Be Careful - It's Getting Scarrrrry Out There
Tue Jun 4, 2019 06:58

Yesterday The Mayor Of Chicago Stated That They Cannot Looses Control Of There Streets After 5 Gang Related Shootings Were Reported Over The Weekend.

Sounds Like They Already Have Lost Control ...


Further -- I a letter Form OIG of the DOJ - Horowitz Talked About Hillary Clinton's Crimes Against Children 9 Months Ago

If You Or I Murdered A Child Twice And Filmed it Ant Put It On You Tube

We Would Be In Jail Withing A Few Minutes - Right ????

So Trump has About 6 1/2 Months Before He Is Replaced By A Double If He Does Not Do As GOD Has Directed Him To Do. So He Has Said It - o It Shall Be

part Of What He Needs To To Is Arrest All 20,000+ Traitors Or we May Get A New Trump & Most Of Us Will Never Know It

But President Trump Will.

(((We Will Not Discuss This Again)))

Sp As Retail Falls, As Prices Sky Rocket And Our Wages Remain The Same It's Going To Get Scary Out There

VIDEO:(616) Hang On - It's Getting Scary Out There - YouTube

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