Rain Water World Wide Now Toxic - Thanks NASA
Tue May 14, 2019 04:40

Our rain water is toxic - see for yourself.

Since 1978 We have studied Acid Rain created by burning Oil and Coal for power.

The Effects have created a huge ecological crisis world wide.

We put out video after video on now to reverse the effects so as to eliminate Tree Diseases, and improve agricultural production without using Pesticides, Herbicides and to reduce fertilizer use by 90%.

Now - the rain has changed from Acidic to down right toxic.

we have done story after story showing NASA, and the 60th and 55th Air Wing and their Chemtrail Sprayers.

Finally - we are seeing the actual rain sudsing and corroding even Stainless Steele objects.

Pray the White House defunds NASA Immediately and arrests those funding those hideous actions,

Video: (469) Our Rain Water Is Now - Toxic - YouTube

The Wall Of truth

Dr William B. Mount


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This will mark one of the biggest technological shifts of a generation




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