Garbage Gate & Intel Report
Thu May 9, 2019 04:14

Thanks to some very industrious Garbage Men the Contents Of President Trump's The Entire New US Middle East Peace Plan Was Leaked To To An Israeli News Paper

Wait until the rest f Garbage Gate is leaked - Whoooo eeee!!!

Kudos To The Garbage Men

(Obama 1,2, 3 & 4 never threw away any readable notes)

We shall see where Garbage Gate Leads To



The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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The Trash Man Has The Last Laugh


1) All Presidential Assassinations Attempts on Trump & Russian Staff Laid Out For Me On A Blanket - along with rogue Nuclear Strikes

2) Russia was warned 2 day before the British Minister of Defense ordered a Strike on Moscow they failed to follow - they are apparently Suicidal.

3) The Chinese Gal who walked into Mar A Lago did not enter when Trump was there so we did not discuss this little incident. - she walked right past a Secret Service Security Check Point

4) 12 August - Rogue Nuke Detonation About 100 Miles West Of Wilmintgon, Vi. Heart of America a Decommissioned US Nuke Made To Look Russian. SERCO Involved...

5) 3 More Ass Attempts on Trump - August From Argentina Intel, Comey Hit Man & Rogue FBI Shooter.

a... 1st - Take Out AF1 Using Analogue Electronic Machine As rump Leaves Dc

b... 2nd - Standard Shooter At Air Port As trump Leaves AF1 At Air Port. He will Cut A Hole In The Fence & Wait. SERCO To Blame Of White Wing Radicals. He has an M-16 Look alike Weapon, Large Caliber and a man will be waiting to pick him up near an Airport access Road.

c.. Rogue FBI/CIA Connection Out Of Norfolk/Quantico - Guy has allot of trips to Canada.

Dates: 1st, 3rd, 14th ---- +- 3 days each.

6) September 13th (+_3 Days)


Try and Cripple Trump, GOD may allow it to occur. 3 White SUV's will try and hit the President in a car caravan Head On.

Secret Service- Surround the President and Hit Those White SUV's Head On - Destroy The White SUV's

Since Trump refuses to do as GOD Directs he may allow him to be crippled up.

By then 15 Rogue Decommissioned Nukes will them in the hands of the Rogue CIA and they may randomly strike any where.

By 15 Sep the Fallen Angels at the UN will offer any Human unlimited amount of cash to start the Full Scale Nuclear War - Promising Him an Underground Home. these UN Agencies need to be contained by then or else.

The Fallen Angels are now - by this date - desperate to start this Nuclear War. they will lie, cheat, steal and sign any treaty and turn around and continue to do what Lucifer's Angels do best - Destroy.


Next Month - Xi Jin Ping of China will try to blow up Kim Jung Un,, King Of North Korea around the 15th of June (+- 3 Days) and this will destroy all Chinese/North Korean relationships For Decades to Come

the ruling red Chinese Council will be furious as North Korea seizes all Chinese Owned Companies in North Korea.


Expect the splintering regions thanks to US weapons in

1) 6 Break Away States in South America

2) One In Central As

3) Eastern Turkey as their dollar falls hard


Finally - lots of strange and weird people about to appear at every place President Trump visits - including his Secret Hide Away: White House, Camp Shangri-La (David), Mar A Lago, trump towers, trump Golf Courses.

The longer Trump ignores GOD the weirder the people will become who try and walk into these areas.


the rest can be given out on You Tube

Update son hte Hits On Trump will no longer be given out due to limited space on You tube and Censorship of OUur Channel

President trump & VP Pence -



Sorry Russia - great time for a conference away from Moscow - Hint Hint --- Local Electronics Keeping Me Form Getting Any More On this Right Now - Sorry.

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