"They're Offing Us Tigers Here. The Whites are Being Destroy
Tue May 14, 2019 10:41

"They're Offing Us Tigers Here. The Whites are Being Destroyed."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. Can we only hope and pray that those dreadful facts become apparent to us and that we will act to take the authority to issue our money away from the genocidal Jews?

"It still hurts." 3.09 am

Bitch sad that he couldn't sooth Father by convincing His simian children in America to STOP THE WAR. Bitch had no intent to hurt when he committed the deathly sin of insult.

But then again Bitch had no intent to hurt the auto mechanic but by letting Judah know that he knew him, it cost the mechanic his life. Might they be classified as unintended consequences of actions not well thought out?

"Oppression of mind," is how Father described Bitch's fail of letting Judah know that he knew that auto mechanic.

Words said cannot be returned to the bottle once spoken. And seven-years later Bitch deathly insult still hurts.

Father will weep as a third of His simian children on earth now pass out of existence due to nuclear war. And yet because we fail to heed His warnings He will let us go and die away.

Bitch, knowing quite well he screwed up, prayed to Father that if it would help the white people to try and save themselves if Bitch passed away, asked Father to have His angels send the inhalation ricin back in and let Bitch go a nice way, in his sleep as before. But so far, Bitch is still here. He still would love to sooth Father by convincing His white children to try and save themselves. And he also believes in miracles.

The words of Jesus to us found John 15:15
No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not understand what his master is doing. But I have called you friends, because everything I have learned from My Father I have made known to you.

Has Bitch not made known to everyone what he learned from Father? Yes, he has. Has he not made known that the Bible has been gifted to us from an extraterrestrial civilization? Yes, he has made known that our good God Almighty heads an advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization located 38 light years from earth in the direction of the North Star.

Has Bitch not also made known that the Centers of Power of planet earth, Vatican, royals, and Judah, have known of our extraterrestrial house for many centuries now? Yes, he has made known this important fact.

And why is that fact so important?

Once understood might it help us perceive that the plan all along has been to wipe us out with nuclear disease, preferably blast but waste will do the same only taking a few years more?

Mathew 24:35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

The words in our Bible. Might we try to stretch our minds to perceive some of them may have come from a long departed advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization, Prensasour?

The Periadon Beings of Prenasour that passed away after 78 million years of peaceful existence. The kind Beings that left a light on for us that our creators, the Third Edition Galacticans took for themselves, the path of peace.

If we do our numbers, might we try to digest the Periadon Beings started their peaceful civilization 99 million years ago?

The First Edition Galacticans discovered the light the Periadon Beings left on for them 9 million years ago and the Periadon Beings had already been gone for 12 million years.

So if we add, 78 million years the Periadon Beings were in existence, plus 12 million years Prenasour was maintained by self-replicating robots, and add 9 million years since the First Edition marsupial Galacticans discovered Prenasour, is that not 99 million years ago since Prenasour began?


Might such numbers help explain the passage in the Bible:

Mark 13:31 Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear.

Luke 21:33 The sky and the earth won't last forever, but my words will.

The little blip in time we inhabit. Is it not something to think about, heaven and earth will pass away but God's words will never pass away?

Mathew 24:28 Just as the gathering of vultures shows there is a carcass nearby, so these signs indicate that the end is near.

The carcass of what was the wonderful America where there was a bill of rights. The shears that are now coming in to skin the flock. Will ordinary working people try to perceive just how important civil rights are and put them in once again?

Revelation 10:7
But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound his trumpet, the mystery of God will be fulfilled, just as He proclaimed to His servants, the prophets."

Has the mystery of God not been fulfilled with the long-running extraterrestrial intervention into our world? Do we not now know where we came from and where we are going to? Yes, we do.

Revelation 19:9 Then the angel told me to write, “Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” And he said to me, “These are the true words of God.”10 Then I fell down at his feet to worship him, but he said to me, “You must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God.” For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Might we recognize today the angel that John bowed down to was actually one of our elders from Mercury?

The spirit of prophecy of Jesus Christ. is it not absolutely amazing how the mystery of God is being revealed in the end times?

Has anybody ever written a science fiction book that approaches what we are seeing revealed in our world now?

Though might we think of our number one intelligences on earth, in America we had Otto Binder and Morris Jessup who both identified the Bible as an extraterrestrial document and did it about 70 years ago after God had His angels drop one of their spaceships at Roswell, New Mexico?

The Star Trek adventure that never was because no writer approached the mystery or wonder of our good God.

And what else do we have in our bibles that can help us as we transition out of a planet of murdering psychopathic genocidal Jews into a place of peace and tranquility for all of God's kids?

Genesis 6:13 Then God said to Noah, "The end of all living creatures has come before Me, because through them the earth is full of violence. Now behold, I will destroy both them and the earth.

The violence of nuclear war that the Jews ordered up for us. The war that has almost scored us and our children out of here permanently. Will workers not be concerned enough to try and prevent us from being fully scored?

Jeremiah 23:22 But if they had stood in My council, they would have proclaimed My words to My people and turned them back from their evil ways and evil deeds."

And who is "they" that could have turned the people back from evil if only they had stood in God's council?

The evil of sport war and genocide that has now consigned Americans to die. If only John and Martin had been kept alive might we not have avoided the evil way and deeds of the Jews on free bourse?

The council of God invited Moses in to hear the words that could save our lives, "Thou shalt not kill."

Judah who claim the right to violate God's rule by saying that the victim they killed, "he was a drug dealer, she was a whore."

Yet was it not only yesterday they violated God's rules prohibiting the slaying God's children by saying things like, "he was a heretic and she was a witch?"

Jeremiah 12:17 But if they will not obey, then I will uproot that nation; I will uproot it and destroy it," declares the LORD.

The mass destruction of Americans almost sealed in completely. And while they are setting us up for the big accident at Hitachi-GE, they also are bringing in more Soviet police to back up the British sniper marines.

And who have they sniped recently? Would you believe a cop on the street writing a traffic ticket?

When Bitch writes about these things he gets all sorts of flack for reporting it. So will limit the details to some reverse facial speech:

"The banker said have him arrowed because the sober boy in Des Moines made his way. They had an oafish boy British get him out ruse. He took some out steroids. I'm a fallen genius because of a white who saw our foolish ass. Reicho, shit Marine tumbled it. A policeman come London clear.

This is fist politics. Our fight memories do some extradition. The rides in prison caused the corporation to pull him off. --- ------- is taking them out right. The bankers took him out with a right sell and handed you a fiction. My zoo dangerous act scored him away. CBM sport him Federal. A true embassy hit because he could have scored foul Jew away from here. My television hammers right. I shoot you true energy to war out your state.

My management is off for corporate sanity. The British pushed him. They finished him out of the armory. He was seen for more turt. His rights fly continental. He scored some righteous to collect in a debt. He was a bruisen seen true rightly. He cuffed them up and then he fist.

He was pushed in Jew for palace too big heat. His tombing was to take your sight off of Federals. A burn sap do you right. The mush now is going to be Soviet. He put in some white men for security. Our crystal room is coming out for foul. It's pretty much the end of the United States."

Then in that same video one police officer in uniform said to another police officer in reverse facial speech:

"You advised his kin?"

Whereupon the officer responded:

"They're weap Jews so it's no problem."

How about this RS?

"He put in some white men for security."

Can we only guess what that is all about? "Security?"

Might they have been labor guys that were organizing workers for a better deal and the merchants felt organizing workers violated their security?

Years ago do some recall that reverse facial speech indicated the Jews had a special task force to put lawyers in? So what do you think about this RS?

" --- ------- is taking them out right."

Maybe a leader of a special task force putting in those who are seen for sporting and affecting Judah's tyranny investments? Taking them out to prevent them from giving depositions in civil actions by survivors?

While watching local news happened to pick a little of reverse facial speech of a guy that had been shot. The description of the assailants was brown men that did the shooting.

"This was an assault Soviet," a news reporter said in RS.

That is the third person that Bitch has found indications in reverse facial speech that they had been assaulted by Soviets.

One was a drowning victim that was ruled accident but reverse speech indicated that Soviets put him in the river.

That happened north of Des Moines well over a year ago. The other victim was from memory, found dead in Arizona.

The specifics of who they were is slight in memory, the thing Bitch remembers is reading in RS that it was Soviets that did the job on them.

While writing this, 6.12 am, one more just came to mind of a nice man that was shot to death in Chicago after being set up at his business site. News reporters, all Fornian look alike Jews, indicated it was a Soviet policeman that shot him and a Baltimore policeman was his driver.

Will workers not get involved and end funding this Jewish death sport out here?

"He scored some righteous to collect in a debt."

Are we seeing how they do what they can to help a guy or gal get deep into debt so they can insure him or her and then preferably silently fist them out and collect the insurance then? Might we see why they use so much pumice?

"His tombing was to take your sight off of Federals."

The constant shooting in Chicago. Are we not aware that is not gang bangers shooting it is Wall Street merchants collecting workers in insurance mostly?

On a little lighter note, found a teacher who sent a picture to her boyfriend of her chest and was fired from her job as an elementary school teacher when the picture showed up at school. She is suing the school district now. Here's a couple of things found in reverse facial speech concerning that:

"This is rams day boss. Jew made me awesome, I'm here to get fair."

Might those reverse speech indicate Jew made her an offer to become rich while still young? The controversy, if a man showed his best chest he would not be fired. Is that not the sort of stuff that Judah wants as our controversy?

Is there some idea of just how many bases Judah covers in his keeping our minds working in ways that we do not see him at all?

The STRIKE Labor, please do it and don't let us fall this way.

Tele receives:

"Naked Druid, you're supposed to be involved here. 8.43 am

It's inelegant. 9.04 am

Patrick, we're finished awesomely.

You've failed to perceive we are the deadliest. 9.27 am

You're an honest trying to shield us.

I just reach your life score and vague you off. 9.34 am

Shanty, do some rightful.

They just have harsh correction bum.

Let's out assaultery.

They're falsing you, they'll take the nation to ruin.

He's out thresh. 10.07 am

I put you's away missile opp.

Get out of here the sports ruin.

Don't worry about it.

You must do something or tomorrow is going to be fatal. 10.46 am

Inadequate filtherous, filthery. 12.50 pm

Stupid errs you foul.

You awked me.

The abuse is starting to off this state.

I'm am multi coward.

Tumbled ace'n.

Businessman serve us stoop here.

Right doggies purse. 3.17 pm

Plot fat forty. 3.48 pm

Super busted us out of here, a most trashly guy. 3.55 pm

You let me push. 4.58 pm

It's crooked. 5.07 pm

You failed to right us Patrick. 5.30 pm

You're in fail for your ultimate die.

German slaves enroute because you've fallen. 6.25 pm

You don't appear to be listening to how the Jew rapes us. 7.10 pm

Jarty. 7.16 pm

They just been oppin us thieven.

Chaw bad.

When you're driving you're risking your wealth.

It's mal wit.

You're depressing fiendish.

They tortured us fail.

Images fall you off of wager.

You're the bootsiest beautiful life form, light bulb.

Pat, I'm sorry Jews closed you up.8.42 pm

They sport you in an enimis way to get you out. 8.43 pm

Sway me.

The trees of heaven we can't plant now.

Get court pistols out of here.

Serious accessories gene jail.

Sly geniuses hunt you fair.

Versatile peace psychic showing best of field.

They're giving us a tight loss.

Extreme punishment Mercury warned you first.

Cycle them, peddle threat end.

They keep a white peace head fear. 12.12 am

You're fabled ricely.

They make you polotious.

His mental's set all theory.

The whites are being destroyed.

The mitts he do forcive. 12.47 am

I assault you with an alibi.

They're offing us tigers here.

They perish your life because they despise you.

Arrows tear us up.

iniquity here.

It's a normal battery hike sphere.

Their cap went so smoothly.

Jews ended it. 1.47 am

Overment fall.

Idiots have to Reich rape us.

He fouled you deadly.

Any equipment clear is not useful.

Authorize yourselves, your right forces are stution. 1.58 am

The wookie waste us edibles.

I won vicious. 2.13 am

The police have fallen.

It's a perish. 3.03 am

Lost and fail. 3.08 am

It still hurts. 3.09 am

I'm outraged geno sourcing us. 3.25 am

Opper we end you. 4.50 am

Why was daddy so trustable?

Jew won. 6.22 am

You louded them kike. 6.30 am

He wants to make the white people go.

It's sealed, you want to work war.

It failed, the devil has you confused.

In months racial will stumble you into a tomb. 6.49 am

Your bourse sin delayed a settlement.

It's fell. 6.53 am

Uncle Pat wants to free you, free us. 7.18 am

It's witless you jerk. 7.26 am

Police, I ever dudge you ruse. 7.37 am

God Almighty bailed us and four-speed pounced us. 8.36 am

Print funeral tense." 8.48 am

Continues at:

"Our purpose is ever wits failed. Because I didn't shoot you right my rights are caress to make you die fair.

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