and prepared to land.

Despite an extensive investigation, the UK Airprox Board was unable to identify the ‘blue and yellow’ object which passed below the Airbus 320.

The pilot was clearly shocked and reported that there had been a ‘high’ risk of collision following the incident on December 2 last year.

He told his control tower: ‘We just had something pass underneath us quite close. Have you got anything on in our area?’

They replied: ‘Negative. We’ve got nothing on radar and we’re not talking to any traffic either’

The unidentified flying object passed directly beneath the plane before either of the crew had a chance to take action to avoid it.

Both pilots described the object as ‘blue and yellow (or silver) in color with a small frontal

This is a transcript of what the A320 pilot told the control tower.

A320: ‘Glasgow Approach [A320 C/S]’
Air Traffic Control: ‘[A320 C/S] pass your message’
A320: ‘Er yeah we just had something pass underneath us quite close and nothing on TCAS have you got anything on in our area’
Control: ‘Er negative er we’ve got nothing on er radar and we’re n-not talking to any traffic either’
A320: ‘Er not quite sure what it was but it definitely er quite large and it’s blue and yellow’
Control: ‘OK that’s understood er do you have a an estimate for the height’
A320: ‘Maybe er yeah we were probably about four hundred to five hundred feet above it so it’s probably about three and a half thousand feet.
‘…we seemed to only miss it by a couple of hundred feet it went directly beneath us … wherever we were when we called it in it was within about ten seconds’… couldn’t tell what direction it was going but it went right underneath us”’
Control: ‘do you suspect it might have been a glider or something like that’
A320: ‘well maybe a microlight … it just looked too big for a balloon.”

‘The Air Traffic Control unit’s own radar replay also showed no surveillance traces in the immediate vicinity of the A320 at the time. Once on the ground the A320 pilot gave a further description of the event to the Glasgow Aerodrome Controller.

The pilot said: ‘We seemed to only miss it by a couple of hundred feet it went directly beneath us – wherever we were when we called it in it was within about ten seconds; couldn’t tell what direction it was going but it went right underneath us.’

Asked if he thought it was a glider, the pilot replied: ‘well maybe a microlight – it just looked too big for a balloon. But the board ruled out any such aircraft and were baffled.

The A320 crew had not been able to assimilate any information regarding the form of the untraced aircraft in the fleeting glimpse they had, reporting only a likely color.” It said.

‘Members were of the opinion that, in the absence of a primary radar return, it was unlikely that the untraced aircraft was a fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft or man-carrying balloon. ‘It was considered that a meteorological balloon would be radar significant and unlikely to be released in the area of the Airprox.

‘The board considered that a hang-glider or para-motor would be radar significant and that conditions precluded them.

‘Members were unable to reach a conclusion as to a likely candidate for the conflicting aircraft. NOTE: The above image is CGI. Thanks to KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS

California Objects

San Diego — Shiny orb that followed the path of a fast flying jet at high altitude on April 27, 2019. Jet left a trail but the orb followed along and left no trail. It had small reflections floating around the orb at times and then after following it took a turn away from the plane.

Joshua Tree NP — I took a photo at Joshua Tree NP and didn’t realize the object was there. It was a few days later when I was looking over pictures from my vacation. The photo was taken on April 24, 2019

Florida Disc

Miami — First time that I see something like this. White light egg shape was floating over the ocean on May 2, 2019.

New Jersey 4 Orange Spheres

Keyport — One evening while out on our weekly, Friday dinner at Burlew’s Restaurant on May 12, 2017, I observed 4 orange spheres flying in single file formation heading from the direction of the ocean 7 or 8 miles to the north and east from the direction of the Atlantic Ocean vicinity of Sandy Hook and roughly following the bay coastline. This west south westerly course would have brought the objects into the area of Route 9 and Highway 35 intersection.

The objects themselves were of solid orange color and exhibited the characteristics of a slightly hazy light at their edges. There was no apparent secondary lighting of any kind and their speed appeared constant throughout the sighting. They were again flying in single file formation wit h equal distance between each in their respective order. The estimated distance between each was probably a separation of about 50 yards and their rate of speed was probably between 50 – 75 mph. Their course took them just about directly above us. They disappeared from view because of the umbrella that was on the table. The evening was clear, comfortably warm with the sighting being made just after dusk.

North Dakota Lights

Minot – On April 21, 2019, two witnesses saw a black triangular object. The object was visible for 20 minutes and would be visible, disappear and then reappear. The object would move up, down and erratically. White lights seen on bottom blinking left to right. Lights were blue and on the back yellow white on the front. The video shows a green light on the right side. No sound was heard and skies were clear. Witnesses said that the object was not near Minot Air Force Base.

Note: The video appears to show a conventional aircraft. The object on the top of the video is likely a bird. You can see the green light on the right side blinking. The video is not consistent with what the witness described. I would classify the sighting as unidentified. Based on the video I would say that the sighting was of a conventional aircraft. Thanks to Will Pucket/

Texas Lights

Houston — I was outside on the porch on April 25, 2019, and I happened to see a flaming orange light flashing and changing. I got curious and ran and got my iPhone I pad video and recorded almost 2 hours of raw footage.

People need to see this!! I don’t know how to edit the videos so they aren’t so long. I need help! I need share my info

Washington Lights

Battle Ground – On April 20, 2019, my mom gave me this number to send my photo. My name is Z (name redacted). The photo was taken in Battle Ground, WA at 2:41 PM.

Note: The green orb in the photo is not a real object and is likely a camera reflection as a result of taking the photo facing the Sun. Thanks to Will Pucket/
The picture above of two great fireballs in the sky is from Vera Beach, Florida of a CE-5 event. That is where the viewers had been visiting with our extraterrestrial elders from space and agreed ahead of time to meet there.

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