"Patrick Tried to See Us Through to Safety. A STRIKE Passed
Fri May 10, 2019 07:49

"Patrick Tried to See Us Through to Safety. A STRIKE Passed Will Kill You. ORGANIZE, Block Their punch."

The fact that we are being systematically scientifically put out of life and God Almighty has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR, what might those dire facts reveal to us?

Better yet, what might it be that will help us try and save ours and our children's lives from the war that we are funding against ourselves?

At the root level, there are many reasons why mild people have not acted to try and save our lives. Might the biggest one be that we have never thrown the Jews even once in the 1,300 years since they took over management of us?

And even Bitch who is doing his best to throw them is maybe as much as a 43% Fornian. A guy who knows they toss each other out all the time. "Individual biological opportunity," Mercury informs us is the strategy of the Babylonian Jew cipher.

The article the other day about the guy that drove head-on into a police car killing the police officer. He had been arrested numerous times for drunk driving and no drivers license and never once was he fingerprinted.

Do we see in that instance how when the Jews control police certain people are not fingerprinted and are not recorded as other people are? Are we seeing it is the authority to issue money that gives them the power to direct what the police do or don't do?

Are workers understanding that the municipals will gladly blow the whistle on what the Jews are doing once their income is protected and secure? Are we seeing the extinction of our breed is being accomplished by the Jews being the only people authorized to issue our cash?

The fear the Jews put in to hold us. The gruesome killings they do to terrorize us. Once they lose the concession to issue our cash and labor is issuing our money do we see the terrorism in our beautiful nation will be passed and ended?

And how do they terrorize us? Many ways from shooting us in the workplace to shooting our kids in school, machine gunning us down at concerts, crashing buses, trains and planes to reporting they have found rabid bats to dogs killing our kids and mountain lions roaming our city.

In the reports of a mountain lion roaming the city, they purportedly try to help us by telling us that if attacked we should go for the eyes of the cat.

Here is some reverse facial speech of a report of a mountain lion purportedly seen in Des Moines and captured on a homeowner's video:

"This is an opp if you're nuts, we just psycho people. My best opp is to tomb opp your courage. The circus best performance was here. This is our sport to dippy you wood. Our truthful challenge your wits every day."

Are we aware the same investors building atomic and hydrogen bombs are also the same people who are holding the television stations license to broadcast?

If so will workers not put our rights in so that we can breathe free again?

"This Bitch should of had a heart attack to get off my pyramid," Judee say"

Bitch did have few heart-attacks Judee put on him. A couple from his killer satellite and one from eating a little bit of cheese and two from eating some salt. Will workers try to perceive that some of the information you are receiving from Bitch is coming from an extraterrestrial civilization to give you a chance to not be pushed out of life form in the end times?

The genocidal killer Jews who have shown us what they do. Kill us in nuclear wars both blast and waste. Vaccinate us with non-kosher shots that cause our kids to lose their wits early in life, in the formative years.

Are some vaccines safe? Yes, the ones they give to their kids, the kosher vaccines they withhold from Druid and Slav.

But with no rights, what can we do other than grin and bear it? Will workers not put our most precious rights in once again so that we have some protection from the Jew fiends?

God's shill who told the people the truth, knocked into the grave again and again. Each time Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock on board the Starship Enterprise pulled him out of the grave and sent him back in again.

The American people being decimated by brimstone waste. Only need to look into the good book sent from above to make sense of all it and protect yourselves.

But the higher wit of the Jews continues to hold the Jews in against the mass of the ordinary people here. The war with Russia the Jews want to get underway. About to begin in earnest any day.

Though some good news, it appears for certain Germany is out of it now. Our family in Germany quite aware of what planes dropping bombs can do to those on earth and apparently are acting to bring in an end to the Jew tyranny in Germany.

"The fight Germans are going in, it's fateful."

American workers, funding most all of the bombings in our world, now about to be bombed ourselves. And not having the first-hand experience of it as our family in Germany has had. Must we not act to prevent being struck by taking our money bag away from the dangerous Jews?

Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock still sending flying saucers into MARK the Jews bombing plot. God's shill on earth doing what he can working through PTSD from living in Englewood.

Our good God who loves us all and wants us to save ourselves. Is there not a prayer to be said that will bring our wits to the level of the Jews? The wits to understand that we are all peaceful men and not warriors. Will workers not STOP THE WAR?

The clear and present danger the genocidal Jews present even though they are but a tiny minority of men. How do they do it? Is it any other than terrorizing us to give them their sway and allowing them to issue our dough?

Another school shooting in Colorado yesterday. Might we understand that is Judah's way?

"I just had a presumption to get a fold." (Found in the report of that Colorado school shooting)

Here is a reverse facial speech of what they think in their subconscious of white failing to wake to the obvious dangers we face:

"White boy is going because you're foolish."

"Foolish to do nothing," Mercury has said to us for years.

Bitch insult due to the stupid anger fault, instead of being angry and acting rude, if only Bitch had shown compassion and understanding might labor have helped us here and stopped the war?

But Bitch is still holding on for the moment that God's love will save us yet. While the Jews have won every time in the 1,300 years they have controlled our hearts and minds with a cage and fist punishment, is it not pleasant to think, only one strike, and that will be it for them and their fist?

If it was not for their brutality, dangerousness, and viciousness, might we be able to stand the preposterousness and infantile silliness of their rule?

The childishness that has prevented them from growing up and recognizing the rights of their fellow man.

Self-contented with their ability to cast a spell, take over the government and put a false consciousness on the majority of ordinary men to make war. For the love of God and man will workers not put them out NOW?

For the sake of your own little babies will you not STOP THE WAR?

"They fall us soup lines." 5.01 am

Might we see that it is poverty they use to miniaturize us?

Our good God almighty who made our bail when the Jews tried to give us our final fail in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Will workers not try to get close to our good God before we and our children are washed out completely?

Judah who tells the minnows Bitch had syphilis. That is not true. Bitch has not had any social diseases in his life. And yet the jews have rumored it to the minnow and so the minnow knows not better and believes the Jews.

The Jews who tell you Bitch has put a bunch of people in. That is not true, Bitch has not put anyone in and God knows that to be true. Judah putting all of his sports in once they get known to the public.

The guy who showed up at the police department in Biloxi, Mississippi and shot the police officer dead. Is there some understanding that had to have been authorized by Jew?

Are ordinary working people understanding that for atrocities and the monsterous war sins the Jews have committed internally in America as to why these shootings keep going on?

Will labor not take the cages away from the Jews and end their war sins in this land?

To go to the police department and shoot a police officer dead and get away. Does that not tell you it was done by the jews?

The great wealth and comfort we have that can be taken away by 54 hours of high technical war. Will American workers not act before it is too late?

As false as a three dollar bill and doing all they can to harm us still. The end is finally here, will you not be a good neighbor labor and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Our good God is with us still. The God of our Bibles that loves us all equally and unconditionally. Will workers not have faith in our good God to save us and act now to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Isaiah 53:1 Who has believed our message? And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed? 2 He grew up before Him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. He had no stately form or majesty to attract us, no beauty that we should desire Him. 3 He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief. Like one from whom men hide their faces, He was despised, and we esteemed Him not.

A Grave Assigned
…10 Yet it was the LORD’s will to crush Him and cause Him to suffer. And when His soul is made a guilt offering, He will see His offspring, He will prolong His days, and the good pleasure of the LORD will prosper in His hand. 11 After the anguish of His soul, He will see the light of life and be satisfied. By His knowledge My righteous Servant will justify many, and He will bear their iniquities. 12 Therefore I will allot Him a portion with the great, and He will divide the spoils with the strong, because He has poured out His life unto death, and He was numbered among the transgressors. Yet He bore the sin of many and made intercession for the transgressors.

Is it not astounding how our good God knew all of these days what we are going through now a couple of thousands of years ago and put them into our Bibles for us to study in the end times?

12 Therefore I will allot Him a portion with the great, and He will divide the spoils with the strong, because He has poured out His life unto death,

The hundred trillion dollars velocity economy that will come in when we hook our generators up to the clean, free unlimited power of the Cosmos. Will labor not be strong and take a portion with the great? Bitch, who has poured his life unto to death, he was cut off from the land of the living and would not be here except for the mercy of God.

Rather than merely saving Bitch, is there some understanding that if not for the mercy of God those 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads would have reached us if God did not have His angel Sir Casper direct pulling them out of the sky?

"We perish you opposite easily," Judee say.

The transition out of planet earth at permanent war into planet earth at permanent peace. Our planet now ruled by war master who is to be retired and for labor to take over next and rule in peace.

The Godly meta gorical transfiguration of our species out of an earthbound war serving species into a peaceful extraterrestrial race. Will American workers not STOP THE WAR NOW?

Individually our labor is very slight. Collectively it is the greatest power of them all except for God. Will workers not authorize yourselves and ORGANIZE to retire master with a general STRIKE?

Is labor understanding that what you are being called upon here for is handling the issue of money that is basically a bookkeeping function?

If American workers fail to act because Judah has convinced you's that Bitch is a mean guy, is it understood that we will have fallen then to the Jews plans to wipe us and our kids out fair?

Our elders from outer space that are still MARKING for us here? Will workers not listen to them?

Arizona Light


Scottsdale – On April 10, 2019, I saw something and have been searching other accounts since then.
My photos were taken next to the Airpark on April 10, 2019, at 6:45 PM. Prior to seeing the objects, the nearby Scottsdale Airpark sent up two (sets) of fighter jets into the airspace. It was a very windy day and the clouds moved fast. I look up and about 15 minutes later) became too small for my eyes to focus on. They were gone at the same time. I am extremely curious of course. When the jets went up I was hoping for some alien gun play, but no. The lights just remained stable amid customary commercial plane routs coming in and out. Note: Similar sightings were observed in Apache Junction, AZ and Gold Canyon, AZ. Thanks to Will Pucket/www.ufosnw.com/newsite/

And what might we guess our elders from Mercury were MARKING there?

"The lights just remained stable amid customary commercial plane routs coming in and out."

Might some of the nuclear war fighting investors have been about to arrive in airplanes for a meeting of how to get us died out in nuclear blast war? Might our elders sitting in the customary air routes with their flying saucers be what elders were showing us there?

"Similar sightings were observed in Apache Junction, AZ and Gold Canyon, AZ."

Can we only wonder, might Judah have flown in and been looking for a place to install some hydrogen bombs?

While watching a video of the fires in California that burned so many homes down a speaker in the video said in RS:

"It was oil that got them out."

Will workers not end this war on us with a STRIKE?

Tele receives:

"You've already won. 7.15 AM

It's void, your cannibal wits boy.

Let's all RISE, Patrick already won.

An unusual wit of this guy.

Good luck. 7.40am

Beautiful rice wars. 8.48 am

That's scorey.

Bitch pitch real puree.

Your hot failed.

Messy they off. 8.05 am

This guy's fruit.

Vegetables never fail government waste.

Your qualify purity is off and gone.

You nicely failed the gerbies. 8.41

Uck, you're crazy. 9.26 am

This guy's got the free energy.

They'll skin you fresh head police. 10.50 am

It was a nice fear. 11.24 am

Throw them out.

Shove them out of here, they're obviously outer wood. 12.48 pm

Stupid Bitch wiped my face and I still pitched Druid.

Goose ball has got some sefferage' here. 3.48 pm

Obvious weapagen lies.

You're cute. 4.28 pm

We're captured faithless thief. 4.48 pm

White passed. 5.34 pm

Tune them in, Jew giving them a grudge fall.

The fouled us app-see-is and we forfeit.

Your life form is already presented passed away.

You fouled them in fear. 6.29 pm

You're waken em.

You failed in your innocence completely.

Take them out of here gracefully.

The cannibal is a police problem. 6.50 pm

We're occupied doggess.

Toss them in for cycling psycho.

They burn bad wealthy.

They hate ox us.

It's nuts.

They insure to idle. 7.10 pm

Par boiled.

Let's finish it.

You failed to sake us.

He always mentals the white man to get tyranny in.

Psychic went passed us beach offer. 7.26 pm

A video is folding us husky here.

They're dangerous in freedom.

They're bringing back the tollway.


You STRIKE a fist rude.

Stay downforce. 7.58 pm

You be singed. 8.02 pm

You defeated nuts. 11.50 pm

They chase you out fear chest.

Without civil rights they harsh fasch you.

The Jew has obviously gotten you out.

Without the universe welcome first his quickly sold.

Their first claim out cheer.

Their minds oppose you.

Their higher mental bessed you off this place.

Refused STRIKE, their Jewish is savage ment.

Diesel hijacks you oily. 2.26 am

Patrick tried to see us through to safety.

A STRIKE passed will kill you.

ORGANIZE, block their punch.

Professor sees they offed them whiskage.

Continues at:

They fall us soup lines. 5.01 am


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