"I Keep Rolling Filth Because You Jammed Their Wits." That
Wed May 8, 2019 02:58

"I Keep Rolling Filth Because You Jammed Their Wits."

That is a Tele receive from weap Judee. Could that be it, might BItch insult have been just too large for mild people to overcome and it is now the end of our breed?

The Bible that tells us that a prudent wise sensible person ignores an insult, is that not enough information to forgive and have mercy on the Bitch?

The lifetime of mind degrading experiences that Jews subject ordinary fish to. Is there not some understanding by the mild people to try and put that into your calculations about what to do here, and try to save yourselves?

The free money that American labor gives to the jews that they use to machine gun white fish down in the streets as they did to us in Las Vegas.

Might they have been testing us to see how we will respond when they have Soviet Fornian jew police patrolling our streets?

Machine gunning Druids down in school then going on a multi-state bus tour to meet with legislators. Do we not see this is how the Jews bring their next generation of Jew Fornian look-alike kids in to take over and carry on with their false violent state?

Bitch sad about insulting the mild people of the north. He spent some time speaking with an Anglo-looking fellow of about 60 years of age that he met along the way and after visiting with him for a few minutes was thinking about it later. What was it about that mild Anglo man that caught Bitch's attention?

And then it appeared in Bitch's head. That mild Anglo had the look of the cage on his face. Somewhere in his life he had done time and it showed. Then Bitch felt very sorry he insulted the mild Anglo and jammed the wits so that Anglo will not act on Bitch's good information of how to get rid of the molesting abusive war-making cage murdering Jews once and for all.

Our family from Africa, as cooperative and accommodating as the affable mild people of the north. Dred Scott who tested Anglo Slav law that is encoded as American law and the English style jury set him free from his master only to be re-enslaved by the unelected clerks of the supreme court.

Do we see our competent juries do right for any color if only they are allowed to? The authority to issue our money held in the private hands of the Jews. Our money backed by American labor that pays a tribute into the private hands of international Jews.

The sports in Washington DC opping God's kids. Do the mild people not yet see they have finished us out at the genetic level?

The Congressional sports insurance opping us in the lockups with police. Will ordinary fish not get them out?

The college the Jews went to that taught them how to precisely molest their fellow man. Might the first class have been, 'How to get hold of the authority to issue the fishes money 101?'

Are we recognizing the breeding habits of the Jew are what have produced the dangerous violent look alike hybrid transplant Fornians that have wiped the American free state away and in its place put a fascist Jew crypto tyranny in that thrives on a permanent state of war and genocide?

The racism that has so harmed our beautiful nation. Might we recognize it is not coming from white people except the Fornian look alike Jews and their collaborators?

Our American bill of rights that the drafters of the United State Consitution did not want in. Our bill of rights only made law when state delegates insisted we would have rights or would not have the United States of America.

The Jews using their unelected clerks to deny a man of color his rights in 1857 to a jury decision, do we see that trickery not properly challenged overtime gave them enough sway to eventually deny all of us our rights as we are today?

Our rights so important that God Almighty established them for us all.

Our state delegates in 1789 who knew about the tricky ways of those who seek political office and so demanded our rights be put in for us all. Jew law in America now that says you can be held for 48 hours with no probable cause. Might an employer let you go if you were gone from work that long?

Dr. King who called for what was written on paper, our constitutionally guaranteed rights, to make them part of the everyday practice. And what did the Jews do other than shoot him dead for demanding the right we have as inhabitants of America?

The vast poisoning of us as if we are insects being sprayed with DDT. Will labor not give us our grand juries so that we can invite General Electric into the courtroom to hear their side of our extinction life inhaling their big brimstone die?

"For my Jew sight, you're one of my insects. We failed to put Bitch in prison and he fired us sh#t," Judee say.

Will mild people not overlook Bitch's warts at least long enough to try and save yourselves from being fairly died out?

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves." God Almighty our precious sweet Father in heaven said.

Our sweet Lord, our Savior, our Sovereign who lives 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star. Will American workers not reach out for the love of God and try to save yourselves as we are being successfully destroyed now in an all-out Berlin Jewish nuclear war?

The special hatred the Jews have for mild people because we demonstrate a unique ability to cooperate with everyone. Our ability to share the wealth with all people. The jealousy that was triggered thousands of years ago when the Jews traveled to the land of the Fiords and saw our family living there nicely. Will American workers not put your rights in once again and take out Jewish rights for sporting us here?

There will be no revenge when you put the Jews out, no retribution, no payback for what they have done to us. Is there an understanding something like that and Father or His angels would not speak to anyone who would do such a thing?

The loss of communication with Father's house. Who would ever do something that Father would disapprove of such as an act of revenge? Though might we have to admit it is the Jews who push Father away because they refuse to act in Godly ways?

Are we not aware we are alive only due to Father's love for us?

If we had not been gifted by God's angels 200,000 years ago with our extraterrestrial psychiatric genetics is there an understanding we would have already perished with the other 35 hominids that were alive at that time?

Our whole existence predicated on the continuing love of God for us all. Our creation that came about because extraterrestrials found us to be such a loveable group that cared for each other so well and so they hybridized us into our high intelligence form. Will American workers not recognize who we are and stop the war and make peace in our time?

The jews are so effective at fooling people that they have many convinced that Bitch is a bad boy. Is there not a prayer to be said that will break the spell of the Hebrews head?

At 6 am, there it was again, news from Japan. It was not on all last week. Here's some reverse facial speech found in that report:

"Our genius right casualty you right. When you see I've bumped you we'll be out of our right state. Conquer you will fear you and that's why I have a boom boom state. I'll eventually out genuine you. I set you out as a white zoom casualty. I made you fabulistic Judee, we burned you up. Our French war will leave here when you find out.

I bust you on Judah twins rusely. I hold you on my rightalist to bore your censure. I close your sight, that why I bruise with the states now. In only months you're gong to pull out Judah civil rights. I register you teacher with my hosiery. You let Jew molest you so I core state you. My nuclear voice has set me stupid. I'm palace abrasive opps on you. I'm going to dispatch you right and sport you to the end.

The old psychic blew my image right out of here. We bourse race wars fanteeble. I idleweiss nice guys. Bitch opp fade us bad. Our cabbage wit shoot right. With Jew epoxy, we assault you quite deer. I proceed you right so you can't see. Tomb wars always fist you dumb. Jew fish you I ingest you. Beer breeze. H----'s cow is free.

Because you're auschall you let Judee mice you. Bitch turpentine screw my ass out of here for my big sport. My sh#t house war in many languages is coming out with my bridge. My hatch show you stupid for free," Judee say.

All of those Judah RS found in the 6 am news.

Americans are so successful in generating great wealth. Can we not also greatly protect ourselves here?

The STRIKE by American labor that will close out the dangerous genocidal Babylonian cipher. Will workers not get it done so that we have a chance to survive?

Jaylon McKenzie, 8th grade football phenom already counting college offers, shot and killed at Illinois party
Amir Vera byline
By Amir Vera and Rebekah Riess, CNN

Updated 12:39 PM ET, Mon May 6, 2019

CNN)Jaylon McKenzie had plans of going to the NFL.

The 14-year-old from Belleville, Illinois, was an eighth-grader who already had college offers from University of Missouri and University of Illinois. He was featured in the Future Issue of Sports Illustrated in November 2018 along with five other teen sports stars. He wanted to be a pro star in California, playing for either the Los Angeles Rams or Chargers.

Those dreams died late Saturday when Jaylon was shot and killed at a party, his mother, Sukeena Gunner, told CNN.

Judah jealousy. Are we aware he has it against everybody? Must American workers not pull our cash away from the Jews and end the shooting that they do?

Tele receives:

"Europenian. 5.48 am

False rights. 6.09 am

They're tunneling off. 7.05 am

The fleas are getting dusted. 7.09 am

Hi, a buddy. 7.23 am

The attorney left. 7.48 am

This is God Almighty that is speaking to you. 10.09 am

He fouls you off for evidence. 10.33 am

Oil it up. 10.48 am

Father's advocate is not baffled. 10.51 am

The boys are whacked.

I'm with you. 12.55 pm

You're failed from luxury faulting.

Popi felled this branch of hod.

They're all clowns, they're just clowning with us.

It's through war they made us.

Sinful fair, you must read us! 1.11 pm

I fault you rautchous. 1.14 pm

But fiend blazers.

They're suffering us camel sport.

Much of their fate is an app.

When you crush them then outrageous will end. 2.09 pm

Their big top busted our state safely. 2.32 pm

The old professor signals bad.

Your crazy's off boozen.

You're injured pooch.

Psychic I hit you.

It's revaulted.

You're fall dead for ail.

Your kidneys will leave you.

Spec abuse.

Diapers swarmed you. 3.54 pm

Their mud hugger is revealed. 4.10 pm

Tyranny police state, awful power to paint you away ceased.

You're spared. 5.14 pm

Total hit.

They take you bad appetite.

Let's go eat. 5.29 pm

Scientist, your nausea end ballistic.

Their annoy you is all passed. 5.43 pm

Capo singed us.

Scum cite you.

You let us molest you.

Fold up isch, you failed.

They make the grease pipe foreign useless. 6.09 pm

They're pushing a big option to stroke you.

Your mom was a bad boy.

We fun you all.

They recycled your field.

Their fist management page is gone.

I keep rolling filth leisurely because you jammed their wits. 6.35 pm

That's pretty foul critic.

They app Jesus to play us.

Statue fell.

Don't you see you failed mother's way?

Get them off, they've completely apped. 2.13 am

It's an awful sweet Die GD.

Their register rates to sieze us.

Good stuff Pat." 7.30 am

"Your mom was a bad boy."

If so then why did God say to Bitch, "you never fiend? You're a nice boy. He remained true to me?"

"With the minnow, we just have a minnopoly and use fierce. It's how we play with you, we foul them off with war."

The constant wars Americans have been in ever since the Jews took over the authority to issue our money in 1913. Do we see that war is how they play with us and foul us off fair?

The forces that rid our world of Adolph Hitler by invading and shooting up much of Europe. Would it not have been much easier just to cut Adolph's check off from Wall Street to get rid of him? Is it coming through how the Jews are and have been playing with the mild people of the north using their sport of war?

"They're pushing a big option to stroke you."

Did we notice the death of film director John Singleton the other day due to suffering stroke? Bitch previously suffered a mild stroke from a piece of pie he ate years ago.

He went food shopping and traveled out of the neighborhood to a food store he had never shopped at before. He had a preference for two types of pies. Peach and cherry.

He went to the frozen foods and when he looked, there was only one cherry pie left. That put him on alert as it seemed odd. But he bought the one cherry pie and took it home.

He examined the box real closely and could see it was new and been packaged recently. Then he unwrapped the cellophane and opened the pre-cooked pie and looked at it, and it had micro cracks in the crust as if it had been frozen and stored for a long time previously.

So he put it in the oven and heated it up. Then took a very small slice of it and ate it. And then put the pie aside to see if anything would happen.

About 90 minutes later it was as if a blood valve opened in his head. He could feel, in fact hear, blood flowing in his head as if something had burst.

He then threw the whole pie out. He had only eaten a small amount, can you imagine someone getting a big slice and eating it?. Elder indicated it was snake venom in that pie that caused the bleeding in the head.

If only Bitchie professor didn't signal bad, might labor have tried to help us here?

Judee who says "a guy in the basement got him out," but the guy in the basement not able to get labor's attention to bring itself in.

Judah the perfected destroyer of our people. The cult that has gotten us involved in sin to where the angels won't spare our lives that are being successfully destroyed by high background radiation from Hitachi-GE.

Here's some more of what is found in the Jews subconscious minds and revealed by reverse facial speech:

"We rule you in an abortionous way. I'm objected by people because my force fell. Our hopes are high the Russians have the right technology. My police order gives you a death summons. My waste helps me fight you and the dog gives me a big head. The Muslims I have to fight you.

Bitch, I hold you with a big power team force and boom wit. I set you to be an opposite force to avarice you. I'm a spirit of hedgehog to have you quail. I'm a fiber pitch. I make you bourse sick to cow you. I got you United States aphilis. We use cinnamon to blow your head. We Palestinian ya's right dodgers. With our Jewie way we finish out your rights," Judee say.

Bitchie has pages and tape recordings of many reverse facials speech of weap Judah. He can only put a small amount in his post everyday. While watching reports of the Russian plane that crashed and killed 41, found this curious RS:

"Wipe you jumbo jet, I mortgage you ISIS. We did this for free."

What might those RS indicate? Could it have been free Russian labor bourse as Judah holds the Organizing Principle of Russian society also?

"Will you not save us here Patrick? 9.08 am

Patrick doing everything that he can to try and convince you's you have the right to live. But do you not see that to affect your right to life you must demand it with a STRIKE?

If understood will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Tuesday, May 7 — Psalm 59:10–17
Job 42; 1 Corinthians 11:17–30

David found strength in the Lord his God. 1 Samuel 30:6 NIV

I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers. I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ. Philemon 4,6 NIV

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God o

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