"Their Core-a-tech Lie to You. The White Man is Quite Paraly
Mon May 13, 2019 09:19

"Their Core-a-tech Lie to You. The White Man is Quite Paralysis."

Planet earth held in tyranny worldwide because of Jewish lies and being the only one that can issue our bourse. The only one holding them in, the purse of American working men and women.

Workers informed by the angels God sent in of our coming die and yet the lies of the Jews still hold us in. And yet in only a few hours, the Jews will be cleared away affording God's children on earth a chance to survive the nuclear the Jews are waging on us. Will workers not demand peace with a STRIKE?

Will we not take Mercury's advice and get smart and take the Jews out of the management of our beautiful nation?

In the 1,300 years, the Jews have infested the mild peoples lands not once have mild people successfully left them off right. But what about Hitler, did he not do that? Hitler, are we not aware was a Judah hireling? Might we view him as the guy that was used to cause ordinary Jews to want to stay inside the big Jews control because they were frightened of the ordinary people because of weap Judah hiring guys like Hitler?

The authority to issue money. Historically the king or queen issued the money of the state. "It is the prerogative of the Sovereign to issue money," the court said in the 1602-1604 Mixt money cases in London.

Mercury elder informed Bitch that they informed the Mixt court at that time that the authority to issue money was the "Organizing Principle of Society." Might it not be interesting to see if the court record shows any tampering with erasures or missing pages?

The Organizing Principle of American Society that was privatized into the hands of the Jews in 1913 when they also got Congress, the courts and executive to allow them to extract tribute from American working people.

The Jews, not elected, no input from the people at all, and yet Americans were ordered by the government to pay the Jews tribute in the form of an income tax.

Too unbelievable you say? They have held that power since 1913 and only lost it one time when President Kenedy took it away from them.

A non elected, an undemocratic, unrepresentative private foreign corporation of genocidal Jews and the offices of American government gifted them with the authority to collect taxes from ordinary working American men and women. And also privately issue our money.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God said.

The Jews who have the authority gifted to them to extract tribute from us and have used that power to nuclearize our planet and menace us with a threat to destroy us by surprise in an all-out nuclear blast war. What has caused us to do nothing after we learned they went ahead and tried to carry out our extinction in a surprise nuclear blast war in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

What on earth or in heaven will finally convince working Americans to take the concession to issue American money away from the deadly treacherous genocidal Jews?

The MCAS warning light on the Boeing 737 that would have informed pilots the system was not working while the plane was still on the ground and have been a no go situation. Now we learn that MCAS warning light would only come on after the plane reached an altitude of 400 feet. And such an important fact not mentioned in any of the 737 flight manuals. Will workers not put our fact-finding grand juries in?

Jussie Smollett and his opp to incite race hatred. How many can we only wonder think he may have been paid 3 million dollars to do that opp for the Jews to aid in the mental control of the American people?

Some reports say he was paid $125,000 for each episode of Empire. So to get him to stage a race hatred incitement opp in Chicago, must he not have been promised quite a lot of money?

Jussie is only mentioned here to demonstrate the big free money that is available to the Jews to get their way in everything.

If we have corrupt Washington DC investigating what went wrong at Boeing to allow those new planes to be Sky Bratted out, how much money might there be available to make sure the true facts never come out? If the Jews could give Jussie 3 million for staging a race hate opp, how much might they hand out to make sure we never get the truth about those two Boeing 737s that crashed killing 346 people?

The preposterous staged stories the Jews put on as news. Can we only wonder how much it cost to hire the staged acts and film crews? How much it cost to schedule their staged videos as news on all channels? Will labor not bring our grand juries in and challenge their licenses to broadcast on public airways based upon abuse of public credulity?

"My management is off for corporate sanity. The British be a big average for free. The sober boy in Des Moines has shown our arrow way. The mush now is going to be Soviet. Our crystal room is coming out for foul. It's pretty much the end of the United States. Jew full sandwiches is about done.

I shoot you true energy to war out your state. We attach you on an opp and then fall you beautiful with a wrench. Bitchie amateur reports our quite false. Western nutter has now all fallen. Jew held his fell because you're all deafish. Jew rights often offend you, we're scoring off a generation here white, gruesome I have some insurance war.

I'm aiming for some plowsmen. I just sentence you, to wash you I just do a day go opp. I scored your children easy. I'm a big drug store sale, we STRIKE you scrimmage. We set them so they stay dead. I'm a marvelous zoo wisdom. Our Russians will trash you bigot. I thief cage and my war won. I horrify you with police strategy, that's why I have them savage you.

I blind you from my management with fist. I'm just a core fister that died. My Federal police provide a big ruse function. My caboose is kabibble oucher. We waste them off with fool vision. Because we're quite jealous we shoot. I had Duke-a-free Nelson freeze you up. I'm dying for my heritage and horseradish. Patrick, we narrowed you.

A juvenile will take you off with Fitz, our fiction. My whole exhaust rights were war so Hebrew I'm taking your atmosphere here. Tomorrow Ohio is done for our big grease fail. I neutralize you with a Euro-fail. Our third Asian war I'm streaming still. I had a chance with booze so I just sported you.

Ricemueller erection gave us our war. Bitch nation, his father we fell him in sucker way. The white socks I'm leaving with no fortune because you're done. You're fully successfully mentally cops out here. We just give you language to get you ditched, his mother sees our Russian fault, so we're leaving.

We carried the rednecks to the Soviets with a dog to sinus you. We element you back with a great hand, you're not animate. Great sporting wants you out. We got you in a way of foolish spicing so we can take you off with sports. Our convenient way to Jew you out is to fall your mental and now you see our way.

I'm an autocrat that bores you with symbols. From Canada, I have a supreme to open you quite well. I die you well on element. My supreme violence always lets me die you away sweet. H----- let me go for fiendish. H----- riced us, I've fallen. I establish you maximum gin so I can give a fall. I have British ship of phonies I use to have fun with. I rate you with a brassiere for my boom boom day of happiness.

A German holiday was always my day for boots. My big fall was with the Martian foos sale, it showed my benchland foul sober fails. I want you dead that's why I carry a warrant. I'm passed because I washed out the man with my function. Jew Irishman screwed off my scene. His right all thieves my dungeons, if we can't come back in, I'm off.

With me the palace dies because they naked file. Jew molest all of your rights off because of your shitty war ways. With war I can psych a valuable family. My day is off yesterday, that's all. My luxury war assignment rule is bourse fells. His mother's space wars have won. I want to do fear right, the white super see abuse fumbles.

I already functioned Berlin and it pushed us off. With Moscow, I'm going to prove my promise. My boozen apps the state. For Jew prophylaxis, we fall all white here. My beliefs don't respect you so I fall you every day. We politic your rights Maxwell. I do Joliet rights for insurance. I have a Soviet side we finance, I'm going to burn you. It's a right for Jew to hos you out by Frick or force.

I fall off white guys from San Francisco so they have no use for me. White summons ends and it puts us back in the hearse, we got to end. The white fall is due to Lincoln striking you. I fouled you with America's best fouls. We fight you calf for income. I give you a war scene for your problem. I just dog your right people.

I put you all overrated to desecrate you. The British search you with a drummer and filth, we make the economy weak with lawsuits. If you didn't believe in your chapelin rights, I lost my analysis. With bars Jew put you into white state here. I always insect man in morals here so I can bust you out.

I'm past fold for the disk roll here. Our whole baby will eventually set you. Whites should believe English content, with orange juice we cite you war. When you cite me passed, I'm a home fur. I have foul beliefs that won in my own family. Receipts let us get a big head and foul you here," Judee say.

The receipts that gave the Jews a big head and so they went ahead with every dastardly deed possible against us in every land. And still at it. Will, we not pray for the miracle of God to bring Americans to end this dictatorship of the genocidal Jews by taking the Organizing Principle of America away from them, the concession to issue our cash?

Don't give up on us, baby
Don't make the wrong seem right
The future isn't just one night
It's written in the moonlight
And painted on the stars
We can't change ours

Don't give up on us, baby
We're still worth one more try
I know we put a last one by
Just for a rainy evening
When maybe stars are few
Don't give up on us, I know
We can still come through

I really lost my head last night
You've got a right to stop believing
There's still a little love left
Even so

Don't give up on us, baby
Lord knows we've come this far
Can't we stay the way we are?
The angel and the dreamer
Who sometimes plays a fool
Don't give up on us, I know
We can still come through

It's written in the moonlight
And painted on the stars
We can't change ours

Don't give up on us, baby
We're still worth one more try
I know we put a last one by
Just for a rainy evening
When maybe stars are few
Don't give up on us, I know
We can still come through

Don't give up on us, baby
Don't give up on us, baby

Father's angels have not given up on us yet, even though their own computer simulations indicate it is more likely than not that the Jews will destroy us before we act to let them off.

What would you think of an American lawyer that has had over 6,000 people released from prison? Sounds like it is a pretty good lawyer doesn't it? Would you believe that for defending an unpopular personality that an 18-year-old student could get him fired from his job of teaching law students? A top legal professor fired from Harvard who rapidly was terminated because he was providing legal services to Harvey Weinstein.

Ronald Sullivan and his wife Stephanie Robinson

Harvard Caves to Student Mob, Fires Ronald Sullivan for Being Harvey Weinstein's Lawyer
"We are surprised and dismayed by the action Harvard announced today."
ROBBY SOAVE | 5.12.2019

"I am writing to let you know that Ronald Sullivan and Stephanie Robinson will not be continuing as your Faculty Deans when their term ends on June 30, 2019," Harvard College Dean Rakesh Khurana wrote in an email to Winthrop House students on Saturday.

Robinson is Sullivan's wife and co-faculty dean of Winthrop House. They were the first African-Americans to serve in this position.

Sullivan, who remains a Harvard law professor, is a man with quite a resume: He advised Sen. Barack Obama on criminal justice issues in 2008, represented the family of Michael Brown in their suit against the city of Ferguson, Missouri, and is responsible for the release of more than 6,000 wrongfully incarcerated people. His clients have included accused murderers and terrorists, consistent with the liberal principle that everyone accused of a crime deserves expert legal representation.

But in the wake of Sullivan's decision to serve as legal counsel for Weinstein, Harvard student-activists have embraced a different view.

Danu Mudannayake, one the students leading the campaign to remove Sullivan, described the professor's representation of Weinstein as "not only upsetting, but deeply trauma-inducing" and evidence that he "does not value the safety of students he lives within Winthrop House." According to Mudannayake and her fellow radicals, Sullivan has made Harvard an unsafe and hostile educational environment.

Mudannayake was also caught by surprise, though the news has delighted her.

"My honest reaction is just completely gobsmacked, but in the best way," she told The New York Times. "I'm very proud today of our college and our college's administration for finally choosing to do the right thing." She described the atmosphere as "celebratory."

Britain's Sutton Trust Programme partnered with the Fulbright Commission and Danu was gifted with a scholarship to come to America and study at Harvard for free.

Might we spot a hybrid transplant look alike Judah Replicon Indian shell from Great Britain that just scored one of the best law professors out of a job at Harvard? Pretty heady stuff for such a young woman isn't it?

Can we only wonder might law professor Ronald Sullivan have been set up to be removed? That is, might his legal ability in freeing wrongly incarcerated people have put him on a list of Judah to get him out one way or the other?

Might we imagine that Ronald took Harvey's case due to being led into it by another Jew with the preformed intent to use his Judee shells to get rid of Ronald then based upon helping Harvey?

Will workers not restore sanity in our world by ending the Jews privately issuing American workers money?

"My Jew in Moscow is falling because of what I'm doing," Judee say.

And what is Judee doing in Moscow other than setting it all up for white of West to fight with White of East?

Before we have been died off fair will mild affable people not act and let off this rare nuclear war fighting wit that is making war that is aiming to get us out of here?

Tele receives:

"They gave us a hard push. 1.20 pm

You're awful failed and your fault siege us. 1.32 pm

Get out of here, your dreadful has failed. 2.03 pm

Thank you for surviving savage.

Their fat boy's fit.

Can't you help us, Patrick?

Keep helping boke these guys.

Their energy is rude.

You gentle out rude vicious.

Oh, Pat, you're supposed to save us from false here.

Taking us out was child's play foogerous.

You lost your right to tell us straight.

Boy, I want to see you ricin die. 3.03 pm

You let petitions in you're sealed foul. 3.34 pm

A waste thing will waste us out of here.

You stupid hear. 3.36 pm

My God you're hustling to STRIKE THEM OUT! 3.46 pm

Your psyche has held in tenement Bustco. 4.12 pm

It's savvy.

I'll stay with you until they clear.

Pat, your schemage wrecked it.

Thank you, Patrick, you caught waifer dumb. 4.52 pm

Tearing us right source.

STRIKE force, intermittent failed.

The enemies felled this life. 6.07 pm

Bad judgment are filthy life.

They're non-renewable.

They fall you waste theory continental.

Stupid ruse failed our gayleeness.

Super is stupid in a numb skull way so they threw you all out. 11.36 pm

The professor threw their great room out.

Patrick, we're going out of here, save us! 11.45 pm

Continues at:

Bear policemen, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Let's finish it.

With s

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