"It's Obvious Mind Forcing Opped You." The mental power of
Tue Jun 4, 2019 07:38

"It's Obvious Mind Forcing Opped You."

The mental power of the Jews over mild people of the north that has held us to making war for them ever since they bought Congress and privatized the concession to issue our money in 1913. The tribute we have paid to their international exclusively Jewish corporation called the Federal Reserve Bank.

A third of our income tax dollars paid to international Jewry that goes right into the pockets of JP Morgan and company. And what does JP do with our tribute paid to the Jews from our income tax other than build nuclear weapons and hire politicians to make war?

"You're just a fail and that's why we make you a tyranny," Judee say.

Tyranny in the nuclear age so dangerous and deadly that they're flying in from outer space trying to convince us to try and save our lives. Peaceful extraterrestrials that are here all of the time who want us to survive this last nuclear war of the Jews against us.

Our lofty loving Father who lives in the heavenly realms above who sent His angels in to care for us. And have they not done a wonderful job of helping us?

Have they not prevented the jews and their Berlin genocidal nuclear warfighting partners from exploding any more atomic bombs over our heads? Yes, they have

The ordinary people so held that we have lost our land to nuclear pollution while continually financing the nuclear War brand. Our children seriously harmed and soon to be forced out of life before they even grow up.

But why Bitch to deliver the message from Father of what we need to do to help ourselves? The pooch pictures that sored your eyes. The diaper shot that Judah set stupid Bitch up for. The stories the Jews wove, the gossip, the rumors of how vicious Bitch is.

"I won because you believe a lair. We always pulverize a chicken," Judee said.

If only common sense were to prevail would it not ring true that God would not have anything to do with him if Bitch was who liar Judee said he is? Should it not be obvious by now that anything Judee says is exactly the opposite?

As Judee says "Bitch is bad" should that not indicate that Bitch is good?

Matthew 7:3 Why do you see the speck that is in your brotherís eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?

Bitchie, who has been put to death a couple of times because he refused to accept harm to his brothers and sisters from any land. His claim he has a right to sue the warmakers because it is his labor dollars that funds the harm of war.

Why did we travel to America the land of the free other than to get away from the unjust butchers in Europe?

Our good God who has stepped in and had His angels put us on the right road again. The compass of justice that Judah threw away, God almighty affording us the opportunity to have a new day and put ourselves back on the compass of justice to show us the right way.

But why Bitch, What with Judah says about him how can we listen to his pleas to stop the war?

How about we look at it from our extraterrestrial side and see that extraterrestrials have kept Bitch alive? Should that not help us to understand that Judah is a liar, thief murderer, and fraud in every land and Father wanted Bitch kept in to put them out?

The genocidal errors that are making us die. What might explain why we haven't even tried to save our lives? Better yet what might bring us to try and save lives?

While our good God Almighty loves us equally and unconditionally, is it not something to think about, Father had His angels keep Bitch in but will let Americans pass away if we will not end our involvement in war sin?

The permanent Jewish war that is forcing us to fall. When will American workers end it?

"I hold you Europe psychology that always makes war," Judeee say.

Will Americans not put American land of the free psychology in and end Europe psychology that always makes war?

Might we think about the way the love of our good God has chosen to guide us as similar to getting a vaccine?

That is might we think of getting a Godly inoculation that will immunize our spirits against Jewish lies that make war?

"I always chase a bad spirit," an elder in Africa said in RS.

Will Americans not chase the bad spirit of war?

Their chef that used old basalt on us and now they're living in the Baltic states. The Awareness that radar data showed the incoming NATO nuclear missiles. Might that have been why the Warsaw government ghosted out in 2010?

If only they knew how effective their surgery is might they have decided to stay and still be sitting in office today?

"You're unable to chase us off of this place because do such great surgery," Judee say.

The unimaginable wealth that so many Americans have now being taken out of our hands by war. The spoof the thespian Jews act out to sell their war. The fear the terrorist Jews engender. Might that explain how they pass possession of the mild people on to their children?

If Judah's surgery was not so great might there be other Americans that would be leading us to peace? But his surgery is that great and so we quietly go to our graves. The best deal ever in history, the United States of America on our fabulous bill of rights. Will we not try to develop the facility of mind to recognize how wonderful they are and act to put them in once again?

Can we not try to build a Godly mind that will reveal to us the important things in life such as our God-given American constitutionally guaranteed rights?

The war of extinction that the Jews are still successfully waging against the mild people of America. Will American workers not try it, the STRIKE?

"Why didn't you try it," Father asked. "I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

Machine gunning us down at a country music show. Machine gunning our bright beautiful children down in school and then sending their kids on a tour bus to advise us and writing books. Treating us like we're still living in Europe. But what can be said, when we're still letting them successfully molest us?

The great wealth of America, based on our food supply, that is now being wiped out in weather war. Might the drought the Jews have got scheduled for later this summer be the final nail in our coffin here in America?

The complete, total and permanent defeat the Jews have suffered at their own hands. Will workers not now step in and give us a new plan, a Godly one based in peace?

The Jews tell us the Muslims did it. Is there any that are not aware that the Jews did 9/11?

"Angel opp right author."

The angels that are pulling nuclear bombs out of the sky and authoring the words that can save our lives. Will we not act on those words and thoughts from our high-level peaceful brothers and sisters that are trying to save us and STOP THE WAR?

"Be kind to the babies of the forest," precious sweet Father said. Who could ever imagine a kind sweetness as that who is our Father in heaven above who loves us all?

Will we not pray that American workers take the good advice from the angels Father sent in from Mercury and get smart and stop the war?

Our breed largely dumped, our children already put out of reproductive rights. Is that Judah not cunning in that we won't know they have been castrated until they grow up?

Though according to Judah Berlin nuclear waste warfighting scientists another three months we will all perish completely. So even though our children may be castrated already, do we see we still have a chance to have some years ahead if only we will stop the war?

The casual way Judee threw those new planes down pretending it was a design error. Will Labor not put our grand juries in and let us hear the truth the whole truth nothing but the truth?

"I got my most dangerous opp coming in commercial," Judee say.

This next war the Jews are forcing on America. The last and final war of the Jews. Is there not some way to convince Americans to stop it before it begins?

"I'm still oppin full attitude," Judee say.

Bitch just watched some of the international news from Japan and several high-level state speakers shared what their strategy is they are using here. Here is some of what they said from their subconscious that was revealed in their reverse facial speech:

"I'm just virtual casual making you die because that's my vision. It's linoleum peace I serve you, that's my fun. Jew strategy is to possess your state into exhaustion until I go. The Druid wants to box with me and closeout Jew."

The exhaustion strategy, must we not act and end them exhausting us any further? Must Druid not close them out of America with a STRIKE?

Also on international news were interviews with several student leaders in China that led the rising thirty years ago at Tiananmen Square. Here are some thoughts from the subconscious they expressed:

"The camels work on your head, shoot and make it impossible to sue. We witness occupant police who beat us right, it's not cheerful. Our destiny is to rice them out because they make war. Homicis' will fail. They mental out our genus, core wits. Jew failed to get you fireball way all kike as his package.

Peoples right Jews take out to keep you from rising. Berlin ain't right, they canned you and now they are giving you cancer. We fell a victory and leave them rule, we don't see the picture here. What we have is the failed wit of jew boom a nest egg. Europe is almost off, you just need a right push. Their factory is bombing you. Unless peace is made an issue then war can you out."

"In China, my comma vision is permanently out because I insane them,"Judee say.

Bitch has read many times Judah telling us that he is finished out in China and throughout Asia the day he loses his white fist. Will Americans not take the white fist away from the financial control of the genocidal Jews and free China and Asia? Do we see it will free Americans too?

"The camels work on your head, shoot and make it impossible to sue"

Might we see why the Jews have pulled the rights of Americans? They kidnap, rob, rape and shoot us and make it impossible to sue because we let them take away our rights. Will ordinary Americans not try to protect us from this most deadly life form in this part of our galaxy and put our rights in once again?

"It's won." 6.21 am

That cheerful note that came in just minutes ago.

Would it not be nice if pilots were to lead this strike? With the technical requirement to pilot our planes, might flight Crews not be quite able to handle most any technical issue of our day? Certainly.

And with the job requirements, when they STRIKE is it not certain it will shut the whole industry down? Yes, it will.

Many of the plane crashes over the years, looking at them in retrospect, today, might some of those that were ascribed to "Pilot error," in actuality have been stunted to crash? Yes, no doubt about it.

That Judah has an entire engineering specialty of how to stunt airplanes today, should we not change that? If so will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and say goodbye to Sky Brat?

The awareness it seems is now coming through of just how seriously we are being fallen out by the Jews. Just STRIKE THEM OUT and their flat top will not be able to start this next war.

Tele receives:

"Skim rights is their average. 11.27 am

Tyrr rate ya. 11.34 am

You're closing insentially vegetable.

This is incredible how this guy can read reverse speech.

They're out for fisting ways, they're out for perishing us. 12.53 pm

It's working. 1.16 pm

Uncle Pat, STRIKE THEM OUT, they're much scary fisting.

Marvelous fraud. 1.31 pm

Guys talking like you stop exploratory.

They made you violent objects and spite you out of here.

Diz sight rolled you true with war.

You're tossing out yourself quite ridiculous.

They're rank idiots.

They're abolishing us physical here.

Make phaser go.

It's fishing a rut.

You're fair buddy, it looks like Jew won.

Pooch is out breezily.

It's set. 4.14 pm

The national guard will resign as thieves.

Your psycho bends our wits sane. 4.19 pm

You're a right zoo, Jew just throw you locks.

Idiot's not suitable for holster disgraceful.

Cop's a good verb.

They've broken us staff, death raids here.

You let them sin here.

Patrick, you're tossing them impossible, save us!


Patrick, stay heaven sent opp.

All of our kids are destroyed from their mysterious crunching.

Total nest egg opp.

They run em out.

Pupis. 6.16 pm

Pat's already got them over here.

We just died you. 6.25 pm

Jet erritic.6.37 pm

Mispassion fall you out horrible. 6.37 pm

God has talked to us and saved our lives.

Eddy, you let them fold us up. 7.14 pm

Police, a horror threat.

Patrick's sewn them up and they're still dying us.

Jews done cage, multiple.

They barber her fallacy.

It's a real tight problem, so obvious false. 7.28 pm

Our captive force has resulted in the die state. 2.06 am

Because of a prostitute, you failed to save us, Patrick.

Your mind failed, legal screwing us out.

Push them out.

Jews are so serious they're keeping turkey's velocity out of the state.

They make Patrick scientist really fusive.

Patrick's sown us up, it's so obvious and you didn't stop fisting.

Dog has established lethal dictum communist.

I passed you fails.

Dies keep you in fails, dies keep you in fist.

Thank you brother Pat for minding Jews.

It's obvious mind forcing opped you.

I caught them physical Patrick.

They cot you vicious.

Patrick has stayed soulfully supporting the real estate.

I busted them out for your settlement, for your savious.

Our chief gave us our financial here, gave us our thrills.

You failed to save us, Patrick.

Revenge leads warfare.

You're welcome for creeps desister.

You're unable to chase us off of this place because we do such great surgery. 4.42 am

Jew killed us. 7.22 am

I just warred you trash. 8.35 am

They're fuzzy cannibal psyched." 8.50 am

"Guys talking like you stop exploratory."

Bitch prays every day to take his irritate out hoping you all will explore trying to save us.

"We'd of already burned you if not for the white fella. We let a peregrine sport induct you. I'm kind of stupid on my right side. We're completely dead because Patrick has thrown us, he's sewing us up, giving us a big bust side. I just embarrass you and you give us a pass. We just zoo foulgerous.

My theory hopeless your child blue. We had fun crunching you off brrr, that's' why I'm psych-a-tive. We made you offend. Thief be all my life, you invest me core. I'm a pox that off your mental. I lost my locks for my mushroom. The way I debase you is massive. Because of his mother I fumbled here.

My big mental is now seen as screwy change. I scrimmage you Minneapolis. Our conspiracy is obvious purist fraud. I always do you newspaper extortion. For my fatal chip I'm over. I'm still going to opp hydrogen because that is our best basic. Our whole Cheviness has fallen for our war. Your mourning spell is my anthem. Because you didn't listen to Patrick well, Fallujah I'm going to see ya.

I sweat you guys off with a benchmark. Our scorchous right failed. I had some bubble. I sippids you. I was hazardy and Auschwitz fouled me complete. We just boom wars. see a carrier invasion will still make me rich. In America my torch is off, I leave the night before you see.

Just turn their switch off labor. End funding their murderous behavior, their physical criminal assaults. Once that is accomplished, do we see their horrible emotional, mental, and spiritual abuse of us will be ended too?

Once we turn off their insane is there some appreciation that we all can go into a new thing?

Here is an informed non-Judah reverse facial speech:

"Germany is advising that in only a few months you're made wits."

Continues at:

The perishing of the West that the Jews have had no opposition to yet. And yet they tell us the day Americans act, they will leave the night before. Will labor not act and end this historical fraud with a STRIKE?

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