"Much You Failed a Complicated Life and Let False Win." The
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"Much You Failed a Complicated Life and Let False Win."

The false of war that won over contact with the house of our good God Almighty, our Father in heaven. The third of the human race that is now set to die out of existence as prophesized in our Bibles thousands of years ago.

Americans set to die out in the hundreds of millions due to pollution from being contaminated with Jewish electricity brimstone waste. Can only one Jewish electricity plant actually be that poisonous that it is able to die off billions of Human Beings?

A poisoning of us at the genetic level that won't become apparent to us until the time our children and grandchildren want to become parents themselves and find they are sterile. The harsh reality of our leaving existence 9 million years before our physical bodies will die off due to the old age of our species.

Having talked about this harsh reality that can be prevented if we will make peace in our world, might we want to give it a rest for today?

How about talking about these amazing and wondrous computers that we now have in our hands?

We've talked so much about how our civil rights work, how the banking issue is the thing we need to be dealing with and covered so much, again and again, so how about some current events? Would you like to hear that Bitch got his $50 computer working pretty good now and what he learned that let it happen?

Bitchie bought a 7-year-old Dell e6410 laptop about a year ago from a computer recycler and it came without a battery or a power supply. Preloaded with Ubuntu 17.04, and that is what caused him to buy it in the first place. He has ubuntu on his other e6410 but didn't want to experiment with it as that is the e6410 with Windows 7 on it.

Wanted to study Ubuntu to see how good it is. Found it is very good. Though he is still looking to get into the fundamentals as it is not understood yet about the Hot spot and what is preventing his computer from transmitting through the cell phone that he is using for his hotspot.

Still, haven't figured out how to get it transmitting through the hotspot cell phone. Might we guess that a Linux expert would probably have it up and running in 5 minutes or so? Sure. Someone who understands in depth would have it up running in no time at all. Likely merely a piece of software needed to get connected.

When it is finally figured out, will share it with you all.

The reason this e6410 laptop went to the recycler Bitch figured is because the screen was not too bright and it varied brightness unpredictably. An external monitor plugged in works just great. Full brightness no problem at all and so he used it with an external monitor.

The other e6410 he has that he bought a few years ago has a sensitivity and can have an overheating event, as it has automatically shut itself down on high temperature a couple of times.

He has two fans for it, one underneath and a vacuum fan on the fan outlet that has a built in temperature reading that he can see before it gets real hot so he can shut it down to prevent overheating, hoping to extend the life of it.

It cost $122 and $8 dollars shipping from Wal Mart and has Windows 7 loaded on a partition on it. Because it overheated before buying and connecting the vacuum fan, Windows did not work correctly. On the screen, it showed Windows 7 was not an authorized copy and so could not get any updates loaded.

Once the vacuum fan was put on, it ran cool and the system is steady and that allowed it to show that Windows 7 was legitimate and so now it loads the updates. With the security updates loaded, it has proven exceptionally stable and able to prevent any malware or any attacks from getting in. Really impressive. Even better than Windows XP, and as everybody that used XP knows, that was a very good operating system.

One of the things found in Linux, there is a processor temperature read by opening a terminal and typing 'sensor.' That is sensor without the colons. Useful to see how hot the processors are getting.

Here are the temperature readings

Terminal full screen

So Bitch wants to use his e6410 as much as is possible that came with Ubuntu as to extend the life of the other e6410 that has Windows 7 installed. Windows he tries to use for his posts as nothing slows it down or stops it. The e6410 with Linux installed he wants to put the hours on it using it for searching the net.

The brightness issue held him off of using it without the external monitor due to the screen not being bright.

Because the Windows 7 e6410 is using the cooling vacuum fan and the fan underneath it, it is not convenient when he watches the news upstairs. So he has been using the dim screen Linux e6410 to carry upstairs saving the time to be plugging in the power supply, fans, keyboard and mouse dongle. The Linux computer, the one he paid $50 dollar for, and $15 to ship it, has no overheating problem with it.

It is a 64 bit 2.4 GHz processor. The other e6410 that has an overheating issue is a 32 bit with a 2.69 GHz processor.

While upstairs the other day using the dim screen Linux e6410, after some time of reading Bitch notes, he didn't need the overhead light to read them anymore, and so reached over and switched off the overhead light.

Within seconds his e6410 got real dim. Then he turned the overhead light on again and the screen brightened. He then used his flashlight and found that by aiming the beam at what he thought was either a camera or lid sensor, it would brighten the monitor screen up.

Then today searched out where the camera is to see if that was what it was that was causing the screen to brighten when using a flashlight to beam on it.

Reading the comments about folks who were trying to determine if their e6410 had a camera installed or not, one commenter mentioned an ALS, an Ambient Light Sensor.

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‎11-13-2010 01:38 PM
Re: e6410 built-in webcam
I have also problem with hardware in Dell e6410 (webcam, hsdpa modem, analog modem).

Maybe our laptops just have gaps instead of those devices.

Are you sure that your laptop has a webcam? - I think it is ambitient light sensor - not webcam.





So Bitch guessed that is the sensor that was reacting and changing the brightness of his screen when Bitch put his light on it.

Then he went to a Dell site and learned how to determine the state of the ALS. Start the computer and as it starts, push the F12 key to get into the startup selection menu.

Then scroll to the BIOS line and press enter and then scroll to the ALS line and push enter and see if the ALS is switched on or off.

Bitchie's ALS was switched on and so he unchecked the check box and turned it off. Then pressed the apply button and immediately the screen lit up bright as it was designed to be.

Might the Ambient light sensor be switched on as a factory default? If so might we guess that after 7 years of service the sensor wore out and did not respond as it should and consequently it produced a dimmer screen? That is what it seems. So by turning the sensor off it ended pulling the brightness down. The screen is operating as it should now, full brightness with no variation.

And so Bitch is using Linux Ubuntu now because the screen is bright and easy to see. The brightness controls are also working fine now. They are set about 60% brightness and so there is even more screen brightness available in this 8-year-old computer. What appeared to be a power supply issue was actually a software issue. Though could note, the terminology, "Ambient Light Sensor," just reading those words offered a way to diagnose and get a fix.

Have some of us noticed how finding the right words to describe something lets us see things more easily? Might we think of when reading those words, Ambient Light Sensor switch, for a piece of software is analogous to a parts locater in mechanical systems?

It took about a year for Bitch to find and fix the dim screen issue with this e6410. And if an expert had looked at the dim screen issue, might it have been discovered in the first five minutes? Sure. If it had been fixed, instead of being sold by a computer recycler might it not have been sold retail for about a hundred dollars more? Probably.

So where to find the computer expert that could diagnose the problem in 5 minutes?

Bitch has been thinking about remote diagnostics to bring in the experts to find fix and set up our computers so they are running optimally. The "Third Computer" is a name that comes to mind.

Log onto the Third Computer and let it load software so that an expert can run it as if it were sitting on the expert's desk.

An expert would likely be able to determine quickly if there is an issue in the software or hardware, or a configuration setup issue. Windows has a lot of help built into it and also, might we consider that Windows is linear, that is, it is one system for everything, whereas Linux has a large number of variations?

Of course, the variations make Linux more difficult for an attacker to get into a system, yet the security updates in Windows 7 are very good and have defeated the constant attacks on Bitch's computer. Of course Linux Ubuntu is free. So where would the "Third Computer" to diagnosis and help set up a Linux system come from? How would such a system be financed?

When labor is issuing our money might labor think it useful to provide some funds to aid in the advancement of free software systems? Or how about advertising revenue to finance The Third Computer as Facebook does so well with?

Bitch calls it the Third Computer because to diagnose the first computer it is activated to speak to a second computer while the Third Computer listens in to the conversation and records the traffic to then analyze what is going on in the First computer that is being set up.

While on the subject of computers and free fixes, Bitchie cell phone that doubles as a hot spot, it has needed a battery replacement for the last year. It is a Motorola mini droid that was new when he got it in November of 2014 so the battery was in service for almost five years.

He bought a new battery for it and the tools needed to take the phone apart and put the new battery in.

Then while watching a 45-minute video of a man changing out the battery in a Motorola mini droid he started taking his mini droid apart.

How to Replace Droid Mini Battery EG30 - Full Length Video - Actual Time 45.53

Published on Jan 27, 2016

This video shows you how to replace a eg30 battery in a Droid MIni. This is the full length video showing you step by step on how to open the phone to removing all 15 screws. plus the tools you need. yes you will need tools.

Patrick Sullivan
3 weeks ago
Good video. Watched it while working on my droid mini changing out the battery. NO extra parts left over, and it works fine. End of video and was just getting the final screws out. Took about another 45 minutes to put the new battery in and button it up. So about 90 minutes in total. Thank you.

5 days ago
lol isnt it sad it takes so much time? glad the video helped.

Patrick Sullivan
5 days ago
@ArizonaHotHomestead The time was OK. Did notice recently though, my earphone jack is no longer working?

As the video finished, Bitch had just gotten the battery out of his phone. It took another 45 minutes to install the new battery in it and put the phone back together again.

The phone immediately started up and the battery was put on the charger and it seemed to be working just fine.

A few days later when Bitch wanted to plug his headphones in, noticed the headphone jack was not working. Maybe bumped something when replacing the battery? After the war is over, Bitch will open it up again and see if it is an easy fix or not.

The new battery is strong and recharges just fine.

Is there some similarity in that attempt by Bitch to get something useful done, get his telephone up and working again, and in the process breaking something else not like his usefulness in letting weap Judah throw himself away but in the process, breaking the Druid force out with his sin?

The sin of insult that is painful and described in the bible as the "deathly sin." An insult that produces anger and hostility. The very things that are destroying our world. The very thing Bitch sees the need to get out of our world.

And Bitch even with all of the prayers he is saying these days, he still is not cleared of his anger yet. The batting off of his side view mirror by Judee early today.


Discovering the damage only hours after Judee shot Bitch with his satellite microwave beam. Double incited to start the day, Bitchie with his angry stupid way said comments that were offensive and not true.


All police are not contract sports players, only about 5% are and they're mostly all Jews. In his temporary anger today he spouted out offend that is not true.

Not trying to make excuses here labor, but Bitchie has not cleared his fault yet. Do we recall that Judee said our mental will not be right until two weeks after liberation from the deadly violent genocidal Babylonian Jews?

Judah shooting Bitch with a satellite beam early in the day and a few hours later Bitch finding one of Judee kids had busted the mirror off of Bitch's car.

If Bitch were not such a wimpy guy might he be happy instead of upset in that he has a couple of van batteries that block a good 90% of Judee's satellite shots at his head and eyes?

Judee weather war last year washed Bitchie's nice van away so just a mirror this time, might it not be such a big thing? Bitchie, following Father's good advice, even said a couple of prayers for the Judee guy that hired it and the guy that did it.

That is when Judee busted my van's read window costing $320 to replace. Is it not something to think about, the guys that hire these sorts of things are worth millions of dollars and sit on the board of directors of major corporations? Civic, community, and religous leaders? But Bitch did say prayers for them as God wills us to do.

Will American workers not end funding the advanced weather war technology Judee is using on us?

Will workers not get the keys to our economy in labors safe hands before their tariff wars puts us into a depression again?

Will American workers not take us out of the deadly hands of the murderous genocidal Jews?

The treacherous attack set to be put upon our land with Judee's Soviet brand. Genocidal Jews who control all of the lands of the mild people of the north. The Jews 1,300-year hold of the mild people now at an end. Must workers not take the concession to issue our money away from them?

4.14 am

Just went outside and passing by was a herd of deer. The wondrous world we live in. This beautiful planet God gave us as our home. Will workers not listen to God instead of precise and perfected Jewish lies rolled in gossip and rumor? Must American workers not hear the thousands of God's warnings and STOP THE WAR?

"I warned you. You were warned. I would have given you anything," God Almighty said to us years ago.

Human beings that have been made in the image of God that Americans continue funding Judah sports teams to destroy. Must workers not become conscious enough to see our involvement in such genocide will put us out of existence now?

Continues at:

"God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is jus

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