"Our Enforcement Option is to Arrest You with a Great War."
Wed May 8, 2019 09:54

"Our Enforcement Option is to Arrest You with a Great War."

The war with high-technology Russia that the Jews are holding their fingers crossed and praying to Lucifer to help them get it going against America. Will we not pray to God that American labor stops it with a STRIKE before it begins?

Our little children being savaged by high background radiation and being pushed out of reproductive life. Does it not seem when the Druid Slav perceive this they will take the Jews out of the management of our beautiful nation?

But that nagging thought, we have never taken them out of management in the 1,300 years they have infested our lands anywhere in the north.

We put laws into protecting us against the Jews unjustness and savagery. Jury and grand jury protection, No cruel or inhumane punishment. We made those the law of the land in the United States of America and the Jews told us we don't have any rights because they are the only ones allowed to issue our money.

Must we not end our silence and put our rights in once again?

The Bitch held in by extraterrestrials, but isn't he too vicious to listen to, is that not what some workers have been led to believe? Has he not put too many people in to listen to what he is telling you that could save your lives? Didn't the Jews perfected rumor machine reveal he is too dangerous to deal with here?

How about we hear from Judee the truth about Bitch?

"I won because you believe a liar," Judee say.

Bitch as mild and agreeable as they get. His only beef, don't use his money to assault God's kids anywhere on earth.

Because Bitch is a long time anti-nuclear war peace activist guy the Jews put him on their list to molest in any way they could. Big bribes made available to have the cash available to Kidnap him to have him attacked in the lockup.

And yet somehow, with his ability to get a miracle revealing who the Jews really and what is their line, the Jews have made it appear to the ordinary fish that Bitch is a bad boy and so the minnow is getting his children washed out while he pays for all the war and genocide in our world that the Jews enjoy doing.

Did find some good news yesterday. One Jew revealed in reverse facial speech that this attack upon America will not have Germany involved in it. Just the Soviet Jews directed by England's sports.

And then later in the day he heard a report that Secretary of state Pompeo abruptly canceled his visit to Germany. So might it be true, for one reason or other Germany is not going to attack us with Russian forces?

What could have happened? Might our family in Germany have gotten wind that they have been attacked by the Jews nuclear missiles and they are starting to act to get rid of the Jews in Germany? Could labor leaders in Germany have threatened to STRIKE if Germany's industrialists go ahead and join with Russian Jews in their planned attack upon America?

Whatever the reason, Germany will not be involved in this war against America that the Jews have set us up with Russia for now.

The Jews reveal in facial reverse speech that in only 54 hours they can take out America with Russian high technology and send us back in time to when we did not have our industry to help us survive.

Our electricity is centralized and able to be put out of commission for an extended period of time. And it can be done with precision-guided missiles with ordinary warheads, no need for nuclear warheads to get it done. And so what is the significance of that?

Well if the Jews attack us with nuclear warheads as they already have, might our Saviours from Mars pull them out of the sky as they have so many times already? Might SIr Capser's diligent team of Martians burst them safely off high in the sky as they have so many times already?

Yes, it appears our extraterrestrial family has the authorization from God to pull all nuclear warheads that are coming in on us, so does it look as if the jews will not be able to score us with their nuclear boom booms as they planned to? That is what it appears to be.

But what about if the Martians lose their power supplies during a Jewish nuclear missile attack against us?

Bitch asked that question to elders years ago and they told him the last time they lost their power supply was 3 million years ago. So might we be pretty confident that elders will be able to prevent any nuclear warheads from bursting over our heads as the Jews have attempted to do so many times?

Yes, it looks as if the Jews will not be able to get around the Martian defense to get their nuclear warheads bursting over our cities. Can we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty, our Savior for having His Martian angels defend us from the genocidal nuclear war fighting Jews?

But what about conventional warheads on the Jews missiles? That is another story. It appears that the Martians may not choose to pull them out as they are not individually genocidal. So does it appear when the Jews have the Russian missiles attack our infrastructure with conventional warheads, the Martians will have to let them get us? Regrettably, yes that appears to be the facts.

But do we see the extraterrestrials have kept God's shill in to alert Americans of the fate the Jews have in store for us next?

And yet God's shill was no match for a cult that has won every match in 1,300 years living among white people. How can that be?

Might it be the ontological difference that the late Elie Weisel spoke of? The savage vicious genocidal predators that put out the story that they are the victims all the time. And are they not still destroying us over seven and a half years after our good God warned us to STOP THE WAR? Yes, they are destroying at our root level, our DNA being shot full of holes by microwave beams.

The Jews who teach us there is such a thing as a warrior in society. How do they get away with such a fraud upon us and our kids?

Scotland Near Miss
Glasgow– Pilot describes moment an Airbus with up to 220 people on board came dangerously close to crashing into an UFO’ as it came in to land. Plane narrowly avoided the ‘blue and yellow’ object 13 miles outside Glasgow Airport at 3,500 feet. Nothing else was noticed on the radar at the time. Object passed beneath the plane before crew could avoid it.

Might we not recognize our extraterrestrial elders were MARKING that Airbus that flew into Glasgow? And for what reason can we only wonder?

Might the paymaster for the attack upon America have been onboard that Airbus going to a meeting of other nuclear warfighting people? Can we only hope that the passenger list is examined closely to see who was onboard?

Might it have been the military staff that is going to be directing the Russian missile attack upon America?

Will American workers not help us and quit funding their nuclear war fighting cheer?

New Jersey 4 Orange Spheres


Keyport — One evening while out on our weekly, Friday dinner at Burlew’s Restaurant on May 12, 2017, I observed 4 orange spheres flying in single file formation heading from the direction of the ocean 7 or 8 miles to the north and east from the direction of the Atlantic Ocean vicinity of Sandy Hook and roughly following the bay coastline. This west south westerly course would have brought the objects into the area of Route 9 and Highway 35 intersection.

The objects themselves were of solid orange color and exhibited the characteristics of a slightly hazy light at their edges. There was no apparent secondary lighting of any kind and their speed appeared constant throughout the sighting. They were again flying in single file formation with equal distance between each in their respective order. The estimated distance between each was probably a separation of about 50 yards and their rate of speed was probably between 50 – 75 mph. Their course took them just about directly above us. They disappeared from view because of the umbrella that was on the table. The evening was clear, comfortably warm with the sighting being made just after dusk.

New Jersey a big sports location among Judee sports states. As it is nuclear war our elders are helping us discover that is the plan, might New Jersey be getting ready to launch a nuclear bombing attack somewhere?

The appearance of those lights in the sky. Might there have been a meeting of nuclear war fighting guys going on? Or maybe an industry that is preparing the nuclear bombs for detonation? Can we only wonder what Mercury was MARKING that night in Keyport, New Jersey?

North Dakota Lights


Minot – On April 21, 2019, two witnesses saw a black triangular object. The object was visible for 20 minutes and would be visible, disappear and then reappear. The object would move up, down and erratically. White lights seen on bottom blinking left to right. Lights were blue and on the back yellow white on the front. The video shows a green light on the right side. No sound was heard and skies were clear. Witnesses said that the object was not near Minot Air Force Base.

Note: The video appears to show a conventional aircraft. The object on the top of the video is likely a bird. You can see the green light on the right side blinking. The video is not consistent with what the witness described. I would classify the sighting as unidentified. Based on the video I would say that the sighting was of a conventional aircraft. Thanks to Will Pucket/www.ufosnw.com/newsite/

While it could have been an airplane, that it showed up in Minot, the location of the airforce base that tried to launch nuclear missiles at Russia in 1966 when our extraterrestrial family shut them down, might we not wonder what Minot airforce base is up to this time?

Do some recall it was Minot airforce base that sent the B-52 bomber that attacked us with 6 nuclear-tipped cruise missiles in August of 2007?

Do some recall that elders let them launch one cruise missile and shut it down and locked the other 5 cruise missiles out? Do some recall that was when Steve Fossett ghosted to provide cover so the Air force could search for the missing cruise missile?

Texas Lights


Houston — I was outside on the porch on April 25, 2019, and I happened to see a flaming orange light flashing and changing. I got curious and ran and got my iPhone I pad video and recorded almost 2 hours of raw footage.

People need to see this!! I don’t know how to edit the videos so they aren’t so long. I need help! I need share my info

Houston, the city that Jews have used as their base to kill all across the United States. Now that the Jews are done, might they have planted a hydrogen bomb in Houston to blow the city up now? Could that be what our elders are MARKING in Houston?

Washington Lights


Battle Ground – On April 20, 2019, my mom gave me this number to send my photo. My name is Z (name redacted). The photo was taken in Battle Ground, WA at 2:41 PM.

Note: The green orb in the photo is not a real object and is likely a camera reflection as a result of taking the photo facing the Sun. Thanks to Will Pucket/www.ufosnw.com/newsite/

In that MARKING in Battle Ground Washington, might we guess our elders are MARKING the word Battle Ground?

Will American workers not act before America itself is the next battleground for the nuclear war fighting genocidal Jews?



That the Jews have already succeeded in sterilizing many of our children. How is it that they still hold 100% of the management positions here? Ontological difference?

The Jews tell us that we have remained drunk and that is why we have been so easy to push out of life form with our kids. Judee also tells us that because Bitch harasses you is why we have failed to stop them. Bitch does not do it on purpose, he is traumatized by what we are facing now.

They're a crooked bunch with some bad plans that has kept the white people in defeat. And how did they do it? Is it any other than us letting them shoot their sports?

They tell us in RS that they have gotten us to where God sees us as bad as them. And they know that God is dying them off. So do we see they know that God will let them die us off because we have proven as bad as the Jews to our fellow children of god earth?

The stinking prison system the Jews put on God's kids. Will American workers not take it away from them now? The English ghettos the Jews shopped for their fist they used to take over the world one war at a time. Will labor not give ordinary workers some better income opportunities than boots?

The ghettos the Jews force in once they get ahold of the financial tools, the authority to issue our cash. The ghetto they create so they can shop the cruelly manipulated poor for their sports war fist.

Will workers not have God's mercy on our fellow men and forgive us our sins we suffer and end the Jews fist and risk?

Must we not end being shy, frightened and falsed white people set now to go out in the range of 90% of us huffing brimstone vape? The fact that God won't save us because 2+2=4, and we're involved in sin. Should we not try to help ourselves survive now?

Bitch chronicling here the dying out of our breed fair. Those who are dying us out, we are paying them all the money they need to die us out fair. The "rare" our elders say is how they view the Jewish breed. Able to keep our heads unaware as they die us and our children out fair.

But what about all the people Bitch put in? Bitch has not put anyone in, Judee put them all in. Regrettably, one innocent mechanic did lose his life because Bitch let a Judah guy know that he knew him.

All the others that Judah claims Bitch put in, is not true. Jim Majors that took the contract from the Jews to false the Bitch and try to put him in. He ate some peaches from a can and died. Is it understood that the Jew did him in not Bitch?

Once Jim was known for what he did, tried to put Bitch in, and received $120,000 dollars of IPERS money from Judee, do we see that he was a threat to reveal what the Jews do?

If you believe that Bitch has put people in you're wrong. But what about the car mechanic that took a pill out of his medicine cabinet in the bathroom?

If God would have wanted him saved are we aware that God could have had his angels pull that pill out of the bottle?

Might American workers try to perceive that like that mechanic that ate that pill, God will let you go for continuing to fund the war of genocide the Jews are waging against his kids?

God could have had His angels melt pooch pictures to give Bitch an edge. Melted the diaper pictures that Judee set up for stupid Bitch. Could have dropped the file of Bitch insulting you's. Could have saved the mechanics life. Could have saved Jim Majors if He wanted to.

But God let all things pass as they do. Is there some sense we are in a true world now, all truth no lies any more from the murdering Jews?

The cannibal complex. "They mishandled their higher level potentials," Mercury elder said. And yet the Jews held the mild people to full extermination of our form. How can that be?

Bitch, trying to figure it out himself, might it have been his Fornian side that figured out Jew mess?

A high school drop out because he did nothing in school and yet at 17 years old using simple mathematics intuitively knew he was set to suffer a nuclear blast war. How did he know it and other kids did not? Maybe Fornia wits?

The Jews who have got plans to not only kill the white people but also two-thirds of their fellow Jews. Will white people not authorize yourselves and take the authority to issue our money away from this thrill kill cult, the jews?

Father's house of love and peace. Have we pushed God so far away from us that we don't even believe He exists?

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The full wipeout of the mild people of the nort

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