Fed Chairman Slips & Tells The Truth - OMG!!
Wed Jun 5, 2019 00:48

The Federal Reserve Chairman Tells The Truth At A Speech In Chicago On Monday.

Why he would tell the truth is beyond me because the things he stated were over the top - and very scary.

The US is entering a stage where they are about to design, and issue, bonds with Zero Interest Rates and Negative Interest Rates.

What that means is that if you invest you WILL loose money.

That's Insane

Why not just hand your money over to the Feds and call it a day???

Further - The Feds have lost control of the Interest Rates charged for US Corporate Bonds

In a world where

In other words - the AI Run Bonds Sellers Have Gone Rogue....

They have lost control of the Federal Reserve System

Further - Funds across the world are locking up investors - not allowing you to cash out

Time to panic !!!

In A World Where:

1) Homosexuals Lecture Us On Morality

2) Transvestites Lecture Us On Human Biology

3) Baby Killers Lecture Us On Human Rights

4) National Socialists (NAZIs) Lecture Us On The Economy

The Only Safe Place For Investments Is In Gold & Silver.

VIDEO: (655) Fed Chairman Slips - Tells The Truth - It's Frightening - YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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