Trump Motorcade Involved In Altercation - Troopers Down
Wed May 15, 2019 05:36

We do not know exactly what happened but President Trump was coming over a bridge and 4 Louisiana State Troopers are down - On the ground - prostrate.

That is all we know.

President Trump's Limo was untouched and he was unhurt.

100/100/10/1 - This Was The 1

we warned him about this Friday - 5 days ago

And we warned him about this in January.

The rest of the news is about how the Main Stream Media almost started a Nuclear War and how the economy is crashing.

Remember -- it was the Republicans that voted to pass the First Civil Rights Act.

VIDEO:(701) The Emerald City Garbage Dump - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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Pray for the President's Safety and thank GOD Hillary did not win.



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