DOJ Now Investigating Google For Anti Monopoly
Sat Jun 1, 2019 06:40

DUH - They now control 98% of all Internet Searches

Unable to trust either the FCC or the FTC the President has ordered the DOJ to begin investigating both Google and the Alphabet Company for violating Anti-Monopoly Laws

My guess is that nothing but a few fines will occur

So the attack on his convoy 19 days ago - leaving 3 Louisiana Troopers on the ground - did not wake him up maybe the 4 attempts on his life we outlined will..

Either way - is seems unlikely that this President will do anything productive towards uncensotring the truth

If President Trump does not listen to GOD he may just be replaced in December with a Double - not kidding.

A Complete CIA controlled puppet, and not by the good side of the CIA.

Just in time for the supposed 'Economic Crash" to bring about a Demon-Rat into the White House and a massive Nuclear War.

We wish this was a joke but after 3 more UN Broadcasts from those who run the UN - this is their plan and the US is still funding these Fallen Angels in the UN.

President Trumps Life May depend on him doing as GOD has asked him to do.

In fact - all of our lives may depend now on whether President Trump does as GOD has directed him to do.

So we pray for President Trumps Safety and that he does as GOD has asked him to do.

The first thing he asked him to do is remove the Internet form ICANN and stop censoring the truth and go after Election Fraud and shut up and build THE WALL

Not to hard to remember - right?

VIDEO: (478) DOJ Launches Anti-Monopoly Probe Against Google - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount



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