"Because You Couldn't Bring Peace in the Jew Molest goes on.
Sun Jun 2, 2019 08:12

"Because You Couldn't Bring Peace in the Jew Molest goes on. Because of Your Harsh Jew Celebrates He's Safe. Bitch Lose Your Day Because You Pitch Offend."

Those some reverse facial speech from a non-Judah speaker giving a critique on why Bitch has failed to convince labor to act and STOP THE WAR.

The few hours of a general STRIKE with the demand that labor take over the authority to issue our money. Might we have to concede the strength of Jew mental in relation to the lot of ordinary mortals?

Even after getting caught red-handed attacking us nuclear blast genocide in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, to extinct our race they still remain able to molest Americans and the world using free money from American workers to fund it all.

Though might we think of the computer simulations from the experts in the Galactic Federation of light who knew well the mental power of Jews over the other children of God on earth two thousand years ago at the time of Jesus Christ and put the Jews "rare" in their calculations and projected that the Jews would die off a third of the human race when they left the surface of earth to live in the safety of their underground tunnels?

That we are indeed dying off in a megadeath scenario being sterilized by inhaling brimstone waste that will not only leave us as eunuchs but also will cancer us out in the years ahead, is it not astounding how accurate the Federation's simulations have proven so far?

Father said to Bitch yesterday, "I'm disappointed." Might it be disappointment at Bitch inability to overcome the misrepresentations by Judah about who Bitch is? The inability to overcome Jew false image of Bitch that has left us vulnerable to nuclear waste that is threatening to die us off massively.

Might that be why Father is disappointed?

"The worst fiend has dropped you safely out of existence." 4.52 am

And how has the worst fiend dropped Bitch out of existence?

Judah who tried to drop Bitch out of existence by giving him the same treatment he gave John, Martin, Bobby, Malcolm and Harold. Death by shooting with a bullet and in the case of Harold the good, a heart attack in the pie and coffee creamer put there by the Judee night cleaning crew.

But why mention Martin now, maybe lies to pull down someone that we look to for truth?

Sex, the game that the Jews always play to smear useful people and hold the mass of the people from getting the truth.

What about the news stories about the big argument about abortion? Should abortion be legal or not?

That the abortion issue is taking up so much time in the Judee news, should that not inform us it is being used to monkey with our heads?

That legislators spend so much time arguing about what other people should or should not do with their bodies. Is that not curious in that the same legislators are providing troops and funding bombing and killing vast numbers of innocent children and grown-ups every day?

Might putting so much focus and legislation on other peoples bodies be a way to keep us from looking at what they are doing? Might the true aim of Judah boursed legislation be to diminish peoples rights rather than doing good things for us?

Now that we have contact with our extraterrestrial family, might we wonder what their high-level perspective on this might be?

"We do not traffic in pain or cruelty and we never take life," Mercury said. "We're not missionaries," Elder added.

On earth we have rules and regulations. Statutes, laws, ordinances to rule our behavior. So what is an ordinance? Or "what is ordnance?"

A law, statute, or regulation enacted by a Municipal Corporation

The definition of ordnance is military weapons.
Mounted guns and other military weapons are an example of
ordnance. Cannons or artillery all military weapons together with ammunition, combat vehicles, etc. and the equipment and supplies used in servicing these. A military branch or unit that orders, stores, and supplies ordnance.

So we have weapons of force that are called "ordnance," and we add the letter 'i' and we have the word for a rule, "ordinance."

Might it be for those that do not follow the 'ordinance,' the written law, then they use the 'ordnance' on us, the physical weapons of force?

By that example, might we consider hidden in plain view in our language we fundamentally have a physical force based society rather than a true rule of law?

"This is a fasci-nation, it has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainble except by force. It is NO more, put them out, they're criminals," God Almighty in heaven said.

What might a society that is not based upon physical force have as their laws, rules, regulations?

"Most favored suggestions," Mercury said when Bitch asked about elders laws.

Bitch also asked what they do when one Being murders another in their society? Elder told Bitch they have only had three killings in the last million years of members of the Federation.

And do elders punish the killers? Imprison them? The answer is, NO they do not punish or imprison the killers. The three that did the killings in the last one million years, they "laid them out in suspended animation for a couple of hundred years" and then reanimated them to continue living.

30 warriors from America, Canada, and England are in suspended animation right now. They are safely stored in an oxygen and nutrient enriched solution at 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

Their heart rate is one beat a minute. So they age at the rate of one year for every 60 years in storage. And the understanding is, once the war is over, those thirty warriors from America, Canada and England will be reanimated and sent back to earth.

Bitchie recalls a television program in about 1960-61 with a storyline of an astronaut who was going on a sixty-year space journey and he was going to travel in suspended animation so that when he returned, he would be the same age as when he left.

The astronaut was in love with a young girl and so when he left to go into suspended animation for his space journey they kissed and said goodbye.

The years passed and the astronaut returned from his space journey. Then he met the girl he left behind. When they got together, instead of an 80-year-old woman, she was still only a young girl. She loved him so much that when he left she had gone into a suspended animation state herself so to be the same age when her love returned.

The astronaut, his love so deep for her, had turned off his suspended animation and was an 80-year-old man.

The love story ended with the 80-year-old astronaut telling his young girl that he would go back into suspended animation and when sixty more years passed he would return to be with her when they both would be 80 years old.

While it is a cute science fiction love story, who could ever think up such a thing? Were can we wonder did the screenwriter ever come up with such a wild scenario?

Might the screenwriter have been a Judah person who knew our extraterrestrial family had put some earth warriors into suspended animation? Sure, that is what seems likely to this observer.

So might we derive that the top Judah knew in the 1950s that elders had chilled some of the attackers out? Certainly. Numerous airforce pilots never returned after attempting to shoot our elders' spacecraft out of the sky. And they were never harmed and will return safe and sound after we get the war stopped in our world.

So this brings us back to where we left off at the issue of Martin who the news stories are writing out about his life with women that loved him. So what might be on Judah playlist with this news now about Martin? Might Judah have another agenda than merely trying to smear the memory of Martin?

Bitch has picked out of several Judah speakers subconscious that they are now working the lecher pitch on Bitch.

"If we can fault you lecher we can just toss you out," Judee say.

Do some recall the big White House news media brouhaha about Obama's secret service agents hiring prostitutes when he spent some time in Columbia?

So what might the real deal have been why there was so much news about it? Can we make an educated guess it was to support the Jews mental hold of the ordinary fishes?

Do we recall how when Judee was running Obama for the Senate from Illinois he had pictures of the booth in the restaurant in France where diners could have sex while they ate?

And the diner in question that the story was aimed at, do we recall was Obama's opponent whose former wife put that little tidbit in her divorce papers?

They didn't go to that restaurant, her husband at that time had only suggested going there. Do we see by making Obama's opponent in that sexual light it took him out as a lecher and gave Judee another win using sexual force on the mind? Optical intelligence?

Secret Service scandal rocks trip
A dozen unknown agents may have been implicated in the misconduct.
ďIt is the biggest scandal in Secret Service history,Ē Kessler said in an interview Saturday with POLITICO. ďIt is all part of this pattern that I wrote about in the book of corner cutting, laxness, cover up.Ē

Kessler said he heard of 12 agents being involved ó some for allegedly soliciting prostitutes, others for attempting to cover it up. The group includes two supervisors, he said.

One of the prostitutes complained to police that she was not paid, setting off the investigation, Kessler said.

The Columbia prostitute and Secret Service agents story broke in April of 2012, ten months after Judah Berlin launched a thousand missiles with 3,200 three hundred Kilton thermonuclear warheads on them at America.

As the press was able to uncover the story about the prostitutes in Columbia, should they not have been able to break the story about the nuclear attack on us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, when our Martian good neighbors pulled all of those missiles out of the sky?

April 2012, regrettably, that was when Bitchie boy shot himself when he insulted the white guys after being shaken by a Judah international police kidnap team that showed up at his door.
"Struck you useless so you stay in." 7.13 am

Just heard Judee say that to Bitch.

Judee who reveals in reverse facial speech that he raises us "square." What are we to think, he tried to destroy the lower 48 states with the blast, heat and radiation force of 64,000 Hiroshima amounts of thermonuclear shock and awe, ten months before his bodyguards solicited sex in Columbia, so where is the real story here?

The question, why is prostitution illegal?

Bitch asked Mercury that years ago and elder said about prostitution being illegal is, "Because it violates the master's right to exploit the labor resource."

From reading the subconscious thoughts of many sport jews it looks as if their analysis is if they can press the hot button of sex and misrepresent Bitch as a raunchy lecher and a thug, then they will have a full win and die the majority of Americans as part of the third of the human race before they are done.

They have rumored and gossiped and lied claiming that Bitch has had syphilis and VD. NO truth whatsoever. Bitch has never had any social diseases.

And as to thug, is there some understanding that Father or His angels would have nothing to do with Bitch if there was anything to that at all? That's how it works. Do some recall that elders said of the things faulty about Bitch are "minutiae?"

We get a chance to go Papa's way and if we don't follow His most favored suggestions, He will never harm anyone, but He would not speak to a wrong-headed person again unless there was repentance.

Bitchie and Judee both have a similarity. And what is it? Is it not that we both have the same fault, produced by enduring prolonged periods of suffering, the fault of stupid?

So that's the similarity, what's the difference between the two types of stupid? Might we accept that Bitchie wants his fault of stupid cured whereas Judee worships his fault of stupid and wants to harm as many of us he can before he goes?

The free will we were gifted with by our good God Almighty when we were hybridized into our high-level intelligence being form.

Bitchie free will that wants to go to the high side and live in peace with all of his brothers and sisters in every land on earth and in the stars. "You never fiend," Papa said of His shill Bitch. And that is true.

Judah on the other hand, using his God-given free will, wants to go among all the people and breed over centuries dangerous Fornian life forms that lay in wait to destroy the other life forms that live with them.

"Ethically they're criminals," Father said of the organized sport genocidal Jews.

Mark 12:17 Then Jesus said to them, "Give back to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." And they were amazed at him.

And what did Judah give to Ceasar other than a knife in the back after the Jews hired the Ides of March and Brutus?

Two thousand years after they sported Ceasar will we not accept the gift of love from our good God Almighty, our Savior from above?

If only they had given to God what is God's, the love of His beautiful simian children on earth, do we see that Judah would not have to die his cipher out now? Will labor not STRIKE OUT their crystal?

The Centers of Power of planet Earth, Judah, Royals and the Vatican, that rejected an invitation to join the Galactic Federation of Light in 1350 AD. The plans by the Centers of Power of Planet Earth to destroy us before we saw their real horseplay. Do workers not yet see the war sports crowd have finished themselves out of here for their inflexibility, their insistence we die?

If so will American workers not STRIKE THEM OUT and stop the war?

The fooling with the economy that is going on. Might it not create hard feelings between trading partner nations and eventually end with a worldwide depression? Is it not obvious yet that is the bankrupt mess the Jews want to leave us in?

Judee with his picture show video and lies. Can we only wonder how long it will be before labor challenges them for the authority to issue our paper money, abstract receipts of labor?

Can we only pray that it will be before we have lost it all to the genocidal one way go away stay away and do not return Jews?

The staged shooting of Virginia Beach municipals. How about hearing some of the managers thoughts from their subconscious?

ďForever I have a false psych to octapie. All I do is falsery. This was Boston April fool set day. Berlin foul revealed all of our cots. I was right to tabasco fine. This was a right out for Jew mug college. A wonderful arrangement to right foul you has now brought you to where Iím right fallen. This was all crapped out with our Federal horse right. Southside cap fall is all hearing me, I was hoping an unusual death fooly. For Dallas, we had to all disappear for Colorado.

Attachable boy in Iowa has gotten my performance out. I want you to believe Iím alright summoned. Survivors will now throw out our cases. Iím a failable predictor. Shrimp been throwing us analysis force. We mow you mulch on son of a bitch. Theyíre throwing Frankenstuff. Iím an unreasonable cannibal that slaves the universe. We failed you Vegas and scrimmage you tomb.

And a dog has fatal met you. We have a laboratory from Wall Street to punish you. Bitch set you for my bigger off of you. In two months the palace do you 40. I police state you off thatís why I have a breeze state. I actually had some minuets fail. Iíll assign you, Russian, to fall your life. Jew big locks proceed is why theyíre closing our lives.

Continues at:

New life will spoon opp our right. On the state we just pure opp for sin. I pull them off for fall, the white fells, we do them humongous. Iím perpin you off, thatís the way I purpose you. Alston insurance had 400 here right. I have a war attachment that still holds. The Martian has assembled you to let off all officials.


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