Is This The EVENT To trash Markets World Wide???
Fri May 31, 2019 05:35

First - let me thank the You Tube Viewers and my wife for bringing this story into it's true light.

As we move into June the layoffs will begin and the Elites need an excuse to trash the World Wide Markets.

Planned 2 years ago by the IMF, these tariffs on Mexico are meant to destroy the 15th largest economy in the world - Mexico - and have the "Financial Contagion" spread to the United States and to the world.

The coming Depression will be unlike anything we have ever seen.

If the Elites are successful hey plan to destroy even Social Security through both Mass Layoffs, placing Million More on Socials Security Refugee Pay and through Hyper Inflation.

There is nothing we can do but pray these evil plans hatched by Lucifer are thwarted and that all f Lucifer's Workers are neutralized immediately and forever.

Pray also that we can continue to broadcast the truth everywhere so people can be ready for what these Lucfaian Cockroaches have already set in motion.

If they can''t have their war they want economic collapse.

Either Way it is about to get REAL exciting - starting tomorrow - as 4 Hits on President Trump are planned in June aloe - which we have already described in detail.....

Expect Anything --- Form FBI False Flags to CIA Attempts at starting a Full Scale Nuclear War Every Single Day.

Video: Is This The Event That Starts The Crash ??? - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount


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