Guess What's About To Go Away?
Wed May 8, 2019 06:24

President Trump has infuriated the Democrats in yet another move to preserve America

In a strong move - President Trump Has:

1) Signed an Executive Order that is not being carried out in any Left Wing Libtard State that forces those on Welfare to work if they can work.

Welfare is not for those who have babies - but for those who cannot work. This idea of having a child so you can suck off the system is about to go away.

2) He has just changed the way Inflation is calculated - which will force all sorts of folks off of Welfare.


President Trump has allot of opposition to these Executive Orders and now that it has come out in a letter that the intention of the FBI and Christopheere Steele was to use FAKE data to create a Coup D'etat

a) Foreigners involved are considered Spy's - including Employees of the British Privy Council and SERCO.

2) US Citizens are involved in the COUP are guilty of Treason - starting with the Frazzled Rat and much of the FBI and Congressional Leadership right on down to the Interns

Whether President Trump has the guts to arrest those trying to Kill him remains to be seen.

He also must contend with the Singularity Project - but if the President is Smart he will move people into Redmond, Washington to control Microsoft and allow the truth to flow freely out of Google and You Tube

Remember President - 100/100/10/1... and the 1 may come your speech by a white male wearing an odd colored shirt accompanied by 2 men.....

Video:.....(483) Guess What's About To Go Away - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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Tomorrow we will discuss the next attempted hits on Trump/Pence/Putin if we can - but the suppression on You Tube Continues and that makes me less likely to publish this information.

Remember Russia - We warned you 2 days before the Minister of Defense tried to Nuke Moscow.

Perhaps you do not care Putin/Lavroff/Medvedev???

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