"Foul Bee Opped You Oxygen Life Form Abusive." That is an
Thu May 30, 2019 10:20

"Foul Bee Opped You Oxygen Life Form Abusive."

That is an overnight Tele receive that reveals the situation that we find ourselves dying away in, air poisoned with heavy metal. The heavy metal of radioactive waste. Intentionally put into our air to die us in a nuclear war of waste

Over 8 years after Judah fired his dirty bomb at us from Hitachi-GE and we still have not stopped that genocidally deadly chain reaction that has now poisoned us and our children lethal.

God Almighty who has sent His angels to show us the way to safety, STOP THE WAR, and yet we continue to fund all the war in our world that the jews want us to shoot for them.

Is there not a miracle to save us yet from ourselves?

Gut-wrenching poverty and wretchedness the jews are forcing into America as they use the financials we give them, the tribute we pay them as income tax and the authority to issue our money, to crush our economy as best they can.

To right our ship of state, so obvious, so simple to achieve, a general STRIKE, and yet quietly we go to an early decease.

America, with the most advanced legal system in our world, our beautiful laws smashed to pieces and thrown into the garbage can by the Jews who only make war and perpetrate genocide when they have the private right to collect and spend unlimited free workers money.

The difference between Bitch and others that are posting on the net, is it not interesting, not one of the other posters is calling for workers to issue our money except for Bitch?

What might that indicate? Could it be that all of the other posters are falsers for the Jews or could they merely be unaware of just how important is the question of who it is that issues our money for us all here?

The single most important office of government, who issues our money, held undemocratically by international Jews who rule our world with the brutal uncompromising false force of war.

The computer simulations of the Galactic Federation of light that tell us of the end times that are found in our bibles in the Book of Revelation. The third of the human race set now to die out due to inhaling brimstone waste and going sterile.

Surely this cannot be too hard to understand where we will not try to save ourselves, is it?

An advanced peaceful extraterrestrial civilization that seeded us with their own high intelligence psychiatric genetics. The genetics that is in our heads that make us potential extraterrestrials ourselves. Will we not use the brains that our good God gave us to stop the war that is now wiping our life forms away?

Those computer simulations of the Federation done at the time of Jesus that tell us "NO," we will now die out helpless, hopeless, funding and fighting the war for the errant life form, the Jews.

Picture was taken in California of an extraterrestrial spacecraft flying in a formation of vintage warplanes.


Hundreds of sightings every month in the USA of extraterrestrial spacecraft buzzing our skies. "What can it all mean?" Winston Churchill asked about the advanced extraterrestrial spacecraft that were buzzing England's skies in the early days of the extraterrestrial intervention into our world.

Our extraterrestrial elders who for 70 plus years have patiently been informing us of how the nuclear warmakers are dying us off fair.

Bitch, who elders advanced telepathic computer said to him, "if you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed," figured out why extraterrestrials are here after studying the literature for 5 years.

How stupid is Bitch? Is he not stupid enough to insult the people who could save his life if only he could convince them to stop the war? How stupid is that?

Bitch, not a representative of the people. Who does Bitch represent? Is it any other than our good God Almighty in heaven above? Is Bitch not a shill for Papa? Yes, he is.

Our good God Almighty who has had His angels guarding us and letting us see the vicious false of those who misrule us with fist.

The late General Haig (1924-2010) commander of all US forces in Europe and Supreme Commander of NATO. Flew in from Europe as his mother lingered in the hospital.

Dressed in his full military regalia driven in a bulletproof limousine to the hospital. An aide who opened the door so the general could enter the room to see his mother one last time before she departed this world for God's eternal home in the sky.

Alexander's mother, the former miss Murphy, looked up from her sick bed to see her son dressed in the highest office and brightest colors of military uniform life and said to her son, "oh Alexander, if you'd of only studied law you might have made something of yourself."

Not unlike Regina Murphy on her death bed looking up at her soldier son, if Americans had only studied law might we have made something of ourselves instead of dying in permanent Jewish sports war?

If only Americans had studied law might we have learned that we among all peoples of the earth have the best laws of them all? Our first and most important rules found in the United States Bill of rights made sacrosanct in 1791 when the states ratified the American Constitution and signed on to become the best hope for the children of God on earth to establish justice.

Our Constitution now shredded and torn to pieces by the Jews enforcing their rights to abuse, molest and kill whoever they want to.

How to convey to working people that it is not Bitch that is coming in to rule now? Is it not perceived that our good God Almighty has sent His angels in to spare us our lives? Has Bitch not spelled it out that God wills that workers are to take over the most important office of them all, the issue of money?

The true Sovereign of planet earth. God Almighty who rules His village on earth where His beautiful simian children live. Will American workers not recognize God's right to have a peaceful world for all of His kids? Will workers not stop the war now?

If not now, when? Is there not yet a sense that tomorrow may be too late?

Our American children largely washed out of our species now. Sterilized as youngsters without feeling a thing. But where will the cannon fodder come from to service the Jews investment war scheme if mother is not able to reproduce herself?

Might that be it, might God's will for peace on earth come in when there is no longer any soldiers born on earth?

Will American workers not close out the Jewish racket to sell uniforms? Must American workers not get real serious, smart and stop the war?

Those troubling Federation computer simulations found in the Book of Revelation that say "NO," white people must first be destroyed before we will get peace on earth.

Is there not some way to free white people's minds to act and stop this GD war of the Jews?

The chimney store crowd in Washington DC, children of the useless assassins breed. Is there not a prayer to be said that will lead workers to close them out with a STRIKE?

Will American workers not put our faith in God and give us peace on earth? The 1,500 American boys and girls that were dispatched the other day to fight more war in the Middle East. Will labor not get hold of the purse and feed them in peace right here at home in America?

The cunning Jews who have got us deeply involved in funding and fighting their sport wars. How deep?

Are we understanding yet that we are so deeply involved in their war sin that God will weep as we pass out of life form now with our kids?

Here’s an inside look at the US military’s ‘doomsday plane’ — which can endure the aftermath of a nuke blast
Amanda Macias



Can we try to imagine a child's storybook beginning, "long long ago there was a people who were very wealthy and they hired people to manage things for them?"

The people they hired and put on the public payroll told them they needed great weapons to protect all the things that they owned and so the people gave them unlimited money to buy all the weapons that were available then.

The hired managers secretly and without telling the people who hired them and put them on the public payroll, plotted to wipe out the people that hired them and put them on the public payroll. But how did they get away with it for so long?

The managers also controlled all the information and so they staged things continually to confuse, confound and frighten the people who hired them. Might we see that is a way to keep the people from acting out and asking probing questions?

The managers put out stories that sounded plausible, things that do happen, such as an alligator that bit a man at the park. A shark that bit a guy's leg off and included pictures of the guy being carried to an ambulance. Stories about little kids lost in the forest for days. One that spent time living with a bear. A platypus girl lost for weeks in a forest in Hawaii and airlifted out in a helicopter bucket. Then a Judee guy who purportedly died only a week later in that same Hawaii forest. Might that guy be a ghost and the lady lost was to pre-stage his fleeing away?

A child purportedly with inoperable brain stem cancer who wants letters written to her from dogs. Snakes purportedly hiding in the toilets. A snake found in a shopping cart at Wal Mart.

Could such a child's storybook be written about such childish farce? Would anyone believe such a society could exist such as that?

That we wealthy Americans are now in the 4th generation of atomic and nuclear war victims of the people we hired and put on the public payroll, might there be something we should look in to now? Could it be something they put into our water that has caused four generations to fail so badly here? Was fluoride added to our water to really make our teeth better?

The Pentagon crowd that showed us their stuff when they unleashed atomic war in 1945 upon defenseless Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan.

President Harold Solomon Truman who signed off on the atomic bombing of Japan in 1945, only 7-years later in 1952 signed off and gave the authorization to use newly invented Jewish hydrogen bombs on Americans.

Our extraterrestrial protectors that Father sent in kicked up a storm in 1952 and flew over the white house and capitol hill to let us know of what the president and Congress had decided to do to us here. And what did they decide in 1952?

Is it coming through the decision was made in 1952 to use 64,000 Hiroshima atom bomb amounts of blast heat and radiation force on us to get our breed gone?

And only two years after that Weaphouse decision that was signed off on by president Truman to wipe us out in nuclear blast war, what does television give us other than the 64,000 dollar question game show?

Is it not something to consider that Judah's fifteen-year-old kids would know the significance of naming a game show the 64,000 dollar question?

The significance of thinking about the question, "would the Jews be able to explode their 64,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs force over our heads before the extraterrestrials woke us up from our nap?"

The nap we are taking, the spell they cast, the snake charmer trance of the Jews. Will we not pray that American workers awake from the mass kill of our breed and stop the war?

The weather war the Jews are waging that is killing our farmers. The very basis of our society, agriculture. Will American workers not act to protect what we have? Will workers not take the most important office there is, the office that issues our money, away from the nuclear war fighting genocidal Jews and put it into your safe hands?

The Jews organized over thousands of years on the best way to assault, kidnap, rob and kill their neighbors. The rules that were put in when America began in 1789 that protects everyone from the ethically criminal people that enjoy playing with us. Will workers not engage us in civic life with a STRIKE and put our American rights in? Our competent grand juries, will workers not bring them in?

How about we think a little about the differences between the jury of peers and the grand jury system?

The jury, that acts after one has been accused and is being put to the test of living free or facing caging and death.

With unlimited free money in the hands of the Jews have we not noted how they make jurors incompetent to act on the truth of the facts? Regrettably, yes we have seen juries that have been boursed by the Jews to give us decisions based on untruth.

The grand jury, on the other hand, acts from before there is the threat of loss of freedom or life.

Might we think of the jury as curative in nature whereas the grand jury is preventative in nature?

That is, the grand jury first hears both sides and decides if there should even be a test with jurors to look at.

As to the individual, there is a great difference, for the individual faces loss of liberty, property or life. But what about to the community we live in, what might the grand jury process be to us to consider even if we never have a difficulty arise?

Did we notice that the golden age of Poland began shortly after the grand jury procedure was made the law of the land in 1430?

And how might that translate into dollars and cents? How did the grand jury physically and materially enrich our family in Poland?

How about we take a look at a case in our modern world that is happening now, the case of R. Kelly?

Jailed already though he has not been convicted of a thing. Might such trauma in his life not have cost him some dollars and cents? Might he not have missed some economic production while caged?

If only Americans insisted that our laws of legal procedure be followed do we see he would not have been jailed?

A clerk ordering him to jail based upon the failure to pay child support. The bench could order Kelly's bank to produce financial records, and the bank would probably comply without a grand jury subpoena to produce records.

But to take him into custody and imprison him are we aware that it first requires a grand jury and then a jury process before jailing is to happen in America when our bill of rights are in?

But what about the laws the legislature enacted that allow a guy behind on child support to be jailed? Might we consider that our bill of rights gives the people the opportunity to decide by the grand jury if the legislature is American legal in their ways? The system of checks and balances that America was created based upon. Do we see the grand jury gives to the people the authority to balance the legislators' checks that have perfected this tyranny state they have put upon us?

The state process against R. Kelly brought about based upon unchallenged allegations. The grand jury used to indict him, did we note made their decision based upon one-sided and biased information? Do we recall reading Kelly's lawyer was not informed a grand jury had been seated to hear the allegations against him?

But the grand jury process that we all should especially be concerned about, the economic impact on our community by open and above board grand juries. Might we see with competent grand juries serving us it will leave us free to create the wealth that we need to live right?

Is that not exactly what we saw when Poland put the protective grand jury system in? Is the economic golden age of Poland not the proof in the pudding that grand juries are the process of and to the right way to live?

Rather than using grand juries as the Jews do, to indict and knock down people, might we see by making grand juries mandatory before any state actions are taken against anyone, we get free labor and a process of production and peace?

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Free labor going forth to fill the demand and creating wealth. Is that not what Poland proved with its golden age that started afte

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