"'We Just Want To See How Much We Can Off Your Promised Futu
Thu May 16, 2019 10:49

"We Just Want To See How Much We Can Off Your Promised Future," Judee say.

Generation MOX now growing up and living in a high background radiation. So what's the big deal about that? Might it be no children due to sterilization from the effects of the high radiation?

No noise, no fighting, merely living every day in elevated amounts of background radiation and we have a big population drop due to our children and grandchildren not being able to reproduce our line.

We know now that our line will pass out of existence in 9 million more years when it is the end of the time of our species due to old age. So what's the big deal if two out of three Americans perish out of existence now due to radioactive waste poisoning?

Might the big deal be that when we pass, Father will weep because he wants us to live for the next 9 million years and live out the promise of our high-level life form. The life form that is now going extraterrestrial in a big way.

Elder shared with Bitch that in another 30 years we will have a space fleet that will be traveling the stars. That is how advanced our technology has gotten now. No longer confined to earth, able to travel to the planets nearby and deep into outer space on journeys of exploration and discovery.

The Local Bubble we live in, the homeworld of the Galactic Federation of light. A 300 light year patch in our galaxy that is the homeworld of the Federation. 80% explored.

Our galaxy, only 20% explored by the Federation in the 9 million years of the existence of the Federation.

If the Federation lives out its existence in the same time range as Prenasour, 78 million years, our galaxy so large, it will not be fully explored when the 223 high intelligence psychiatric genes pass away.

The errant guys and gals here on earth who don't want us to go extraterrestrial and explore the universe. They're still aiming to die us off before we get to our golden age of space travel in peace. They themselves, if some are reading the bible correctly, might they have another thousand years and they will finish themselves off complete? That's what some interpretations are.

They're going into the safety of their well-prepared underground as they finish us off with the permanent war they have put upon us. Who would ever guess that only one Jewish electricity plant could easily kill a third of the human race living on the surface of the earth?

The environmental destruction they are doing claiming we have to go this way because we need the energy. And all the time lying to us about the presence of unlimited clean free heat and electric if only we will let modern technology come in here to help us.

But the only place free energy is allowed is in their undergrounds. We on the surface of the earth, oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy. The big players where we get our energy from. The high-speed motion of planet earth, we're not allowed to tap into that energy lest we get shot by the company.

"You insulted them because you're a Jew runt." One opinion found in reverse facial speech.

"I'm a tiny runt," Judee said in RS in a commercial for selling his cars.

The immaturity of Bitch that let slip with a deathly sin of insult that has now sealed the majority to be perished out fairly.

So why keep posting if we are now sealed into to die off due to biblical brimstone nanoparticle waste disease? Because the electricity has not gone down yet and this computer is still working and Russia has not attacked yet as Judah is planning on.

And so how about some Tele receives?

"They zoom out of range. 4.38 am

We give you a heart attack aggressor.

Your apology is inopoly. 6.54 am

Our cagen company is so thievous.

Hush the right goose kid.

Jews ability with electricity lit you on fire. 8.04 am

It is with electricity they made you accomplishables.

He's dutiful rabies.

The wookie was foul.

You're a vampite. 10.50 am

You really sell us. 11.51 am


With poverty, they fail lethal. 12.04 pm

They're viciously corrupt. 12.15 pm

The minnow is hurt to die. 12.33 pm

It's fair to chase us out of here.

It's shoddy. 1.42 pm

They're ditching us.

I stoop much. 1.58 pm

Skirmish tomato.

Jews have got the food all monkeyed.

Jews are failables.

I lost my mouse because of my disease.

The white race has been largely decimated already. 2.57 pm

British hold us for spite.

Get a luxury raid.

Hose-a-velt lunatics are winning this war. 3.32 pm

Hey Pat, your sewer life booed. 4.32 pm

Jabbing us off after psychic told us what is going on.

I die your Morpheus.

Americans, I tossed you's out, STRIKE you off life.

These lawyers have been murdering us for insurance collections.

Get them out Bitch before they ow verse us.

We're confusing this psychic history.

A widgetive failed you.

An opposite force quickly or he'll cap your field everlasting. 8.56 pm

STRIKE force lost your university.

Breathe ossly has failed.

Patrick's thrown out my useless suckers for deals.

I have horrible rights fighting you off of this place.

Con strategy you here.

Your condition speeds your rightful.

Peddlin dumps here.

Failed hostables, STRIKE THEM OUT!

Falsed all our rights out.

Failed our signal.

It's too bad they're forcing you X-ray day.

Japanese full erasive. 1.04 am

Suffering pleurisy even with contact.

Wales are blinding you.

U.S. wholesome molesting government.

Hike will roll us in, you failed to STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.45 am

Hermit holds you into 6 months then you're a nest egg.

Pestly fall; STRIKE THEM OUT!

ORGANIZE for deadly deadliness. 2.54 am

A STRIKE will help thee.

You almost lost your ownership badly.

You failed to save us, Patrick, the Jews are dying us good." 3.21 am

Our elders from Mercury, Jupiter Venus and Mars are here to help us every day.

"It's a pleasure," they say when they can do something good for us here.

Contact with our extraterrestrial family that pulled every single nuclear missile out of the air and saved us.

Might we surmise that sports and lottery tickets are distractions that help the Jews keep us from seeing what's really going on?

"White's the leader," a Judee said in reverse facial speech.

How could that be as we have no rights a Jew, or anybody else needs to respect?

The reason the Jew holds the white people into permanent war. Might it be because he understands our unique value of cooperation that produces the most wealth?

And when we are free we will lead our brothers and sisters peacefully to great wealth with our unique value of cooperation and not force? Might that be why at the subconscious level Judee say, "white's the leader?"

The jealousy of the Jews when they traveled to the northlands and saw the wealth the people had. Might we understand their jealousy is why they have made our brand serve their permanent war?

Did you happen to see the story about Germany's presidential plane that was hit while on the ground and damaged and not able to be used?

Merkel forced to swap planes again as van rams her jet (PHOTOS)
Published time: 13 May, 2019


Merkel herself was in Dortmund for a series of meetings and will be flown back to Berlin on another plane, the Luftwaffe confirmed on Monday. A government source told German tabloid Bild, perhaps jokingly, that the van’s driver had been so fascinated with seeing Merkel’s jet that they got out for a closer look and forgot to apply the handbrake, causing the crash.


Perhaps most embarassingly, Merkel missed the opening of last November's G20 summit in Buenos Aires, after the Konrad Adenauer suffered a technical fault one hour into the 15-hour flight and made an emergency landing at Cologne. Merkel herself was forced to catch a commercial flight to Argentina the following day.

Do some recall the technical fault last November that caused Merkel's pilot to make an emergency landing at Cologne was temporary loss of communications on the Konrad Adenauer?

Are we aware turning off the communications is one of the ways that Mercury chooses to signal pilots that Sky Brat is turned on and ready to take over the aircraft? Yes, that is one of the ways that Mercury may choose to inform a flight crew that they are going to be taken over by a computer.

"The van’s driver had been so fascinated with seeing Merkel’s jet that they got out for a closer look and forgot to apply the handbrake, causing the crash."

Can we only wonder, might Mercury have turned their fascination signal on that van driver and so caused that crash that luckily grounded President Merkel's plane?

Germany's industrial strength investment grade nuclear warfighting hobbyists that handled the technical for the attack upon the lower 48 in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, the same nuclear war fighting hobbyists that are helping Hitachi-GE scientifically poison out Americans. Might Frau Merkel know something about them that might be interesting to hear?

As Angela Merkel has been Chancellor of Germany since 2005 might she not know quite a bit about Germany's nuclear warfighting crowd, both blast, and waste? Will it not be interesting to hear Chancellor Merkel tell us what she knows about them and their plans for us here?

But then again, Germany doesn't have the right to grand jury process as Americans do when our rights are in.

Will American workers not get smart and put our American Bill of Rights in once again so that we can freely hear the truth?

John 8:31 So He said to the Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Will American workers not put our grand juries in and let the truth set us free?

And what is the truth?

The truth is we have a kind and good God in heaven above. Our precious sweet Father who loves us all equally and unconditionally. Our Lord Savior and Sovereign who saved our lives when He had his angels pull all of the Jews German Boeing nuclear missiles out of the sky in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, sparing us our simple lives.

Will American workers not help us now? WiIl workers not help yourselves and give us our STRIKE to close these most dangerous life forms out right?

The constant warfare of Europeans ever since the Jews appeared at our borders. Will white not let them off right and try to save ourselves?

"We criticize you a government way and that has folded our force. My dream world is I want to play my sports until you fall out. We just get inside you to corrupt. Dolty, he's awesome. The people of Virginia always gave me money because I'm a cooper. With the British, I'll seize you ultim. Basically, I foggy the minnow is how I got you so screwed up.

It's through my Druid I do Jew waste. Your stupid keeps reporting my jokes. Our criminal task force bess you all the time. The white socks I usually have pushing to hurt. I pull democracy with my false truth here. Our fighty bess your peace. We're setting you with no way, I have white future. We just want to see how much we can off your promised future.

I see a white boy for president for advisory so I can fold you out. I believe in a Jew plus life, we're just leaving you a war here. Our roots right out West establishment to tumble your house. Jew investments cost you 5 or 6%, I opp for pure reason. You STRIKE our percent, our course outrageous done.

We fall your spirit for our bidagerous, now we're done. I'm closing my attitude up because full Sherman we fight you. For my percent, I pinch you off because I was always a gold way. Racial we always pitch you off, Bitch has made true die for me. We sport you cupid for income awesome. For injury, we always want to hold the bourse. I need a hunk for sale.

We always take you out with a sport house. We always challenge the Mercury policemen. Casper here whisked my title away for jealousy. Parliament uses news for a great foul. We cost you fair rules a day. I cite you inadequate to breeze you easy. Our hopes now are from Moscow to get our big weaps in. I sport you lewdness and it gets me to give you a big war. Our orders are to decimate this state. I'm actualizing a Russian state.

My checks rubbish a truthful. I'm gonna throw this Bitch STRIKE wales way to get you off. Our purity core you dead, I just wanted you to know. I'm orbital and out, Jewies wrong time has ended. I just score rate you booze to get you out of here. My sword fights. I dumb the Druids good. For Mercury, we used mutts to fail. Our true was scuttled so it's the end of our rude.

Stumble a herm-a-tech this way. This is so you don't see my invesco. (Staged event of scaffold bumping building and breaking windows with two window washers on board on the evening news)

This is to perceive Bitch is a fool. This was fall in New Hampshire. (Helicopter spins and crashes in river shown on the evening news)

We died your complete nation. Your whole sight will cane me. Our fire hose is ancient. We already capped your life away so we're falling you for mercy. Shub. My surgery is to make the whites failed dead. Bitch wants my fisty out of here. You have some rights to protest us sporting you in or I just vault you. Thanks for watching Pat, I want to rough you with my Jamaica side.

I wash you with talcum because it's my conspiracy. I give you a huge battery of welts. We put you natural boy witless. If I got a Mormon I'll push your lease off. My origins is in weapons to push you out. I stressify a dog opp to tomb all. We comfort the majority for the first six months then we take you off with a bb gun.

Bitch has set the war here victor. We've fallen out the United States. We're absolutely leaving you mortaring. I fooled you much to die you scared. I'm a moral thief saw. I see a dog fist you fatigue whittle low. War psych right wood. They've taken our East out because of our municipal fail. Jew rights have legitimate officers arrangments. Our police die has let shrimp accomplish us," Judee say.

Our good God Almighty who had His angels let the Jews throw themselves out of here fair. Our Savior who wants us to live and join His house of peace. Will American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and give peace a chance?

God bless you; God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy
Thursday, May 16 — Psalm 66:1–7
Proverbs 9:7–10:32; 1 Corinthians 15:3–16

The Lord is wonderful in counsel and excellent in guidance. Isaiah 28:29 NKJV

Jesus said to them, “Have you never read in the scriptures: ‘The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone?’” Matthew 21:42

Eternal God, whatever happens in this confusing world we live in, we hold onto your son, Jesus, as our foundation and cornerstone. We trust that, in him, we will not fail. We pray in his holy name. Amen.

9.53 am

Man who killed mom with baseball bat claims it was accidental


CAMPTON HILLS, Ill. (FOX 32) - A college student from northwest suburban Campton Hills appeared in a Kane County courtroom Tuesday on charges he beat his mother to death with a baseball bat. The student's attorney calls it a horrible accident.

Some reverse facial speech from the Fox video:

"I'm a bluff to force you to die. This a Congressman firing all fiction to force you to go in. This is part of our all fraud, I'm, boosting fight. We indict you on immaturity, that's why we won."

2.05 pm

"Competition rise you hits. 5.43 am

They're enemies that do extortion.

Jerk is the white force that is scalping us.

Thieves are putting us out. 8.03 am

Wow, they've spared us and we've done nothing. 8.50 am

Patrick's family forced me out of it.

Jerusalic scored us. 11.08 am

Continues at:

You offed their jail.

Musk field shot us.

Our children

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