Hollary 7 Obama Proven Guilty Of Treason
Mon May 13, 2019 06:28

The latest evidence arising from various reports clearly show that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are not only guilty of Lies and Murder, but are also guilty of Campaign Financing Laws and Treason

Yes - Treason.

Whether they will actually be arrested remains to be seen.

their Underlings - those who created the Coup - are apparently going down but these Kingpins Inhabited by Demons -

We shall see.

In addition - here we go again with the US tying to start a False Flag to invade Iran.

Just blow up a few US Cities, kill a Major President like Trump and Putin - or create a False Flag - and Voila - Instant War to hide the collapsing economy.

Complete with a Trump Double since he refuses to do as GOD has asked him to do..

So here we go all over again

Next False Flag - India and Pakistan or China - You decide.

Video: (662) Guess Who Just Got Thrown Under The Bus??? - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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