"You All Have Failed the Weap of Judah." That a reverse fac
Tue May 28, 2019 08:24

"You All Have Failed the Weap of Judah."

That a reverse facial speech of a non-Judah speaker giving us thought from the subconscious mind.

Weap Judah who put Americans into permanent war and held us until they had the resources in place to kill us all in an all-out nuclear blast war and save themselves by surviving our demise with a well prepared and provisioned underground world.

Might we have to agree with that reverse facial speech, "you all have failed the weap of Judah?"

Bitch received several negative Tele receives concerning yesterday's post. And he reread it several times before posting. The only way he knows if something is not right is by the Tele receives feedback that comes in. Thank you for them. The Daily test page he puts up and listens to comments if the post has negatives things in it.

We now days away from being sealed into losing our life forms. Our children and grandchildren to die out with us in a many-years-long, sickening due to inhaling Jewish electricity nuclear waste.

Bitch who was supposed to inform you's so that you's could act and stop the war to prevent the Jews from dying us out has failed. His posts apparently miff many of you and so you have chosen to not act in the face of our dying off now.

The commenter from years ago who suggested buying a tank of nitrogen so that the family could die together rather than dying separately as each member sickened into death from Jewish electricity waste.

The mention of the word "Knave," in yesterday's post that the Jews call us. Is that what got Bitch so many negative Tele receives?

"I attrition you knave because you could get me out of here but you let me war you," Judee say.

The negative connotation of that word "knave." Judah still attritioning us in constant world war and seeking new fights for Americans to fund and fist for the sports of the jews on free American labor bourse. Can we not pray for the miracle that will bring American workers to STRIKE THEM OUT and issue our money in peace?

That terrible thought from our Bibles that tells us "NO," we will now sicken and die out massively as part of the third of the human race that goes away due to inhaling brimstone.

Who would ever have guessed that our Bibles have been gifted to us from an advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization?

Who could imagine that Jesus was sent to us from an extraterrestrial civilization to help us transition from an earthbound existence into extraterrestrial space traveling Beings?

Do we recall that Otto Binder and Morris Jessup both figured that out over 7 decades ago and wrote about it to tell us? Both suffering death for their usefulness to the rest of us. Otto's 14-year-old daughter killed by a car attack and Morris found suicided.

The miracles that Jesus performed. Might we recognize now the advanced technology from the Galactic Federation of Light that aided Jesus in his ministry to us?

That Jesus died on the cross sacrificing His life to save us. Is there not some way to convince American workers to stop the war?

"We're doing all financial chipping to do commercial."

The chipping by putting a whole in an oil tanker and claiming Iran did it. Will workers not get the purse out of the Jews private hands and end funding the chipping that is designed to force us to do commercial?

The false consciousness that the Jews have put in that has let them register and then draft our kids for war. Our entire economy they control in their private hands that has squeezed certain sectors making war an acceptable income option.

Will workers not take the authority to issue our money out of the private hands of the genocidal Jews and help us to live right? Will we not try to save our lives from the cannibal cult that makes war and perpetrates genocide? Will the meek not rise and take over the earth as our good God wills?

Mathew 5:5 Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

The depraved, irrational and unreasoning, violent deadly dictatorship of the Jews in their Fornian shells that has now finished themselves off. Will the meek not empower ourselves with the love of God and STRIKE THEM OUT to save ourselves?

The slaying of human Beings that have been created in the image of God. The desecration, sacriligous immolation of the children of God using a war of radioactive waste to sicken and kill us off.

If we have been created in the image of God then why does God not stop the Jews from immolating us with Jewish electricity nuclear waste?

Might it be because God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves?

We could not protect ourselves when the Babylonian Jews attacked us with one thousand Boeing built missiles carrying 3,200 three hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, and so God had His angels led by Sir Casper pull every missile out of the sky sparing us our lives.

Can we not try to perceive the glory and majesty of our good God Almighty and close these dangerous Jews mattress creations out of the management of America nice?

"Ethically they're criminals," God Almighty said of the weap Jews that are destroying us easily.

How easily? Are they not getting us with nuclear waste about as easily as they would have gotten us with nuclear blast if not for God sparing our lives?

The childish gibberish they chirp on every channel and across the internet. Will ordinary working men and women not rise to the level to try and perceive just how deadly of a life form we are dealing with here?

"Occasionally," Mercury elder said when Bitch asked if they ever lose a population even after they have intervened to save them.

The long-running joke the Jews put in as their government that has now cast itself aside for its murderous genocidal vile ways. Will ordinary Americans not try to save ourselves as we are successfully being perished by the Jews on atomic Jewish electricity war waste?

My fellow Americans, if we fail to see and act upon the facts concerning just how dangerous and deadly, is this organized group of criminals in Washington DC then might we be going to be perished by our own pocketbooks now? Looks that way doesn't it?

Will Americans not have the courage from the faith in the love of our good God to let these dangerous war cats off of here?

Dangerous criminal sexual psychopaths that they describe themselves as that are still destroying us here on our own dollar bill that we let them privately issue backed by the tribute we give to them from working peoples paychecks.

Might it be that we are being tested to see who is extraterrestrial material and who is not?

To be rated extraterrestrial material might minimum requirements be that we have to be able to perceive when we are being destroyed in a silent nuclear war?

The hybrid transplant look alike Fornian Jew shell President Harry Solomon Truman that in 1952 gave the permit to the Jews to extinct the race of Druid and Slav with hydrogen bombs.

Followed in office by the Swedish hybrid transplant Fornian look alike Jew shell President Dwight Eisenhower who rejected the plea of extraterrestrials he met with to let us live and instead carried on with the Truman plan to nuclear war extinct our breeds.

Followed in office by President John Kennedy who was going to give a speech telling us about our extraterrestrial family from the stars.

John, foully murdered by the Jews so they could carry on their war against God's kids. Millions that suffered and died in South East Asia in the Jews investment sport wars that have left Asia managed by all look alike Fornian Jews.

Jews war breeding strategy that uses a mattress like a cannon leaving the target people Fornified after their penetration. The sleepers they had in Asia awaiting only the time when they could bring Europe to crush the useful peaceful governments and put their war mattress brand in.

"I have a minnow proceed to fall man."

The penetration of our wits that they enjoy playing with. Will American workers not get smart as extraterrestrials and let the Jews genocidal sports war machine off of here? Will the minnow not take good advice and try to see how they have a proceed aiming to fall you and me?

The false consciousness the Jews have sewn in that wants us to believe that we need a vast war machine to live free. Now that they have been caught red-handed attacking us all out nuclear blast to extinct our breed is there not some way that Americans will take the American labor purse away from them please?

The minnow proceed to fall, man, are we aware it is through war they plan to get us gone yet?

The gibberish and baby talk they use to make sure the people are not part of our rule. Will workers not take over the issue of our money and put democratic principles back into our rule?

With unlimited free money available to the jews might we understand how they have staffed our government with so many dangerous fools?

Fools that sport us while on the public payroll. Might we understand being a proven true sport is one of the prerequisites the Jews have for elevation to higher office in this troubled land?

The authority to issue our money. Is it not yet understood that if Americans let the Jews continue to hold it then we will be cooked?

Their false so perfected that it has held us past our extinction date.

The Nazi-Communist fascist rule they think Americans will fully accept and do nothing about. As it has been their fist that brought about the destruction of our rights, once we perceive clearly that their big great balls of fire fist has lost against our extraterrestrial protectors, might their Nazi Communist fascist rule not break? Sure it will but when will the consciousness of American workers arise to spare us any more Jew war and genocide? Here's what one of them said in RS:

"The Druid will app Jew because of the boy in Des Moines. My hopes are to take your future out, then you will take my gene out."

The boy in Des Moines who is in contact with the extraterrestrial force sweet Papa sent to spare us from extinction in the nuclear blast war the Jews planned to finally get Druid gone in.

Will Druid not awaken to the love of our good God who has had His angels step in and give us our lives that the Jews have done all they can to destroy?

While reading about the stabbing death of a 53-year-old employee of Virginia Commonwealth University watched the video report to try and see what happened there. The video report that followed it came on automatically about a puppy dog that was shot in the head.









Will American workers not end funding Judee monkeying our heads with shooting, hacking, lighting on fire and stabbing of dogs? Can we only wonder what those Israeli psychologists know about harming animals that help the jews hold our mental?

Kitten found encased in spray foam, trapped in garbage can

HILLSBORO, Ore. — A kitten was found encased in spray foam and trapped in a garbage can near Hillsboro.

A Hillsboro Garbage Disposal worker discovered the cat May 3 on Southwest Minter Bridge Road.


The kitten is now recovering at the Bonnie L. Hays Small Animal Shelter and is expected to make a full recovery.

Dr. Diane Healey with the Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic helped treat the cat.


“He looked like something out of a Halloween horror show,” Healey said. “It obviously hadn’t been there too terribly long, or he would have suffocated…the head was covered, the face was covered, the legs were stiff, he couldn’t move them.”

The dangerous criminal sexual psychopaths that have formed their life form to do one thing, destroy the other creations of God on earth that is found as men. Is there not some way to convince Americans to spend the time needed to think through that we are now being folded out of life form and use that thinking to save ourselves from the errant life form, the Jews?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off. They're NO friends of mine. They did not bend in the wind so they will break in the storm. I won't save your lives because 2+2=4. Try to perceive me, I love you, I want to save your lives. Put in an existence stipend with something in it for everyone, consider it a God-given right. I want you to be comfortable. My kids, treat them super nice. Be kind to the babies of the forest. Wake me when they've struck. Sooth me. You're a nice boy. You never fiend. He remained true to me," Beautiful sweet Papa said.

Our Father in heaven who has had His angels do everything needed for us to survive the genocidal nuclear war fighting Jews. What might it take to bring us to join in on Father's wondrous deal for us here?

"What happened here?" Father asked after Bitch insulted the white man.

"That is Patrick's fault of stupid, it is produced by enduring prolonged periods of suffering. Patrick will be OK because his thinking is based in love," Father said.

"For uniform luxury, we were always thugs," Judee say.

Will white people not get smart and end the Jews brave thug that they hire using labors purse?

Judah who puts in his sin as fail that is expressed in the Pentagon's genocidal war machine. Must the white people not prevent being fully perished and instead seek to have the financial resources to stop the war?

Hope it is understood the Jews are not coming back into management the day after the STRIKE. Will all labor not strike them out and prevent our total brimstone waste immolation?

Tele receives:

"I just waste war because I could. 3.02 pm

Pat, war will achieve. 3.19 pm

He's won us war.

Rights harsh war.

Dumb defraud you dog.

They've fired us with debt and fielded the circuit.

Tyranny makes a fight out of a boy.

No more Sky Brat funny us. 3.15 pm

Aweser' porting hell. 5.27 pm

Man, quit errin'! 6.19 pm

I hun set you.


Wonderful thieves cursed us.

Get out sport, materially they're trying to lose us. 6.47 pm

It's a blessing. 7.02 pm

That's from tension burning.

A degrade. 7.18 pm

Save yourself, he's a specialist at stealing kids. 8.21 pm

Oh my God Patrick helps save us. 12.18 am

Super make us dermal peace.

Patrick's history right years, Patrick helps us brother. 1.27 am

You died municipally. 3.01 am

They are now out of here.

The white people really don't know what's going on here.

Stuper, die wrenched. 3.01 am

Patriot white guy sees electrical they weap us with here.

Beautiful logic kike. 3.58 am

Oh my God Pat, you rice them final. 7.24 am

Trash time summer is going to cover you British." 7.37 am

The false of war that the Jews have put in as our permanent government form. Will workers not put our democratically elected republican form of government in once again and close out this vile genocidal dictatorship of the Judah brand?

The megadeath they planned and tried to put on us in an all-out nuclear blast war. Can we not try to imagine what they planned to do to us here and act on our wits and take the concession to issue our money away from the Jews now?

"I just false dura bed and take advantage of your mother. Jew mace you to make you thoughtful. The psychicist make us here true Jew full lunatic free on social. Jew thought of fingerprints. My white version always apps you boot-a-knees. I met you on maintenance, now you're closing me out for my fooly. I'm a forner income.

Continues at:

We'll just ash you wartime. We'll beat you and pitch you right. I got a foul Jew that you don't put in. British X'ed you. Jew fools you with a wine state. We perish you, Russian. I fo

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